August 14, 2009

I don't know how you feel about roadside memorials, but...

... for a hen?


JAL said...

What do you mean you don't know what we feel about roadside memorials?

Didn't we run this into the road a couple months ago?

wv = dionsiot
why people put up memorials

Synova said...

Chickens make people happy. They are funny birds.

EDH said...

Why did the chicken try to cross the road?

To get a roadside memorial and a memorial page on the social networking site Facebook, of course.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

For some reason, I expected a KFC...

WV-shivenor- one who gives a shive?

bearbee said...

Why did the chicken try to cross the road?

In a socialized medicine-welfare state she knew the end was near and did her duty, committing suicide saving the state time and expense.
Bee Bee seemed to have fulfilled her purpose in life so why not a tasty tasteful birdseed memorial?

You enjoy mocking birds. First the hummingbird and now the chicken.

PBS has an uplifting program about the chicken. 27 people gave it a 5 star thumbs-up. To quote one reviewer: Share the Love, Hug a Chicken.

The Natural History of the Chicken

Most of us best know the chicken from our dinner plates. Whether as thigh, wing or drumstick, we barely pause a moment to consider the bird's many virtues. This program expands the frontiers of popular awareness and delightfully reveals that this small, common and seemingly simple animal is as complex and grand as any of God's creatures. The stories are illustrated with narrative vignettes depicting these birds at their magical best, inspiring fascination and gentle humor. The film allows us to rethink our relationship with a creature we have previously take for granted, while at the same time providing a lens through which we look at ourselves. It is the "natural history" for an animal like no other.

The filmmaker concludes with ' I would be proud to be called chicken!'

Simon Kenton said...

The western Colorado town of Fruita holds an annual Headless Chicken Festival (see to commemorate Mike, who had his head chopped off but continued to wander about the yard, trying to peck for food. He lived for years after the family that had planned to eat him began to hand-feed him.

Though the connection is not made explicit, I think the festival of the Headless Chicken resonates with Western Coloradans because it reminds them of their political class.

Peren said...

To me, the bigger headline is "BBC Thinks Chicken Roadside Memorial Is Important Enough To Write An Article About"

Big Mike said...

Well, dog author and gentleman farmer Jon Katz wrote a eulogy for his favorite hen and published it in Link is here.

Big Mike said...

@Edjamikated, haven't seen any comments from you in a while. Welcome back.

I still like that T'bird.

bearbee said...

@ big Mike, great stories about Henrietta and Winston the Rooster.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Well Big Mike, Life has been busy 'round here, and unfortunately commenting is the first casualty of a time crunch.

I am also suprised you recognized the 'Bird; you must have one yourself!

And thanks for welocme back; I'm suprised somebody noticed I was gone! ;?)

WV- rhormo (err-HOR-moe) a 3 Stooges slasher flick