July 11, 2009

"Underground Classics: The Transformation of Comics into Comix, 1963 - 1990."

At the Chazen Museum in Madison. Only one more day, so get over there tomorrow. Free.

Most of it is framed and on the wall, but there is also some cool stuff in cases:

R. Crumb sculpture in a case at the Elvehem Museum



It's not all R. Crumb. Not at all! That first sculpture, by the way, is called "Snoid and Host Woman."


NKVD said...

Keep on truckin'.

Ron said...

OMG are the trolls and evil rascals around here gonna say terrible things about that first photo!


Big Mike said...

So women wearing the colors of the University of Minnesota defecate ducks?

That's perhaps the most extreme example of Badger chauvinism I've ever seen.

David said...

Let's see what Titus makes of that first pic.

EDH said...

"Snoid and Host Woman."


Woman depicted as hypersexual anal host to a small parasitic man.

Metaphor for the new economy?

I'm game. Provided Obama can at least deliver on the hypersexual anal host part.

I'm count'n on ya' bro'!

We be do'n it in the butt, literally.

kentuckyliz said...

The top statue reminds me, first of all, me, being a bodacious redhead and all. Except I'm taller and I don't have thick calves--I have long lovely legs. And no creature peeping out of my butt.

Secondly it reminds me of "Da Butt" by E.U., which predates Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" as a hot butt song.

I couldn't find the official music video on YouTube but here it is from a Simpsons thing. Bart is trying to spice up his dance recital.

Da Lyrics:

Alright. Come on. Sing it one time
(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)
Sing! Ow!
(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)
Ha! Ha!

Walked in this place surprised to see
A big girl gettin' busy, just rockin' to the go-go beat
The way she shook her booty sho' looked good to me
I said, 'Come here, big girl, won't you rock my world
Show that dance to me.' She was

Doin' the butt. Hey pretty, pretty
When you get that notion, put your backfield in motion, hey
Doin' the butt. Hey sexy, sexy Ain't nothing wrong, if you
wanna do the butt all night long

(Hey yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)
Ow, what you gonna do about it
(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee) Shake it! (Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)

I took that girl out on the floor
She rocked me from the backside
We did the butt til it made me sore
Now, it's a physical thing, but not hard to do
You just shake-a shake shake shake
Shake-a shake shake
Doin' the butt the whole night through, come on


That's right! Shake your butt.
Come on! Gimme that butt! Gimme that butt!

Tanya got a big ol' butt (oh yeah?)
Theresa got a big ol' butt (oh yeah?)
Irene got a big ol' butt (oh yeah?)
Melissa got a big ol' butt now
And Sonya got a big ol' butt (oh yeah?)
And Shirley got a big ol' butt (oh yeah?)
Ol' Tammy got a bubble butt (oh yeah?)
Little Keisha got a big ol' butt, now, gimme the butt!

(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)
I'm gonna drop you lines, before we set up
We're screamin' at girls with the big ol' butt, sing it
(Yeah-ee yeah. Yeah-ee) Ow! (Yeah-ee, Yeah-ee Yeah)
I want your butt. That butt. That big ol' big ol' butt. Ow!


(I remember dancing to this at the clubs...ooohh hee hee...good times.)

EDH said...

And let me clarify, especially to Titus, it's a female hypersexual anal host that I'm open to working with.

Coordinate with the allegory of the artwork and economy, of course, not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with...

Thank you.

Lem said...

How about we play some standards?

ricpic said...

In the old days the taste making class knew all about the prole side of life and knew it to be distinct from the high culture side of life. The modern (or post-modern) taste making class prides itself on its inclusiveness when all it demonstrates is lack of discrimination. But that's a good thing in our upside down world 'cause we all know discrimination is a BAD thing.

Lem said...

Palin is not going to live like a refugee.

She is going to fight.

We got some thin we both know it,
We dont talk too much about it
Aint no real big secret, all the same,
Somehow we get around it

Listen, it dont really matter to me
Baby, you believe what you wanna believe
You see, you dont have to live like a refugee

Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have
Kicked you around some
Tell me why you wanna lay there,
Revel in your abandon

Honey, it dont make no difference to me
Baby, everybodys had to fight to be free
You see, you dont have to live like a refugee
No baby, you dont have to live like a refugee

Lem said...
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Lem said...

Let's try that again.

Sanford Fooled Around And Fell In Love

I must have been through about a million girls
I'd love 'em and I'd leave 'em alone
I didn't care how much they cried, no sir
Their tears left me cold as a stone

But then I fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love

It used be when i'd see a girl that i liked
I'd get out my book and write down her name
But when the grass got a little greener on the other side
I'd just tare out the page

But then i fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love
Since i met you baby
I fooled around and fell in love
I folled around and fell in love
Yes I did

But I've been strong this time baby //here
Guess what
I'm in love,
. (Incomprehensible ;)

Free, on my own that's the way I used to be
Ah, but since I met you baby
Love's got a hold on me
It's got a hold on me now
I can't let go of you baby

Lem said...

Sandford should send a thank you note to the Clintons ;)

TMink said...

Any Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers?


Lem said...

It's like having a dream but not of my father ;)

She's just sixteen years old
Leave her alone, they say
Separated by fools
Who don't know what love is yet
But I want you to know

If I could fly
I'd pick you up
I'd take you into the night
And show you a love
Like you've never seen, ever seen

It's like having a dream
Where nobody has a heart
It's like having it all
And watching it fall apart
And I would wait till the end
Of time for you
And do it again, it's true
I can't measure my love
There's nothing to compare it to
But I want you to know

chuck b. said...

"Snoid and Host Woman."

Reminded me of 0:23.


Lem said...

There was some controversial questions about whether she was Linda.

Lem said...

"It was an unbeLIEVable motorcade. I mean there were 3 Rolls Royces — FIVE Rolls Royces in it. 3 Escalades".

Cult of personality.

Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
Ive been everything you want to be
Im the cult of personality
Like mussolini and kennedy
Im the cult of personality
Cult of personality
Cult of personality

Neon lights, a nobel prize
The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You dont have to follow me
Only you can set me free
I sell the things you need to be
Im the smiling face on your t.v.
Im the cult of personality
I exploit you still you love me

I tell you one and one makes three
Im the cult of personality
Like joseph stalin and gandi
Im the cult of personality
Cult of personality
Cult of personality

Ann Althouse said...

"Any Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers?"


Ann Althouse said...

Joel Beck, Vaughn Bode, Tim Boxell, Roger Brand, Charles Burns, Leslie Cabarga, Dan Clyne, Richard Corben, Robert Crumb, Howard Cruse, Kim Deitch, Will Eisner, Will Elder, Shary Flenniken, Drew Friedman, Don Glassford, Grass Green, Justin Green, Rick Griffin, Bill Griffith, Gary Hallgren, Rory Hayes, Rand Holmes, Greg Irons, Jack Jackson, Jay Kinney, Denis Kitchen, Aline Kominsky Crumb, Harvey Kurtzman, Bobby London, Jay Lynch, Jim Mitchell, Victor Moscoso, Willy Murphy, Dan O'Neil, Jim Osborne, Harvey Pekar, Peter Poplaski, John Pound, Wendel Pugh, Sylvie Rancourt, Ted Richards, Spain Rodriguez, Trina Robbins, Sharon Rudahl, Gilbert Shelton, Art Spiegelman, Frank Stack, Dan Steffan, Steve Stiles, William Stout, John Thompson, Larry Todd, Reed Waller, Bruce Walthers, Robert Williams, Skip Williamson, S. Clay Wilson, and Kate Worley.

Lem said...


Garbage - Queer

Hey boy, take a look at me
Let me dirty up your mind
I'll strip away your hard veneer
And see what I can find

The queerest of the queer
The strangest of the strange
The coldest of the cool
The lamest of the lame
The numbest of the dumb
I hate to see you here
You choke behind a smile
A fake behind the fear
The queerest of the queer

This is what he pays me for
I'll show you how it's done
You learn to love the pain you feel
Like father, like son

The queerest of the queer
Hide inside your head
The blindest of the blind
The deadest of the dead
You're hungry 'cause you starve
While holding back the tears
Choking on your smile
A fake behind the fear
The queerest of the queer

I know what's good for you,
you can touch me if you want,
I know
you're dying to,
You can touch me if you want,
I know what's good for you,
You can
touch me if you want
But you can't stop

Nichevo said...


Lem said...

"Also he likes to be a gangsta".

My Mind Playing Tricks On Me. (warning strong language)

I sit alone in my four-cornered room
Staring at candles
Oh that shit is on? heh
Let me drop some shit like this here
Real smooth

Verse one: scarface

At night I cant sleep, I toss and turn
Candle sticks in the dark, visions of bodies being burned
Four walls just staring at a nigga
Im paranoid, sleeping with my finger on the trigger
My mothers always stressing I aint living right
But I aint going out without a fight
See, everytime my eyes close
I start sweatin, and blood starts comin out my nose
Its somebody watchin the ak
But I dont know who it is, so Im watchin my back
I can see him when Im deep in the covers
When I awake I dont see the motherfucker
He owns a black hat like I own
A black suit and a cane like my own
Some might say take a chill, b
But fuck that shit, theres a nigga trying to kill me
Im pumping in the clip when the wind blows
Every twenty seconds got me peeping out my window
Investigating the joint for traps
Checking my telephone for taps
Im staring at the woman on the corner
Its fucked up when your mind is playing tricks on you.

Lem said...

It's down to the wire for Sotomayor.

It's it on a wing and a prayer?

Audities said...

Crumb & The Big Ass: His #1 obsession! He did a series called "Big Ass Comics". His sketch book publications are also full of prime cuts.

Snoid: Snoids are Crumb's horny, creepy, dirty little fuckers. Sometimes there's hundreds of Snoids; 100% women as sex objects (the word "object" is key). Maybe they could be called Zygotes. Another aspect is as the cast of thousands: Fleischer's Popeye had the Goons, Richard Price in the Wanderers had the Ducky Boys and Al Capp had Schmoos (Star Trek's Tribbles stolen from AC).

Wisconson Wiggles 78: Heh. Cheap Suit Serenaders prior to the name.

Justin Green: Hopefully they had some Binky Brown in the show as those comics reign as the most interesting I ever read. Binky was the guilt-ridden Catholic teen's guilt-ridden Catholic teen. Tho raised Presbyterian in NC I had my share of guilty moments.

Air Pirate Funnies: Maybe not as significant or fun as Wally Wood's "Disney Memorial Orgy" poster published in the Realist, but well worth the read (2 comic books). Dan O'Neil, Bobby London & Ted Richards, Gary Hallgren & Shary Flenniken (she was the only one not sued) took Disney head on. They fought them in court for years & years. A followup strip by Dan O'Neil was published by Stewart Brand in Co-Evolution Quarterly several years after the 2 comics were pulled off the market.

A great story of the Air Pirates battle: http://www.reason.com/news/show/36416.html

"There's a guy with a banana!"

Steve Ditko: Again he is slighted... I see Wills Eisner & Elder & Harvy Kurtzman representing the old guard but Ditko was way, way further out there than any of those folks (& other EC artists).

Michael Ryan said...

Pffft! I'd rather go look at the Mary Cassatt painting on the back wall there.

MadisonMan said...


bearbee said...

re: "Snoid and Host Woman", did he intend the sculpture to symbolize something or was the bizarre crudity his statement?

From May 31, 2009 Decider

Just a few feet away, Crumb uses a cast resin of two of his characters ("Snoid and Host Woman") to scoff at the wave of political correctness that divided the underground comics community in the wake of the Supreme Court's 1973 Miller v. California decision, which determined that obscenity is subject to community standards of decency and not protected by the First Amendment. A large, confused-looking woman stands by idly as a nasty little man climbs out of her rear end, looking as if he's won the lottery. While there's a whole backstory to this image in his Snoid series, it's also a metaphor for the conflicted, post-Miller world of underground comics—and it's not pretty.

Juris Dentist said...


You sure that's not Meade?

NKVD said...

Obama lovers the world over claim that the snoid did not look at the woman's buttocks.

Big Mike said...
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Big Mike said...

@MadMan, LVM??? I didn't know you knew Linux.

Patrick said...

I was just going to tweet, er, I mean, comment that I miss the LVM (Elevehjem) back when it had a name that no one could spell or pronounce. I had to roam those corridors with an awful and pretentious Art History professor who shall rename nameless (although her name is quite alliterative). I'm a big fan of the art, and when it was taught to me by Babs--our affectionate name for Barbara Buenger (not the alliterative one)--I had a most splendid time.