June 1, 2009

"Eminem, it's nice to meet you."

Bruno's alternative to the handshake:

Ryan Seacrest tweets that Eminem was not in on the joke.

At least not the full joke.


Skeptical said...

How can one not admire the artistry of that, and the sheer work that must be involved in getting that ass-in-the-face just right?

Edgehopper said...

SBC's acts remind me of South Park's Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave's plan to get fired for being gay:

Death Camp of Tolerance, starting at the 18 minute mark.

Granted, it's Eminem who isn't particularly sympathetic, but our society has clearly overcorrected when it's wrong to be offended by having a guy's naked ass lowered in your face.

"He's right. Our boys didn't hate homosexuals, they hated the way this asshole was acting." - Randy Marsh, same episode.

Cohen's act is tiresome, now that he's stopped trying to rile up secret anti-semitism and just started trolling.

TitusIsSoHappyToday said...

I agree with Skeptical.

Getting the ass in the face at the height must of taken some practice.

And it couldn't of happened to a better asshole.

Do all the bruthas have to protect Slim Shady?

TitusIsSoHappyToday said...

Now that I see this again I think it may of been staged.

Maybe they punked Em and told him he was just going to land in his lap but instead gave him the ass to the face.

Bruno has very soft legs and ass. There is some seriously waxing going on there.

Lem said...

This stunt reminds me of that scene in “My dinner with Andre” where they are discussing that some people seemed to get inspired by climbing Everest or some such stunt.
Aside from the practicality of it “not everybody can climb Everest”.

Are we in the middle of an entertainment arms race?

Lem said...

BTW – I don’t know if this qualifies as a defense of Sasha Cohen. But this was a variation of Ass Man a stunt by Howard Stern years ago in that same venue.

Howard did land on the stage however – not on anybody’s face.

BTW – M&m or whatever his name is did have some time to step aside – I’m not convinced he was not in on it.

The stunt stinks ;)

TitusIsSoHappyToday said...

I agree with Lem. Em had plenty of time to step away. I don't buy it. The ass in the face was a little too precise.

Lem said...

Now I remember.. the stunt also was a take from the film Dogma (1999).

There is really nothing original anymore.

dbp said...

It was pretty funny and kind of amazing if they planned to land on Eminem from the start.

Eminem comes across like a total looser for a couple of reasons: Walking out is one of them. The other is that it looks like he filled has allotment of seats with bodyguards rather than friends, family or business associates.

chuck b. said...

Sooo much better than Madonna kissing Britney.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Eminem comes across like a total looser for a couple of reasons: .

Actually just one. Whitebread rapping.

Nuff said right there.

bearbee said...

Face full of ass? Appropriate commentary on a room of the living dead..... talentless, lacquered-up, over-paid, ego-inflated.

EDH said...

The person operating that boom crane must have won a lot of prizes playing that Fairground Grabber carnival claw game.

das Kapitalist said...

The thing that strikes me as funny is that Em, in his videos, depicts himself sitting on the face and farting on people he wants to mock.

Yes it is gross but Em really had it coming.

Also, Em is very popular, people are very afraid to mess with him, They have no problem that he makes some of the most violent misogynistic music ever. Even Elton John performed a duet and embraced him on stage at the Emmy awards.

Em deserves every second of that.

One of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Sheepman said...

I'd give heavy odds that the whole thing was planned, including Eminem's reaction. He has a new CD coming out and Cohen a new movie.

In any event, very well executed.

dannyboy said...

Also, Em is very popular, people are very afraid to mess with him....

Motherfukka please. He's nothing but a little twinkle toed cocksucker. Anyone who talks smack like him and needs 3 ex-gangbangers as bodyguards isn't even worthy of being called a pussy. If there is anything, I mean anything more pathetic than rap is a needle dick white boy rapping.

Shawn Levasseur said...

Wecome to the new game show: "Who's the bigger asshole?"

Chris Althouse Cohen said...

So, do you think it was 100% staged?

There are basically four options: 1) The entire thing was staged, including Eminem's reaction, and Eminem knew Sacha's ass was gonna be in his face; 2) Eminem knew that he was going to be involved in a bit involving Sacha, and may have understood part of it, but was not let in on the detail that Sacha's ass was gonna be in his face; 3) Eminem knew nothing about it, and only Sacha and people choreographing it knew what would happen; 4) No one, not even Sacha, knew that he was gonna land in that position.

Obviously, almost no one could believe #4, and any of the other options are technically "staged." I personally think #2 is the most likely: that Eminem agreed to do something, but Sacha took it farther than Eminem expected in order to get a genuine reaction out of Eminem. I hope it was a genuine prank, because I can't stand Eminem and he would totally deserve it.

montana urban legend said...

"...he filled has allotment of seats with bodyguards rather than friends, family or business associates."

And for Eminem the difference between these people would be?

William said...

Great art should be framed properly. Likewise with great artists. This will be the defining moment of Eminem's career.

Lionheart said...

That picture of Eminem with a face full of ass is going to haunt him for a long time. Cohen's life span would be in jeopardy had he dropped on a few other rappers I can think of.