May 31, 2009

Lawyer hopes his client will die soon.

"He's now 69 years old. His health is not great and all I can tell you is that I hope he doesn't have to serve anywhere near that time." — Phil Spector's lawyer, referring to the 19 years in the 19 years to life sentence.


OldGrouchy said...

An appropriate statement about that drugged playboy idiot!

Curtiss said...

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Maxine Weiss said...
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Windbag said...

He looks like Golem in a wig. Who cares about his health or the inconveniences of being incarcerated for killing someone? Serve every minute--nineteen years is hardly a fair exchange for Lana Clarkson and her loved ones.

David said...

News Update: "Lawyer says: 'Don't die. Pay bill first.'"

traditionalguy said...

The lawyer has been paid a long time ago. He is using his silver tongue to point to the bright side of the long sentence that his high fee purchased this client.

Peter V. Bella said...

If the death penalty was used the wya it was intended, his lawyer's wish would come true. Unfortunately, the death penalty is nothing more than a financial income stream for the legal community.

Lem said...

I wonder what would a poll say?

Given the assured eventuality of everyones demise who would we hope dies first?

The lawyer

The convicted murderer

I put it at 70 30 against the lawyer.

jeff said...

This was what? 6 years ago? Only 63 then.

Ralph said...

Die Soon? Huh? Fucking lawyer plans to appeal and spring him. I hope the victim's family takes his money before his lawyers do.

tariely said...

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