March 21, 2009

Winter cover crop.



EDH said...

Which reminds me.

George said...

third time's the charm-


Ron said...

Ah...the spring planting at the Chia Pet Farm...

TitusItIsABeautifulDay!!!! said...

I bet you would like living on a farm outside of Madison, no?

By the way Go Badgers Basketball!!! I am not a huge basketball fan but watching them win in overtime was exciting last night.

And Ohio State getting beat by Siena was sweet.

There have been some interesting articles in some of the gay press as well in the New Republic about Duke Basketball's team and how "some" refer to them as gay and the reasons behind it. I found it very interesting. It had to do with the fact that they tend to be white, it is an elite college, many who go there are from the east coast, some who go there are wealthy etc-at least that is the reasons "some" suspect the gay thing. But this has gone on for years I guess. No other college basketball team has that label. Weird.

But they hold up signs at the game saying Duke is gay etc. I guess Christian Laettner propogated some of it by making comments about him and another player that sounded like they were lovers. But that was many years ago and it still persists.

What do you think about that?
Anyhoo, off to the gym.

TitusItIsABeautifulDay!!!! said...

Oh and the ones they think are gay are mostly hot too so if they are gay I say welcome!

JJ Reddick is one who is amazing and who they say is gay.

I think it is all BullShit that they are gay but a girl can fantasize.

Jason (the commenter) said...

I'm surprised to hear they are growing a cover crop in pots. But I suppose if you are going to dump the dirt out, it makes sense.

It would be really pretty to have short grasses growing in pots though. With little seed heads popping up, bobbing in the wind.

Set off against a well groomed lawn it would be delicious.

TitusItIsABeautifulDay!!!! said...

My dad loves Bo Ryan too. My parents got their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the same breeder that the Ryans got their many Cavalier King Charles.

Aren't I a starfucker?

Darcy said...

And Ohio State getting beat by Siena was sweet.


Oh. Did I celebrate too much, there? ;-)

rhhardin said...

I have a pic of this winter's Ohio wheat crop somewhere - here , taken last October.

The field looks about the same today I think, but I'll have to check.

traditionalguy said...

Your latest picture shows us the beauty of Spring, sunshine and the good earth given to us to tend. My backyard has a similar look today, but not that many pots. We have lots of Jonquils(dafodills) on the bank and beautiful flowering vines on the trellis. I think we will try hamburgers on the grill this afternoon to officially welcome Spring. Have a nice day everyone.

rhhardin said...

Spring is expressed in new toys.

John Done said...

Ah, spring!

When thoughts in the Althouse mind turn to celibacy, prostitution and Obama hating.

It was touching, though, how candyass jac came rushing to mommy's defense.

Lem said...

I went to buy some shoes this morning at Newport in Jersey City. And as if for the first time I notice all the paper they put inside the shoe, as if all the paper was not enough the shoes were bagged in plastic.

What is going on with all this bagging everywhere?
Is it me? It's insane.

Lem said...

I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but the shoes come is a box, then they put all that paper inside the shoes.. why the plastic bag?

PS. I wish I could tell you I did not buy the shoes.. but they were on sale and they are the comfort yet formal shoes I wear for work. I couldn't pass it up, I got two pairs.

Darcy said...

Lem, you are adorable. Congrats on the shoe purchase. ;-)

Lem said...

Thanks Darcy..

BTW.. If anybody here ever goes to this mall watch out for a guy selling what he claims to be dead sea salt for the skin.

Charming fellow, I ended up buying some.. only to have a friend ask me how did I know this is really dead sea salt?

Good question.

Lem said...

I just went to their website. It seems legit enough. I got some peeling gel and some after shave too.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Is there such a thing as LIVE sea salt?

What differentiates the Dead Sea from other seas is the concentration of salt, not its composition. Ditto for Great Salt Lake, the Aral and Caspian Seas, and a few others.

Some "sea" salts have higher concentrations of magnesium, calcium and potash than table salt, but does anyone really thing that stuff is absorbed through the skin?

Oh, and by the way, where do you thing so-called 'normal' salt come from? Howse about particularly pure evaporite deposits from old, you know ... SEAs?

AWK, some people are so ignorant and gullible.

Lem said...

AWK, some people are so ignorant and gullible.

Look, granted, it might not work.. but isn't the whole point of doing anything these days so that we may feel better.

I'm just doing my part ;)

Lem said...

What do I mean by "feeling better."

Take this whole AIG bonus "outrage" for example.

How does Obama maintain high approvals while everyday since he ascended to power is being one misstep after another.

We don't want to blame the Jackie Robinson president. But in our guts we know all the mistakes calls for somebody to take the hit.

AIG is people avoiding the unpleasant, unsavory truth that electing Obama was a purely and simple feel good vote.

Either that or (I could get in trouble for saying this but Thank God for Althouse belief that freedom of speech is still important) our expectations for Obama are so low that they don't even register.. yet. What the Bush 41 called the soft bigotry of low expectations maybe in effect here.

Which is another way of saying... we might be racist for electing the incompetent one. Nobody was going to get in the way of our chance to feel good. Knowing very little about him probably helped.

There may be a more artful way of saying this but I hope you get the meaning of what I'm saying.

Ron said...

Is there such a thing as LIVE sea salt?

Not to go all 'veal fattening pen', Bart, but we get the dead sea salt by grinding it into a fine grain...while it's still alive...and sometimes we coat it with iodine...and use the image of a little girl with an umbrella to sell it...the horror...the horror...

Enjoy the fries!

rhhardin said...

Winter wheat field above, today.

Also a faint green coming from the back woods, Virginia Cherry budding.

Meade said...

Nice pics, rh.