March 21, 2009

About those Cincinnati sandwiches.

Trooper York has quite a picture — in a post that's about the Althouse Cincinnati meet-up (which I talk about minimally, with pictures, here). In Trooper's comments:
An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Now dag nab it Trooper; I ate the Hot Brown (which was actually more like a Hot White -- being chicken & all and not the original Roast Beef -- but the chicken is healthier, not that I'm worried about my health, but... Where was I? Oh, yeah).
(Ha ha. Hot White. Here's my pic of the Hot (supposedly) Brown.)
Any way, it was not a crap sandwich as you have portrayed (yeah it did look pretty wild when it came out of the kitchen with a knife stuck in it -- and this was a classy place; well classier anyway -- I mean it is usually the dives where something comes out of the kitchen with a knife in it- and its usually the cook... Where was I? Oh, yeah).

It was a pretty good sandwich (I mean the comments over at Althouse; Heart attack on a bun! It was CHICKEN for cryin' out loud! It’s the original white meat! Not like it was pork or something… Where was I? Oh, yeah).

And I was with some classy folks (not that I would meet and tell you understand, but you know Althouse was there; how much classier can you get? And the place actually served long neck PBRs! Do you expect a place like that to serve a crap sandwich? I mean hell, it’s not the Congressional Dining Room for Pete’s sake! I mean there they KNOW a carp sandwich when they serve one… Where was I? Oh, yeah).
Carp sandwich?
So, I want y’all to lay off my dinner; it was a great place and a helluva good time (you know the place has been open since 1861? My Great-Granddad ran a hotel on that block in the 1870’s; most likely he probably had at least one beer there himself, back in the day. He was German ya know we seem to have some sort of reputation as beer drinkers… Where was I? Oh, yeah).
Redneck responds to Darcy's request for details about the meet-up:
Any way Darcy, as much I would like to accommodate you and spill the beans on last night (now there’s a meal that would deserve comments! What if I would have had a plate of beans and rice? Not like a place classy as that, and on the northern side of the river would even serve beans, but… Dag nab it; did it again! Where was I? Oh, yeah).

A gentleman never tells the details. We had a good time, ate a good meal and all parted amicably.

One detail I will spill; Not only did I get to meet Althouse; I also got to meet Silvio.

And he took me at the light. I got to admit THAT was not the highlight of the evening (no redneck, even us edjamikated ones, like to admit that we lost a drag race, but her ‘chauffer’ caught me flat-footed trying to retune the radio when the light changed. First I knew the light was green was when I heard the roar of an Audi’s exhaust… Where was I? Oh, yeah).

The End.
Ha ha. Makes me think of this:


Darcy said...

I just want to say it again here: I was teasing Edjamikated. His comment was hilarious and adorable!
Not to mention sweet for responding in the first place.

Glad y'all had a (presumably, ha!) great time. ;-)

And Trooper is a genius, ain't he?

chickenlittle said...

Carp sandwich?

Made sense to me in context

make that in vortex(t) :)

Issob Morocco said...

My Brother Malesch is wondering if the warmer weather come June will prompt a visit to the shores of Michigan?

I am sure Darcy is also very interested in the next Althouse tour going through the Great Lakes State.

THanks for all of the cool photos and culinary delights!

Cousin Bob said...

Sorry, Professor, but those Chauffeur Blues suck.  I was as much of a fan of the Airplane as anybody back in the day.  Grace Slick was truly amazing.

But that crap with Singe Toly Anderson is painful.  The Airplane was having a hard time clearing the runway with her as the stewardess.

It's all clean and well-played and sung.  Trouble is, they sound like a bunch of white boys with Beatles haircuts and some surfer chick trying to do the blues.


Reminds me of the days when people thought Peter Paul & Mary told it like it was.

Ron said...

Somehow, with "Darcy" and "Audi TT", not to mention "Trooper York" and "excrement" tags I was expecting a more exciting post than a digression about sandwiches...

What, no "long neck PBR" tag? disappointing...

David said...

No Silvio tag.

Big Mike said...

Both the sandwich in Trooper's picture and the sandwich that Redneck ate look like somebody else ate them first. But Redneck's sandwich at least looks like it came back via the upper end of the GI tract.

As to the Jefferson Airplane, when we get older our minds play tricks on us. They sounded better to me back then. [sigh]

knox said...

What's with the secrecy about the meetup?? I too would love details and pics (of those who are willing) especially since I'll be living in Ohio soon. I'd even put up my own pic, and I've never had an avatar.

knox said...

Ron, did you go?

Jim Hu said...

Chicken?!! I thought the Hot Brown was made with turkey... something I only know from watching Throwdown on the Food Network.

Trooper York said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AlphaLiberal said...

Carp used to be a delicacy and Wisconsin would ship a fair amount to New York City. But now the carp's waters are fouled and so is most carp meat.

I'm told carp tastes better when it is from cleaner waters.

john said...


It just isnt a complete day without you carping about something.

john said...

We know that Edjamikated and Ann were there. If you all agreed to silence, why not expound on the reason?

(Personally, I would not go to a meetup because of my well-founded fears that 1) Lucky might show up, 2) mutterings at the table that "he's just as boring in real life".)

Maxine Weiss said...

The meetup is a secret society where nobody's allowed to talk about the mysterious goings-on. It's Bohemian Grove.

Except we already know nobody showed up, because Althouse refused to make a proper public announcement.

blake said...

All right, fine.

I'm coming to the next meetup.

But in disguise.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Carp/crap; if you have eaten either you know it is hard to tell them apart.

I myself only eat fish when it is breaded and deep fried so all you can taste is deep fried breading.

My same rules would apply to crap, if I was required to eat some.

chickenlittle said...

I'm coming to the next meetup.