February 17, 2009

"I just said I've always wanted to sleep with a man with gray hair."

Apparently, Howard Fineman's hair is setting the tone.


vet66 said...

Typical and predictable. Don't change your reporting, change your hair color. By the way, gray is out and black is in. Didn't he get the memo? Democratic women want to shave their legs in the tub while the Obamessiah walks on water in the nearby shower.

Glistening Pecs are in. Gray is out!

traditionalguy said...

He is a Fine Man, who has finally decided to look his age. When on the same screen with Maddow and Olberman, everything he says looks thoughtful and elder statesman like. So why not look like his appointed role? He has great skills. I wish he could find a job that rewarded a truthful analysis and not Party line deception.

Darcy said...

Yep. He looks better with the gray.

Anonymous said...

"I just said I've always wanted to sleep with a man with gray hair."

I have no idea who this guy is because I don't use this device called television, but in my behavioural dyslexia, I'd agree with anyman if it was

"I always say I want to sleep just with a woman with gray hairs."

Wince said...

Now the result is something like this: gray on the sides but still kind of orangey on top.

From Sex in the City, Episode 86:

Samantha notices a grey hair "down there" after a shower, deciding to dye it to make it disappear. Unfortunately, the experiment goes awry, and Ms. Jones accidentally dyes the whole region a bright orange. Stuck with "Bozo Bush", Sam chooses to shave it all off, telling Smith that she did it to make it easier for him to find things during intimate moments.

Curtiss said...

...age-appropriate gray

Does that only apply to men?

Anonymous said...

age appropriate:

what is even more amusing is that i have the most grey hair of the five children in our family and am the most backwards child when it comes to success as defined in country. Now I read this on the internet:

Premature gray hair has also been associated with dyslexia in at least one study. What mechanism might be involved is entirely unknown, but hair follicles are responsive to neuroendocrine peptides produced by nerve cells and hair follicles are intimately enmeshed in a complex nerve cell network. Perhaps dyslexia is associated with a reduced ability of nerve cells to produce certain stimulatory products that may also affect hair follicle activity?

Anonymous said...

of course, in China grey and less hair can be remedied with shoo wu shampoo:

In traditional oriental medicine practice, the Shou-Wu formula is primarily a liver tonic for men and women. It helps to restore normal hair color for those who are turning gray. It also strengthens tendons, benefits the eyes, and nourishes blood.

Now if i can link dyslexia to vision problems and then to liver function, maybe with a long stretch i can link dyslexia to grey hair through that avenue and just get rid of dyslexia by shampooing hair.

I'd also note that in certain genetic diet theories people with a certain tendency to go left when told to turn right are also associated with stagnant livers which cause weight gain. Now i just have to find out if they have grey hair, too.

traditionalguy said...

Silver hair is beautiful too. My lady friends prefer Blonde hair with wrinkle creams and facelifts. How do I tell them that over 40 is very attractive to everyone else who is over 40. Who needs to look nubile forever?

Salamandyr said...


That is true, but under 30 is attractive to everybody, period.

Darcy said...

traditionalguy said...How do I tell them that over 40 is very attractive to everyone else who is over 40?

Just like that! ;-)

TituswasintheBerkshiresspaaing said...

I noticed his hair the other day. I don't like the gray on him.

I am horny.

I need a BJ.

Anonymous said...

Democratic women want to shave their legs in the tub

As long as they don't shave their ... oh, never mind.


William said...

Well, thank you very much Mrs Fineman. Isn't it about time we eroticized this one last demographic in the population?...Calvin Klein in association with Depends is bringing out an undergarment called the Calvin Cool Edge. The Cool Edge emphasizes all the eroticism inherent in an undergarment without sacrificing comfort or safety. There were some practical problems with the string bikini model, but the placement of a few pink ribbons against a black lace background makes the the Cool Edge attractive wear for women. How hot? Just check out the Playboy pictorial, The Moan Crones of Riverview Nursin Home in next month's issue. The Cool Edge for men with its black leather studs at the velcro closures has already attracted the attention of fashion conscious gays with no bowel or bladder problems....Let's put the sex back in sexagenerian. Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.