February 14, 2009

Althouse on the road.


Somewhere in America. In the heartland.


KCFleming said...

Hey, you.

Happy Valentine's day.

paul a'barge said...

yeah, that could be anywhere.

+1 on the happy v'day

I'm Full of Soup said...

Althouse is...looking for love in all the wrong places. Heh.

Be safe!

traditionalguy said...

On the road again is good news. Wear your seatbelt and come back home soon. We worried last night that a purple mood might have taken our Professor away from us.

Unknown said...

The explanation.

Nice wood and nice ceiling in that picture.

Bissage said...

I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and I'm pretty sure that when you get right to the heart of matters, it's the heart that matters more.

So . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

George M. Spencer said...

Today's Wall St. J....

"If you had invested on Jan. 1, 1930, after the crash already had destroyed a third of the stock market's value, where would you have gotten the greatest gains?

The short answer: In 1930, 1931 and 1932, nowhere. There was no real refuge in the storm..."

"Politicians keep saying, "People have to begin to understand we're in bad shape," and "People should realize it's a crisis." I think they know, Sherlock. Do you? Our political leaders are like a doctor who rushes to the scene of a terrible crash, bends over a hemorrhaging woman and says, "This is serious, lady, you can't take it lightly." She looks up at him: "Help me, do something, I'm bleeding out!" The doctor, to the local TV cameras: "I hope she knows she's in trouble." ---Peggy Noonan

Her column lists all the closed stores she sees in Manhattan, a story that New York magazine also did this week...."New York, as any amateur anthropologist can see, is in the midst of a retail shakeout of historic proportions."

When my kids were little, I bought them a picture book whose title was "It's Coming."

It's coming.

Darcy said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Althouse.

And Happy Valentine's Day to all of the commenters here, too.

Nice thought, Bissage.

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...
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AllenS said...

Happy Valentines day, Althouse. Big smooch.

chickelit said...

Happy Valentine's Day Althouse

Ron said...

It's that secret tryst between Althouse and Dr. Helen! Yikes!

Bissage said...

Thanks Darcy, but the thought’s not mine.

It’s from “Omaha” by Counting Crows.

Omaha, somewhere in middle America . . .

A real tearjerker.

Anonymous said...

The fish eye lens is seriously messing with my current vertigo struggles.

The jackets tossed over the arms of the chairs is a relaxed effect.

Darcy said...

Ohh! Thanks, Bissage. I like them...will go listen now.

dave_WI said...
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dave_WI said...

How much does a cup of coffee cost there? Leather seats and all; or is this professors only.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Happy Valentines Day! Traveling is always a great time to use geotagging.

Host with the Most said...

Happy Valentines to Ann and all the regulars!

"He's Just Not That Into You" was surprisingly good. Good date fli.

BJM said...

A clean well-lighted place for coffee?

What's with the Orwellian wall art?

Meade said...

"Althouse on the road"


with Willie Nelson?

Host with the Most said...


Where are you?

Come send out Happy Valentine's Greetings here - it's non-political. C'mon. You'll score some good-will points and start to dig out of that deficit . . .

The Elder said...

To our Purple-loving Professor,

Wherever you are,
Whomever you are with,
Be happy and gentle.
His family probably loves him.

AllenS said...

Nice try Host, but he's probably on another board celebrating the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

William said...

Earnest students pass up comfortable leather seats to sit hunched over books on rigid wooden chairs. You are like some kind of library seeking missile.....Instead of an indefinite article you should associate your name with a Queen Anne chair. Formality and grace trump comfort and ease....From here in my leather wing chair, I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and luck in your pursuit of the perfect library.

john said...

I know you didn't mean to, but it seems you left Lem in a ditch on your way out of town.

George M. Spencer said...

Paul Kanjorski is a Democrat.

He is chairman of the Capital Markets Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee.

Here he is on C-SPAN talking about a mysterious $550 billion rapid, unexpected drawdown on U.S. money market accounts on September 15, 2008.

"On Thursday at about 11 o'clock in the morning, the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the United States to the tune of $550 billion was being drawn out in the matter of an hour or two.

"The Treasury opened up its window to help. It pumped $105 billion into the system and quickly realized that they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn't be further panic out there, and that's what actually happened."

"If they had not done that, their estimation was that by 2 o'clock that afternoon, $5.5 trillion would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States, would have collapsed the entire economy system of the United States and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed."

What's this all about?

ricpic said...

Travels In Boboland

On the road again,
Finding coffee houses a bit too commodious again,
The life they share is getting strung out with their friends,
She's on the road, they're everywhere! cool upscale caffeine dens.

Curtiss said...

And what color is the coat draped across the chair in the foreground?

David said...

Re: Kanjorski

This was the week after the Lehman bankruptcy, which had huge repercussions. For example, Ford, which had a backup line of credit with Lehman, drew down its other lines to pump up cash, hoping to avoid the risk that these lines would be inaccessible too. Many other corporations did the same, with a resulting huge draw on banks and investment banks for lines of credit.

The financial institutions had to get money to fund the draws on the lines they had given to the corporations, so they both drew on money funds they had and tried to issue more commercial paper. The cash demand was huge.

In the same week two large money funds "broke the buck," meaning that they did not have sufficient liquid resources to redeed their investors at the par value of $1 per share. These funds, sponsored by Mellon and Putnam, stopped redemptions. This of course caused more people to seek redemptions in other funds. (I transferred all my liquid assets from money market to short term treasuries that week.)

The risk was that the short term funding mechanism would freeze completely worldwide. This risk was avoided by (1) Treasury guaranteeing money funds up to $250,000 and (2) Federal Reserve putting about $300 billion into banks by buying less liquid assets and giving banks cash for these assets.

Despite these actions, short term financing, which is still the economy's life blood, became much harder to obtain but a total collapse was avoided.

Kanjorski is not the brightest bulb, and he is wrong about several important facts.

1. The $250,000 guarantee came on the 19th, not the 15th.
2. The government did not "shut down" any redemptions. Indeed it probably has no power to do so and the effect of such an action would be to restrict credit, not enhance it.
3. There was not a $550 billion drawdown on September 15 (it was less) and it certainly was not unexpected, given the Lehman bankruptcy over the weekend.

In short, this is nothing new, though it was a dicey moment. It was also a moment in which Treasury and the Fed performed well.

By an large members of Congress have no understanding of what has been going on, or why Treasury and the Fed have been having such a difficult time. This leads to stupid and uninformed criticism, which leads to further loss of confidence, which is the last thing we need.

Beth said...

Happy Valentime's to everyone (I keep hearing people say it that way lately. Is it like Christmastime?)

And happy 16th anniversary to me, and mine.

Pastafarian said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Althouse, and all commenters. Happy anniversary, Beth.

I sometimes try to find clues in these Althouse photos, to see if I can figure out where she is. I tried, and I'm coming up empty.

A college town, probably, since that fellow on the left has a scientific calculator on the table. Interesting room, with the stage in the background along the brick wall, converted currently to more dining space.

Interesting too that there are no windows in the image; that bright area on the right appears to be a spotlighted picture.

I'm drawing a blank here. Any ideas?

Michael Haz said...

@George - Another explanation is economic terrorism with the intention of causing voters to become sufficiently concerned to vote for Barack Obama.

Dollar-rich oil-producing nations do have an interest in the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

blake said...

Happy anniversary, Beth!

And happy VD everyone!

Er, V-day?

Shortcuts always lead to trouble.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Wince said...

Althouse is speaking to us through her photo.

Click through the image to flickr and see...

This photo has notes. Move your mouse over the photo to see them.

Cool, like a Beatles album cover.

Oh no, Althouse is dead!

Jenga, Jenga, Jenga!

Host with the Most said...

And Happy Anniversary, Beth.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Yeah way to go Beth! Congrats!

Wince said...

I really think we should run with this “Althouse is Dead” rumor, however irresponsible it may seem. At least until she returns. We can go back to her old posts and photos and look for clues and hints. Like her recent Beatles posts, for instance.

From Wiki…

The most common tale is that on Wednesday, 9 November 1966 at 5 am, McCartney, while working on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, stormed out of a recording session after an argument with the other Beatles and rode off in his Aston Martin which he subsequently crashed into a lamp post, and died.
The story was pieced together from the lyrics of multiple Beatles songs. The most common narrative includes the following pieces of evidence:
1. "He didn't notice that the lights had changed" ("A Day in the Life").
2. He then crashed into a lamp-post (a car crash sound is heard in "Revolution 9" and "A Day in the Life").
3. He was pronounced dead on a "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins" ("She's Leaving Home")
4. Nobody found this out because the news was withheld: "Wednesday morning papers didn't come" ("Lady Madonna").
5. A funeral procession was held days later, as was supposedly implied on the Abbey Road album cover by the Beatles' clothing. (John Lennon dressed all in white, like a clergyman. Ringo Starr wore a black suit as an undertaker would. Paul McCartney wore a suit without shoes, a common custom for corpses being buried, and walked out of step with the other Beatles. George Harrison's denim outfit resembled that of a gravedigger.)
6. Adding fuel to the legend is the ending of "Strawberry Fields Forever". Some believed John said "I buried Paul" in a slow deep voice over the final refrain. He later denied that, stating that he had said "cranberry sauce".

According to believers, McCartney was replaced with the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest. The name of this look-alike has been recorded as William Shears Campbell, Billy Shears (the name of the fictitious leader of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), William Sheppard (based on the alleged inspiration for the song "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"), or some combination of the names.

McCartney during the filming of the "Rain" video, showing the chipped tooth and scar from the moped crash at the end of the previous year.

A ha! No wonder Althouse took exception to my post of the Rain video after she commented about “water” references in Beatles songs.

Replacement Althouse was trying to knock us off track!

LonewackoDotCom said...

Kanjorski now says he got his meltdown tale... from a NY Post article. Lots of links about that here. I'm not an expert in that area, so I need you to speculate for me.

bill said...


Taken on
February 14, 2009 at 10.05am CST

Posted to Flickr
February 14, 2009 at 9.18am CST

reader_iam said...

Is this the trip to the Miami area which Althouse said she was considering a while back?

Hector Owen said...

Looking at the really big original size version of the photo, I think that on the far right I see Superboy, casual for Saturday in his costume top and jeans. So that means it's Smallville.

And happy Valentine's Day, Althouse and all, wherever you are.

Jason (the commenter) said...

reader_iam: Is this the trip to the Miami area which Althouse said she was considering a while back?

I hope it is. I bet the extra sunshine will help with her sleeping problems. Also some tropical photos would be fun to comment on in the winter time.

Trooper York said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron said...

Clearly a V-Day booty call for the good Professor...ain't love grand?

Issob Morocco said...

Are those the hipster Pep Boys on the wall?

Walt said...

Voluptuous Ann, you fill my nights with mirth and pleasure. If you ever need a good hug, you know where to find me.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anonymous said...

Well, EDH, if Althouse is dead, you can be certain she will blog from the Great Beyond.

But she won't be the first, as Sir Archy can tell you, if he ever shows up here again.

chickelit said...

Is this the trip to the Miami area which Althouse said she was considering a while back?

I think that's what poor Lem though too. But why drive? I once hitchhiked from Madison to Florida--it's along haul, but there's lots to see and do along the way.

Anonymous said...

...but there's lots to see and do along the way.

Yes, but is there Wi-Fi?

chickelit said...

Yes, but is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, just outside of Knoxville I suspect.

Ron said...

Perhaps Althouse has gone to see Victoria?

George M. Spencer said...

The first of four new pennies chronicling Abraham Lincoln's rise from a small Kentucky cabin will be put into circulation Thursday to honor the 16th president's 200th birthday.

This is part of the master plan of the International Zinc Conspiracy headed by Al Gore.

Atomic Number 30.

Anti-dandruff shampoos contain zinc.

Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl2 + H2.

Zinc ions are neurotransmitters.

Cells in the salivary gland, prostate, immune system and intestine use zinc signaling.

Study the writings Flemish metallurgist P.M. de Respour.

Think for yourselves, people...before someone else does your zinking for you....

Wince said...

"Althouse on the Road."

Why don’t we do it in the road
Why don’t we do it in the road
Why don’t we do it, do it in the road
Why don’t we do it in the road?
No one will be watching us
Why don't we do it in the road

Only to be followed on the White Album by a sweet Valentine love song.

(Notice the commentary especially @0:48, and that Paul's bass is done with his voice not a guitar.)

Ralph L said...

Miami is in the heartland?

chickelit said...

Perhaps Althouse has gone to see Victoria?

But would she get an audience?

Wince said...

The interview.

Chris Farley: O-kay.. remember.. you remember when you were with The Beatles, and you were supposed to be dead, and, uh, there was all these clues, that, like, uh, you played some song backwards, and it'd say, like, "Paul Is Dead", and, uh, everyone thought that you were dead? That was, um, a hoax, right?

Paul McCartney: Yeah. I wasn't really dead.

Chris Farley: Right. I think we.. I think we got time for one more question. Uh.. remember when you were in The Beatles? And, um, you did that album Abbey Road, and at the very end of the song, it would.. the song goes, "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"? You.. you remember that?

Paul McCartney: Yes.

Chris Farley: Uh.. is that true?

Paul McCartney: Yes, Chris. In my experience, it is. I find, the more you give, the more you get.

Fred4Pres said...

Hot Air had a post about Camilla Paglia's objection to the so called 'Fairness Doctrine'

And there was this post about you:

50 bucks says she voted the straight Obamabot ticket. Same as wutzerface Althouse… claims to be true liberal and then votes for a nothing-burger and then whines there’s no there there! Cry me a river, ladies, and when you learn to vote with some integrity, maybe I’ll care.

drunyan8315 on February 14, 2009 at 4:58 PM

blake said...

I guess you're not really a Web Celeb until you've got people you've never heard of misrepresenting you on web sites you never visit.

Jason (the commenter) said...

If she's driving to Miami, who will teach her classes? It is a three day weekend though.

Maybe to make extra money for camera lenses she's taken up delivering cars, like in Vanishing Point. And right now she's in a 1970 Dodge Challenger racing to Miami, only stopping at coffee shops to pick up her next hit of caffeine and pee. Oh, and upload mysterious photos.

And she wont have to worry about cops because she knows that apologizing trick.

Lem said...

racing to Miami, only stopping at coffee shops to pick up her next hit of caffeine and pee. Oh, and upload mysterious photos.

No Pampers?

..the female astronaut who decided it would be a good idea to get into a car, drive 900 miles from Texas to Florida, and to "talk" to a woman who she, the astronaut, thought was trying to "steal her man."

chickelit said...

@Original George: That stuff about the pennies is actually very interesting to me. I used to collect U.S. coins when I was kid, back in the day when you still found wheat pennies, steel pennies and the occasional silver dime or quarter. I saved every one too. Haven't looked at them in years.

Zinc is an essential element, and is found in our livers, bodily fluids, and skin. We metabolize alcohol with a zinc-containing enzyme. Elemental Zn, as you depict in your equation does not exist naturally, but is easily prepared. The ancients knew about it indirectly.

The chemistry of the elements is fascinating subject, the study of which can last a lifetime.

George M. Spencer said...

Yes, chickenlittle--

The Ancients knew of the powers of Zinc.

I can tell you are a seeker, a person on a personal Quest. A journey of discovery that goes to the very essence of your being.

There are great questions the brave and insightful have always sought answers to. What you seek can be explained simply and generally as greater personal power, a more focused attunement with life, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Those who truly understand Zinc call this Mastery of Life. It embraces all aspects of who you are and all you can be - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It is the greatest journey a human being can take.

It begins by inserting a penny between your lips. Hold it behind your teeth. When your tongue is able to "read" the date of mintage, you will have achieved the Higher State. Be patient.

chickelit said...

No Pampers?


LOL, I had the same thought Lem, but restrained myself.

Plus, what if she's not driving alone?

Jason (the commenter) said...

chickenlittle : Plus, what if she's not driving alone?

What if she's participating in a version of the "how many people can fit in a telephone booth" stunt, but with an eco-friendly spin? How many people can fit in a car and drive to Miami and back? Thus reducing everyone's carbon footprint.

I bet there are people in the trunk!

chickelit said...

I bet there are people in the trunk!

What if there are radioactive space aliens in the trunk?

Anonymous said...

Plus, what if she's not driving alone?

All this Althouse-speculation! The poor woman's been gone less than a day, and fevered imaginations run wild.

Now she's got her commentariat dangling out of the car and radioactive space aliens squeezed into the trunk. Whither goest thou, Althouse, in thy shiny car in the night?

Next, Sir Archy will have her making a progress through the Kingdom of Bloggia in a coach and six with her court at the head of a regiment of commenters.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if she took a powder to Boston for chowder. But really, let's call the whole thing off.

Far more entertaining would be a tie-in with Los Alamos, and the Metallurgist Chef explaining the culinary wonders of the actinoid series, and why the Oppenheimer Diet is going to be the next big thing in weight loss.

Anonymous said...

And Chip Ahoy won't even need a camera to photograph those lunches.

blake said...

What if there are radioactive space aliens in the trunk?

Oh, is that what those were?

That clears up a 25 year mystery for me....

Anonymous said...

You know, the one thing we really haven't done enough of here on Althouse is space aliens.

Any "greys" out there? Or are we all going to play like Cary Grant and be "Nordics?"

I'm sure we could name a few "reptilians," too.

And, really, doesn't Obama remind you of Zaphod Beebelbrox in some essential way?

blake said...

Well, he is a really hoopy frood.

Anonymous said...

And is Joe Biden really a Vogon?

Anonymous said...

Hey, blake, we're like Ford Prefects and the real hoopy froods.

But what I'm looking forward to are some of Althouse's famous café shots from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

blake said...

I wonder if, when you take a picture at the end of the universe, you have to do all that slider adjustment?

Beth said...

Thanks, all.

Fred4Pres said...

Theo Boehm said...
And is Joe Biden really a Vogon?

10:44 PM

Nothing satisfies Joe Biden more than sitting in front of a mirror and soaking in his own Bidenness. I am not sure there is a word for it. It is not mere narcissim because Biden actually lives off his own reflection...well that and frequent visits to the Senate lunch room.

blake said...

We really need to hear some of Biden's poetry before we can tell.


Hey, maybe they'll replace waterboarding with Biden poetry.