December 28, 2008

You know.

You know.


Unknown said...

You know.

Peter Hoh said...

She deserves all the ridicule that can be heaped upon her.

It's not like she would have a hard time running for office. Win an election, already. This current "campaign" that's not a campaign is looking more like a pageant.

ricpic said...

Horsefaced dumkopf.

Meade said...

I betcha I do know.

JohnG said...

I think it would make for a lovely mash-up with all of Obama's "uhhh..." moments.

Fr Martin Fox said...

This is so, you know, unfair? Because, um, this is someone who, um, you know, is putting herself, you know, um, forward, to, you know, be a spokes-um-person for, you know, causes and stuff that are, you know, important?

I mean, she's, you know, got something, um, important to say okay?

So, people should, um, you know, um, cut her a break, you know?

Maggie Goff said...

Ha, ha, Father. You sound like how Rush is going to sound tomorrow. lol

1775OGG said...

Ah, come on, give her a break! After all, she's the daughter of a former president, that's worthy of something, isn't it? So what that she's not articulate? Does that really matter at this time? Isn't it more important that the Kennedy Dynasty continues?

After all isn't that why they fought the Revolution against the hated and feared Reds from the SW and North?

John Stodder said...

She's no Patrick Kennedy, but, you know, she'll get there.

heywoot said...

I wonder if she flies better than her brother did, drives better than her uncle did, but, er uh, er uh, it's a fact she speaks worse than her father did.

They are a family of empty headed drunken killers and scoff-laws. Makes her a natural for the senate.

Wince said...

Howie Carr of Boston talk radio fame had a contest he called The Wizard of Uhs.

During "Wizard of Uhs," callers had to correctly determine the number of times that Ted Kennedy used "uh" in a public speech or in response to a reporter's question. Carr would play a thirty second clip of Kennedy speaking and whoever guessed the correct number of "uhs" he'd used during it, would win a prize.

Carr had specific contest rules. One of them was that an "uh-uh-uh" counted as a single "uh." The "Wizard" segment was hilarious, and sometimes I'd be laughing so hard during it that I'd have to pull over to the side of the road.

Carr has backed off since Kennedy's illness, kinda.

George M. Spencer said...

I enjoyed learning that she is a great supporter of public schools who sends her children to private schools.

Funny how her enviro-loon cousin Robert Kennedy's trial balloon never went anywhere either. I thought he was supposed to be head of the EPA.

hawkeyedjb said...

Caroline Kennedy is a Nobody. She's famous because of her last name, but that just makes her a very well known Nobody. She has fewer accomplishments in life than I have, and that's not a very high (low) standard.

Wally Kalbacken said...

It's an odd situation. If she were truly interested in running for office - she would have prepared herself. She has the money to fund a campaign for election, but she is looking for the easy way in by appointment, then running in 2 years as an incumbent. This is not going to work. Which is a good thing - NY'rs deserve better and the Kennedy dynasty deserves to die.

From Inwood said...

You know, um, like I spint a years lerning to talk Locust Valley Lockjaw, you know, like, um, it wasn't easy coming from New York City, Hynnis Port, and all those Ivy schools qwith their endles exams, you know, You know i was a student &, you know, an author about the Constutituion, you know (do you want to here one of my mothers’ pomes about the Constitutition?), and you know I, um, hoppe people don 't keep bringging up Chapaquickdick (you know I never wis a very good speller).

PS, as a Constatunal author, you know, that all you, um, have to be is age 30 to be a Senator & I know more about being a midlife wife & a mothir than all the guys in there, with a lot of, you know, volunter work that helps my comunity and has brought me a wide varity of expereieces and developd countles skills that would qualify me for most jobs, but because I wasn’t paid, you know, do you know think it all didn’t count? Many fulltime midlife moters develip skills of decsion making, multipulltasking, multiculturality, patience, tolerance, vision, you know, without being paid, you know, dollars and, um, do you think those expereinces don’t, you know, count? How many men can do half, you know, what women do on a regular basis? You haven’t met any, you know! Yet. You know, women every day do work men do, plus, um, maintain a family.

I think I’m done now.

Caroline Kennedy

From Inwood said...

The You Tube, you know, about, er, Caroline (what's her name? Mountcastle?)sounds like, er, you know, one of “The Worst Of Jay Leno’s Man-In-The-Street Interviews”.

You know, it's a bad sign when Blago is, um, more articulate than Caroline!

Even funnier, if Caroline’s special, you know, friend’s NYT edits the “you knows” out of the printed transcript, since there’s, you know, no there there, it’ll still sound like the typical Jay Leno, mentally-handicapped “Man in the Street”.

The world will end with a whimper….

I think the gene pool got contaminated when dynamic, brilliant Joe K married beautiful air-head Rose Fitz. One thinks here of the old “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” cliché: we have a “genius to dope in three generations” in the Kennedy gene pool.

Tis impudence and money makes a peer.


From Inwood said...

I can't decide which is wittier on two other blogs:

(1) Caroline = J Kerry in drag, or

(2)Caroline: I Can See The Russian Consulate From My Window!

Either one is, you know, really, um, great.

From Inwood said...

Fr Fox

The Senate & that empty seat.
An empty Princess: “Now that’s neat”.
But her articulating, you know,
kinda laid her quite low.
Must think, you know, on one's feet.

Quod averat Deus!

Tank said...

Let's face it. Caroline is well qualified to be Sarah Palin's housekeeper/babysitter while Palin runs Alaska.

Salamandyr said...

There's a Thurber essay Ms. Kennedy would do well to read.