December 28, 2008

Searching the world for the double-fisheye effect....

... I find this:

The Double Fisheye Effect

I can see where I went wrong there. I should have put the convex mirror in the corner of the shot, where the most distortion is. I'll have to go back there. But I'm not at that café anymore, I'm at this one...

Photo 72

... experiencing thermal distortions.


Chip Ahoy said...

Oh aucun, au contraire, ma soeur, l'effet de déformation est parfaite

Roberto said...





BJM said...

Nice. The polarized portrait flashes me back to Andy Warhol's Beatle posters.

chickelit said...

(breaking month's old vow)

@Michael: you're killing us with your free speech. STFU now.

Ron said...

Just Ann Althouse,
Belted by gamma rays,
Turns into Law-Hulk,
Ain't she unglamourous?

ricpic said...


"I am a green ET, growing out of alien loam."

"You are Althouse, Althouse: Call Home!"

blogging cockroach said...

poor professor a can t put up any arty
pictures of herself without the snark
starting well i think that pic of her is
pretty amazing i mean it has this
doris day who s not going to
take it anymore vibe
maybe she
the doris day avatar that is
has gone slightly cracked but who can
blame her having to look cute cute cute
all those years so you better watch out
speaking of cracked i noticed all this traffic
from firedoglake over here which is pretty
strange until i saw it was for the post
that althouse put up about my last comment
you know the one about grand mere etc
sorry i can t link today the mouse is too heavy
anyway there s all this traffic from f d l
because they were ragging on althouse
including calling little ol me insane
well i went over there and left them
a piece of my mind even though i only have
960 brain cells which seem to do a better job
than the other commenters who were talking
about how much they hated everybody at
christmas and how right someone was to bomb
someone else in the middle east etc
and about how they would like to pork j-lo
except maybe she made them queasy etc
i m a cockroach and it all made me queasy
so here i am again among people who
may be a little cracked and not want to
take it anymore but at least know how to
take pictures and not hate others at christmas
which in the spirit of the holidays i hope
extends to cockroaches too

George M. Spencer said...

Anamorphosis with skull.

ricpic said...

Having just taken a look I'd call the site firedogshmendriks.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, cockroach. Yeah, I'd seen that. It's surprising, the hateful, even violent, tone over there. Why they fixate on me, I don't know.

Ron said...

Yeah, roach, we're all a bit daffy over here, but, hell's bells, we like you too! C'mon, Sir Archy, group hug! What a shame f d l insults fire, dogs, and lakes!

blogging cockroach said...

well ron i don t know about sir archy
or group hugs
or fire dogs or lakes
and anyway you wouldn t
want to hug me
no you wouldn t
nor i you
knowing how many perverts
lurk on the internets
but i will say in the spirit of
that i m a lot funnier than sir archy
so fuck him
and you ll hear me exclaim ere i drive out of view
merry christmas to all and to all a fuck you

BlogDog said...

Thermal distortions?
I always thought you were hot.