December 3, 2008

"Yeah, it's been a little slower than usual. I’m taking a semi-vacation from blogging this week."

Writes Glenn Reynolds in his 27th post of the day.

Your assignment: Make up parallel concessions attributed to notable characters in various fields of endeavor.


Original George said...

Does the winner get a T-shirt? Movie tickets? Fruitcake?

Henry said...

"Yeah, it's been a slow week. I'm taking a break from the abyss."

Friedrich Nietzsche

TMink said...

"Yeah, I had a slow race, I only won the 200 fly by .01 seconds." - Michael Phelps


Chris said...

The Hitchens drinking meme?

The Yglesias masturbating meme?

Which one to choose?

Bob said...

Roman Polanski: It was a long time ago, and I've suffered enough.

hawkeyedjb said...

"I'm taking a little mini-vacation from eating," said Michael Moore after his 27th ice cream cone.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm taking a bit of a break for little while from my role as the quintessence of Liberal political model presidents because I'm feeling a little bit dead inside right now. J. Kennedy

Things are slowing down a little bit here with my work as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge while I take a little time to recharge my chair. S. Hawkins.

I'll be taking a short break from the recording studio while all the shattered windows in my condominium are being replaced. Brian Blessed.

I'll be on a somewhat low-carb diet for awhile during the period Hostess Cupcakes rebuilds their Twinkie™ factory. Roseanne Bahr.

I'm taking a break from my AGW crusade while we experience this brief Ice Age. A. Gore

We're holding off from attacking your country directly until you wise up and rid yourselves of that maniac you're using for your current president. Al Qaeda.

I'll be campaigning a little less while I relax by bludgeoning to death fur seal pups using panda bear bones. S. Palin.

I'll be off the Food Network for a season while a new motor is being installed in my jaw. R. Rae

I'm taking a few weeks off from Fox News while I finish up those charm classes I started. B. O'Reilly

I'm going to retire for good this time. No, srsly. I really really mean it. No more concerts. Com'on, I mean it !! B. Streisand.