December 3, 2008

Tim Russert to be replace by David Gregory.

Assuming you loved Russert's MTP, do you have much interest in Gregory's?

Answer only if you watched Russert's MTP: What do you think of David Gregory as the new face of MTP?
Okay. I'll give him a chance.
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Original George said...

I'd rather see DIck Gregory.

Cedarford said...

I think David Gregory might be a change for the better after Russert's untimely death. Russert had become too much a "Gotcha!" interviewer where he would (himself or with staffers) research and comb for any "inconstistancies". Then triumphantly wave, say, a "contradiction" between a politicians stance 16 years ago on solar R&D, and one in 2007 and demand an explaination . Which led to 10-20 minutes of back and forth about different situations on an obscure matter most people could give a flying f*ck about and Russert insisting the conflicting statements be taken free of context and explained..which added nothing to the public understanding the politician's present stance on issues. But other journalists loved it because it "created drama".

Doyle said...

I appreciated that Gregory's vanity and self-importance allowed him to actually ask Bush the occasional hard question when no one else would, but the guy's still a huge douchebag who doesn't know anything about anything.

And his self-justifying bullshit about how the press as a whole really did a fine job in 2002-2003 is just insane.

Hopefully it's a temporary thing, although I don't know who I'd much rather see in the job. Matthews or maybe Mike Murphy...

Bob said...

Since Russert died I haven't bothered to watch any of the Sunday news shows. This certainly won't pull me back. At least its not Matthews.

Lorelei Leigh said...

At least its not Matthews.

Or Olbermann.