December 3, 2008

Madison, right now.



Unknown said...

Beautiful. Snow is teh awesome.

Bissage said...

That’s a nice, strong dominant leader your neighbor’s got going there.

I just consulted the Magic 8-Ball (arborist’s edition) and it said, “Split crotch unlikely.”

And that’s a fine prognosis!

Ann Althouse said...

Actually, it breaks up into three parts just above the top of what you see in the photo. I've often looked at that spot and thought: 1. You could sit there, 2. It would be scary. 3. Even if I wanted to sit there, it would be hard to get there. 4. No matter how long I live and how many times I look at that spot, I will never sit there.

rhhardin said...

Ohio, right now.

Note the distance between view-obstructing trees.

ricpic said...

The backyards of home,
What makes them so homey?
They beat foreign frou frou
And that's no bologna.

Bissage said...

Okay, I just consulted a regular Magic 8-Ball and it said, “Ask again later.” So I did. It said, “Reply hazy try again.” So I did. It said, “As I see it yes.”

It was then I realized I never asked it a proper question. So I did. I asked, “Is Professor Althouse right that she’ll never sit in that tree?”

Then I gave it a shake and turned it over.

What did it say?

“You may rely on it.”


chickelit said...

...4. No matter how long I live and how many times I look at that spot, I will never sit there.

5. Just thing of how many squirrels nest in that tree.

Chip Ahoy said...

Alternate reality. Ann in a tree.

rhhardin said...

Christmas Lights being installed next door.

knox said...

We haven't had a good snow here since 97. It sucks, because winter here is basically cloudy drizzle... no one told me winter in Knoxville was basically like living in Seattle!!

wgh said...

Pretty pic but it's wreaking havoc on your blog layout! =)