December 31, 2008

"Granted he's in Chicago now, he's cut his teeth in politics in Chicago. But when I saw him walking around town in rubber slippers..."

"... I said, OK, that's who he is. That's the local boy that grew up here. How many other people go away, come back, and slip right back into rubber slippers?"

He also "flashes the 'shaka' or hang loose sign," he seems to love "shave ice," and "he's got the nice form" in body surfing, this Prez-E of ours.


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

Can't say that I understand that quote. Who doesn't slip right back into slippers when they go back to Hawaii? Most of us actually take our slippers right along with us to wherever we move on to.

But, I get the gist of the article. A while back while campaigning for McCain, Governor Lingle made a comment in Vegas (I think) about Obama not really being kamaaina. That he took off and never looked back. From what I understand, that did not go over well. Hawaii people consider him one of their own, long gone or not.

And I get that wonder expressed in the article. He went to my school. His granma worked with my Mom. He cruised the same beaches I did growing up. An illogical and inexplicable kinship, but I feel it nonetheless.

Awesome said...

I read Ruby Slippers and I wondered what had changed in Hawaii since Magnum, PI.

TitusClassof87 said...

After seeing him with his shirt off it is kind of weird to think of our president as some kind of international sex kitten.

Albatross said...

I saw that Obama was wearing shorts!