December 3, 2008

5 minutes -- "not a second more, not a second less" -- with Rufus Wainwright.

"Somewhere where there's silence would be good." = Why he'd like being an artist if he wasn't a musician.

"Isn't gay marriage kind of the death penalty?" = What Boy George said to him when they were discussing gay marriage and the death penalty.

"One of those titanic moments." = The election of Barack Obama (presumably "titanic," large, not "Titanic," shipwreck).

"I'm writing an opera in French"... He is, and he's a native French (and English) speaker, a consequence of Canadianness.


rhhardin said...

I like his mom. His own taste in music I can't see.

McGarrigle YouTube.

Expat(ish) said...

Canadians don't speak French, they speak Qeubecois.

Just like the Arcadians in LA don't speak French either.

I suppose, if you wanted to be all picky, the French and Candians speak isolated dialects of 17th Century regional French, with the Arcadians having incorporated slave patois from a half hundred countries.

But, while the French can (often) understand the 'becquers they are (usually) at a total loss 'round a coon*ss.

Yes, I have relatives in both places, why do you ask? :-)


rhhardin said...

It's supposed to be a nice move, in France, to bring French-speaking Canadians a menu in English.

Palladian said...

Pretentious queen.

Original George said...

"Rufus Is a Tit Man"

His dad Loudon's classic song.

mcg said...

Oh that's too, too good.

Rufus is a tit man
Suckin' on his mamma's gland
Suckin' on the nipple
It's a sweeter than the ripple wine.
Yes its sweeter than the wine.
You can tell by the way the boy burps
that it's gotta taste fine.

Marco Polo craved the spice and silk
And Rufus craves the mamma's milk
No moo-cow no billy-goat
Is gonna get the baby's vote.
Come on mamma,
Come on and open up your shirt
Yeah you've got the goods mamma
Give the little boy a squirt.

For my lungs and my liver
I do definitely fear.
I like to suck on cigarettes
And drink the wine and beer.
The doctor says I'm oral
And I believe it's true.
Ah son you look so satisfied
I envy you.

So put Rufus on the left one
And put me right on the right
And like Romulus and Remus
We'll suck all night.
Come on mamma
Come on and lactate awhile.
Yeah look down on us mamma
And flash us a Madonna smile.

rhhardin said...

Song on the birth of Rufus real audio from back when.

Brian said...

Rufus is on record as saying that the Pabst Theatre is his favorite theatre in the country. His shows there have been amazing!

rhhardin said...

Tiffany Eckhardt on her baby, to be compared with the McGarrigles on Rufus above.

rhhardin said...

Heart like a Wheel the song I heard in a record store in 1975. Fortunately the McGarrigles didn't put out records very often so they were cheap to collect.