November 25, 2008

"Iranian blogs are the true voice of the next generation."

[VIDEO REMOVED. Available at link.]

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Julius Martov said...

Free Hossein Derakhshan // LibĂ©rez Hossein Derakhshan Hossein Derakhshan (aka "Hoder"), a prolific blogger often described as the godfather of the Iranian blogosphere, has been arrested In Tehran. Hossein returned to Iran about three weeks ago and is being investigated on suspicion of espionage for the state of Israel. January 2006, Hossein visited Israel as a Canadian citizen and blogged openly about his trip as breaking a major taboo: "This might mean that I won’t be able to go back to Iran for a long time, since Iran doesn’t recognize Israel, has no diplomatic relations with it, and apparently considers traveling there illegal. Too bad, but I don’t care. Fortunately, I’m a citizen of Canada and I have the right to visit any country I want. I’m going to Israel as a citizen journalist and a peace activist."

The arrest has now been confirmed by a number of other sources, many of which are linked to below.
Contact Info
Bd de la liberté d'opinion
Paris, France

Glen said...

Technology helps you meet a girl. But culture helps you oppress her.
Forever and ever amen. Or praise Allah. Or whatever.

Theo Boehm said...

But do they have blogging cockroach?

Synova said...

The demographics in Iran are something to keep an eye on, (and one reason that the smart thing to "do about" Iran, may be to just wait.)

LoafingOaf said...

For years I've heard about how Iranians are pro-west, pro-democracy, etc etc etc.

We're on the brink of Iran nuking millions of people to death. Perhaps it's time the much-hyped Iranian-people stand up and prevent it? Perhaps it's time the much-hyped Iranian youth have a revolution?

A few blogs and a few interesting Iranian movies are all well and good, but I don't see anything happening in IRan that will stop the government from nuking millions of people to death.

I don't have much faith in the average citizens of Middle East countries any more. Over in Iraq, they told us the Iraqis would be so grateful for toppling Saddam that they'd pay us back with their oil profits. HAsn't happened.

If the Iranian bloggers are so great, why isn't there change happening in that country? I'm pretty sure we're gonna witness IRan nuking millions to death in the next decade. The bloggers aren't stopping it.

Synova said...

What do you suppose is supposed to happen, Oaf?

Instant gratification on the shoulders of a whole bunch of dead young people?

And who the h*ll said that the Iraqi's were going to pay us back with their oil?

The tooth fairy?

LoafingOaf said...

The Bush administration said Iraq would repay us with oil money!!!!

And I've heard for ages that all the youth of Iran are very pro-democracy, pro-West, and hate their regime. The baby boom after the Ayatollah told Iranians to have as many babies as possible for use as cannon fodder in the war with Iraq.

Well, isn't it time for them to do more than just post a few blog o the Internet? Before their government nukes millions to death?

LoafingOaf said...

My understanding is that they have found new oil in sections of Iraq that they didn't know had it before we toppled Saddam. But no part of IRaq seems to want to send us any of the oil profits. What gives?

And as for Iran, I guess a bunch of Iranian bloggers will post how sad they are when their country nukes millions of people to death. I wanna see a revolution in Iran. It's time for one of these Muslim populations to stand up. I wanna see the IRanian people rise up and topple their regime. Until then, it's all just talk.

Palladian said...

I thought you'd like Iran, PinchingLoaf; they'd at least keep Sarah Palin's scary pussy under wraps. Then it wouldn't upset you so much.

PatCA said...

"Faster, please."

Synova said...

You're obscene, Oaf.

No one said we'd get paid back with gifts of Iraqi oil. That was all the "No War for Oil" moonbats fantasy. The idea that we *ought* to get paid back, that we should somehow benefit outright... you're obscene. You obviously care not at all for the welfare of Iraq and of the Iraqi people and the simple human decency that values their lives, *or* the indirect benefit that we gain if *they* prosper.

And this idiocy about Iran proves it.

You want to see them rise up? You want the war and bloodshed? You're obscene.

Is Iran going to nuke anyone? We can do our very best to make sure they don't. And if we *must*, or if Israel *must*, we can act directly.

And in the mean time, a population that is 50% under the age of 25 can grow up and displace their radical elders. We don't *want* that younger generation radicalized. Who do you think comes out on top after a violent regime change? You're not just obscene, wishing blood shed and horror on people, you're STUPID too, wishing for events that will ensure that the most ruthless and most radicalized will rise to power... different regime and more of the same.

50% UNDER the age of 25... high school and college kids. OH MY GOD, but they aren't blowing up people and bringing about violent revolution. PUSSIES!

You are a moron.

LoafingOaf said...

Palladian: It's not my fault Sarah Palin could not sound competent on any of the major issues she'd have to deal with in high office. I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to see so many people still pretending Palin was qualified fo the office she sought. I'm just a fucking retard and I can see that Palin was the biggest idiot from a major party to ever run for high natonal office. How is it possible that people like you pretend she spoke with intelligence and competence on issues such as the financial crisis and Pakistan?

Go look at those interviews again, Palladian. They're all on YouTube. Wake up. The woman had no clue at all. It is frightening that so many people pretend otherwise just because they don't wanna admit they were wrong. Frankly, I have to actually question the patriotism of people who still feel Palin was fit for VP.

At the very least, you're playing far too recklessly with the fate of my country and it scares me. I have a niece and nephew and I hope to have children of my own and I'm not about to help place this great nation in the hands of an ignoramous like Sarah Palin. You guys jumped on the bandwagon for her based on almost nothing - just becuse she looked hot with a gun and didn't abort a Downs Syndrome baby!

I doubt I'll ever take the conservative wing of the GOP seriously again. They're nuts!!!

LoafingOaf said...

Synova: I remember being told that Iraq oil would help repay the costs of the Iraq war. Was I being lied to by the Bush administration?

And I do think the people of Iran should rise up to prevent their government from nuking millions of people to death. Why don't they? If the various populations in the Middle East want better governments so much, why don't they step up and make a move for it?

I've never claimed to be intelligent. You don't see an oaf like me running for VP like that idiot Sarah Palin. But I do know I was told IRaq would repay us in oil profits, and I do know I was told the Iranian population was ready to stand up for democracy. neither seems to have been true. A few Iranian bloggers don't impress me. Iran's government has made it quite clear they are about to commit a Holocaust. It's time for pro-democracy Iranians to stand up.

LoafingOaf said...

BTW, although I despise Hillary Clinton and don't think she should be Secretary of State, I think I am already being vindicated that Barack Obama was not the ultra-leftist dove you guys were making him out as. He is already quite clearly showing he is not gonna do anything crazy that compromises natonal security. I wouldn't have voted for him if I thought anything else.

I think it's highly likely that it will be Obama who brings us Bin Laden's head on a stick. You know, the dude Bush let go at Tora Bora.

Cedarford said...

I have looked at a couple dozen Iranian blogs and have had a nice time corresponding with 4-5 of them. Like USA blogs, most are not 100% political. Some are not political at all. One Blog devotes itself to some really good modern Iranian art and interior design. One I correspond with is into international food and tweaking native Iranian dishes. They had good luck transferring some Coloradan and Texan and Memphis pork barbecue recipes I gave the host (a married woman in Tabriz who has an engineering degree) and applying them to lamb and chicken.
The Iranians are big gamers, face book devotees, and hot on all the buzz on the opposite sex.

The Iranians do censor, but it is of the porn and gambling sort. I have seen some pretty unihibited political dialogue and some interesting analysis of history from an Iranian perspective..(one howler was an essay about horrific levels of crime in Iraq and Turkey from failing to apply Islamic principles, which at the same time bashed the Revolutionary Guard as corrupt and criminal themselves.)

Worth an Internet trip behind the curtain of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Loafing Oaf - We're on the brink of Iran nuking millions of people to death.

I detect no great fear in Iran from what I read, the English-language newspapers, my limited exposure to Iranian Blogs - that millions of Iranians are about to die in nuclear armageddeon because Iran wants to attack other more powerful nations with nukes..

I did pick up that almost all Iranians, even the most pro-Western would regard a sneak military attack on Iran as a grave offense.

m00se said...

Blogging is the electronic version of pamphleteering, an ancient and honorable political activity - nothing new here.

Iran has to fix it's own problems. The Shia are, for want of a better term, the Mormons of the Middle East. They are large in number and considered apostates (or even heretics) by the Sunnis.

Iran has been searching for an identity and is ripe for another bloody revolution - this time potentially with nukes.

The west has a secret weapon more powerful than religious tolerance (or as we practice it these days, religious indifference) - consumerism. Given the demographics of Iran today, they are ripe for our consumer culture and liberal sexual attitudes.

I predict a major crisis during Obama's tenure. We'll see how tone deaf his response turns out to be - particularly with Hillary as SOS.

PatCA said...

I think they lifted some of those images from Persepolis, but I'm sure Marjane wouldn't mind.

Original George said...

I don't know about Iranian bloggers, but there's a biggish underground rock 'n' roll scene in urban Iran.

Check out this Zappa-type guy with afro puffs....