October 10, 2008

"This is most certainly not the finest thread that has appeared on Althouse."

Said Roger J., here.

That set me wondering: What was the finest thread?

ADDED: "Thread" = the comments section. I'm trying to collect links back to memorable old comments threads.

IN THE COMMENTS: The return of the long-lost Titus!

If you're too new to remember him, you can read this old thread, which reader_iam identified as one of the finest.


Ann Althouse said...

Please stick to the topic here.

goesh said...

It is difficult to pick a favorite from all you have offered up but clearly, your fear of squirrels has kept me around this long

John K. said...

It had to be one of those threads where everybody celebrated what unites us rather than divides us, that special charism of the distinguished Althouse commentariat, and felt a glimmering of that shimmering far off land where the Cedarford shall lie down with the downtownlad.

Michael_H said...

I favor threads where we were either (1)mostly drunk or (2) mostly weepy.

Sometimes both.

And anything involving breasts or feet or foods.

John K. said...

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, Ann. I'm sure I've said many brilliant things on this blog over the years, but me simply pointing out those comments probably isn't what you had in mind. I generally don't pay much attention to the other commenters (they can kiss my ass), which makes it difficult to judge of the fineness of whole threads.

[I hope I'm j/k]

chickenlittle said...

This could be the best thread yet if Michael keeps posting. :-)

My favorites have been any of several re Palin since she was chosen. Start with the one on the morning of her selection by McCain.

chickenlittle said...

After you figure out the finest thread, can we nominate the coarsest one?

Donn said...

My favorite was last night's "The Gold Liquid Café." I actually emailed several of the comments to my gf to read. First time I have ever done that, and I've been reading comments at Althouse for a long time.

1jpb said...

IMHO, there is a multi-way tie for the best.

I nominate all the early ones with zero comments.

Serene and uncluttered.

It's been downhill ever since.

Rose said...

LOL, 1jpb.

reader_iam said...

Dear Althouse:

I can't pick the finest. I've seen many fine ones over time (not so much recently, I must say). What I can do is point you to one that still makes me grin, and for which I have strong evidence for believing that it made you laugh in a place or two.


Thanks for the memories, Althouse!

Warm regards,


P.S. Note the Titus references in the linked thread.

blake said...

Yeah, I'm stumped.

It's kind of like asking for the best round table.

There have been many fine moments, but to remember specific incidents (with time and place) is not my forté.

Donn said...


Yeah that's a good one. Also, I def agree with Althouse regarding her Joni Mitchel comment as asked by Titus. I was an FM DJ when Hejira was out, and I played that album a lot!

reader_iam said...

Among other things, including the fact that it was in the period when Trooper and I could still play off of each other, it contains--and yes, shameless I can be--some comments of mine which are among my favorites of the non-serious type; for example:

***Break to make another cappuccino and scan this thread***

Generally I stick to ruffage and fruits.

Dogs and Hogs: The Titus[insert xxx] Story. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

Or Peeps that are a few days old. If heaven lacks these, what is heaven for?

If heaven HAS these, please send me to hell.


(Certain readers around here may recall my abiding hatred peeps and my expression thereof elsewhere, and elsewhere, back in the day.)
1:30 PM
Blogger reader_iam said...

Althouse has abandoned her blog to play in the snow.

I picture her either 1) on her back, making snow angels or 2) hiding ice chunks inside of innocent-looking snowballs.

What do you all think?

In context, I assure you, this nonsense made perfect sense. (Check for yourself.)

Oh, the olden days!

reader_iam said...

Wow! And damn! I see now that I was also outright prescient on that thread:

reader_iam said...

MM: Good timing on her part, I gather, given the weather with which you all are being inflicted. I haven't check the forecast here, but so far, so good. The Mississippi here, while high (as it has been) is OK for now, but there's been flooding from another local river. We have friends who had to leave their house more than a week ago.

I think it could potentially be a little dicey in this area, if we (and folks north) experience a rainy spring.
1:50 PM

That was March 21 of last spring. And what happened over the summer, in terms of floods in Iowa and elsewhere??????

I totally forgot that I wrote that.

Wow and damn, again.

AllenS said...

I've enjoyed multiple threads over the years, that it's hard to pick out the finest. Lately, your punchbowl of ideas has become full of turds. The comment section has become a cesspool. Oftentimes, I only scroll down for a while, and then leave.

Host with the Most said...

Finest Thread?

The post where you asked for everyone's favorite "Althouse" commenters.

It was surprisingly civil and revealed a humility among numerous liberal and conservative commenters that rarely ever appears here due to the take-no-prisoners political attitudes of these times.

Runners-up: Numerous of the Althouse Coffee Houses.

Dudley Do-right said...

Isn't this being....y'know...self referential?

BTW, I only read this blog for Trooper's comments.

Host with the Most said...


And of course, Ann, there was the time you posted this,

which led you to do this.

knox said...

I specifically remember one regarding some supposed "Punk" festival in Madison that--of course--had a lefty slant. I don't remember if you posted an actual flyer for the concert, or what, but if I remember correctly, the commenters were on fire for that one. Sippican, in particular.

Ann Althouse said...

A problem lately has been a certain commenter -- it's happened before too -- who posts a lot and dilutes the thread, often by expressing concern that we're not talking about some other subject and taking on the supposed burden of informing us. I'm going to ask Michael (not Michael H, the one-name commenter "Michael") to limit the number of comments, no more than 10 a day, spread out, and to demonstrate that he means to interact with other people here, that is, that he values this forum and not just his own voice. If he won't do that, this is a request that he leave altogether. I will be deleting all his posts that violate that rule.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

OK, I am back.

Why, you might ask?

First and foremost I love Althouse.

Second, after reading reader's favorite comments I felt a sense of sadness and responsibility.

Third, I have many stories to share with the commentariat.

Fourth, I miss the place.

Fifth, I hope to bring some humor and relaxation to the proceedings.

Sixth, too much partisanship and name calling back and forth. I want to shake things up.

Seventh, I don't have a seventh but I do have little purple bruises on the head of my hog from some costa rican sucking my dick too hard last night. He was 21, dumb as a door knob and ready to marry me. I actually let him walk me to my loft and I revealed the rare clumbers to him. He was impressed with them but not as impressed as when I revealed my hog.

Now, I need to step out and walk the rare clumbers and get an egg sandwich. I am totally into egg sandwiches now. Two scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, on a croissant-heaven. There is a new, fabulous (of course) cafe in the neighborhood where I thrive on those things.

But I shall return.

And Althouse, thanks for the kind words on your vlog recently.

I have been keeping up on the activities of this place and I am bringing back some fun.

So fasten your seat belt Althousians. You are in for a bumpy ride. And this is not my first time at the rodeo. Expect the unexpected. Perhaps a little vulgarity. Way too much sex and explicit recreations of my bowel movements.

Now, I must leave. The rare clumbers are glaring at me which means they are ready to take their morning dumps. I may or may not report back how their morning dumps go. But rest assured I will be picking them up with fabulous biodegradeable blue bags.

Also, on a side not I am really into googling Wisconsin Supper Clubs and reading their menus. I am fascinated by Wisconsin Supper Clubs.

Ann Althouse said...

Knox, unfortunately, Sippican deleted his comments all over these forums, so the post you remember "Punk culture and ideals promote all body types, all sexualities, all genders and all esthetics," exists only in ravaged form.

Ann Althouse said...

Wow, just as I was bemoaning the loss of Sippican, Titus returns!

Ann Althouse said...

I'm glad when you get an egg sandwich, it's not a sandwich made with cold eggs, which I loathe. I appreciate your good taste... and your bad.

miller said...

Well, I haven't been around long enough to pick a particularly great thread. I enjoy the give and take from most of the commenters. There are some that are predictable and tedious.

I have to agree about Johnny One Note. While I just scroll by his posts without reading, a lot of people respond to his posts & thus good threads are derailed into a discussion with a lunatic.

bearbee said...

The better threads are ones in which one obtains information and knowledge.

There are many smart people posting that collectively bring a wide diversity of humor, wit, skills and knowledge.

Some of the better threads were on the 2 Supreme Court nomination processes and more recently on the financial and energy crises. Add to that the artsy threads on architecture and photography.

Don't think i can choose a 'finest thread.'

Roger J. said...

Damn--now I feel on the spot. I can't identify the best thread, but I will say that the number of good threads on your blog far outnumber the bad ones. Which is why this is, along with Volokh, are my two favorite blogs. Trooper and Titus happen to keep me upbeat all the time. And the occasional visit from Sir Archy.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

I am really glad to be back.

I am also really into the movie The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard.

For some reason it is really moving to me. Foster and Howard are amazing in it.

I love Jodie Foster. I believe she is an amazing woman. Not as amazing as Althouse, but amazing nontheless. I love the fact that she would walk out of the interview if the reporter speaks about Hinkley.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

Also, the Sarah MacLachlan song in the movie is incredible.

I love Sarah too. Her music has meant so much to me.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

My rare clumbers make people smile. I love that about them. For a brief moment, when people see the rare clumbers, they escape life's complexities.

The costa rican bruised the head of my hog. I hate it when that happens. This isn't the first time the head of my hog was bruised. The bruising calls multiple purple spots on the head of the hog. I actually saw the bruises appear last night while the Costa Rican was grapping my hog to hard. I don't actually know if they are bruises or broken blood vessels but they appeared when the head of the hog was stressed. The first time the heade of my hog was bruised was when I was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1995 and I freaked out. He also stole was wallet while my pants were down. Now it is just an imposition.

Roger J. said...

Titus: I almost hate to ask, but being gauche I will: where have you been? I am sure you have many adventures to share with your fellow lovers of the Bush Doctrine.

Roger J. said...

Asked and answered.

EnigmatiCore said...

Where have you gone, our old Althouse? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

Terrance Howard is fucking sexy in the movie The Brave One.

That is some chocolate love I would definitely be into tapping.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

I watched the Chris Rock special and he said there are only two times that white people can say the word nigger. The first is when a white woman (or man) is having sex and then they can say fuck me nigger. I totally agree.

The second is a long screed about getting robbed by a black person on Christmas eve while shopping at Toys R Us.

Publius said...

Finest thread: anything where Sir Archy comments.

Trooper York said...

Welcome back Titus. I am going to pinch off a loaf in your honor.

John K. said...

Sippican deleted all his comments here? Seems kind of drastic. Was there some kind of blow-out? Did he write things that might come back to bite him in the ass or hurt his business?

Trooper York said...

If I was going to nominate a thread, it would be one that had the first appearance of Titus, of Tom the crazy lawyer guy from the Bronx and one of the first I commented more than once on a thread. I remember working on tax returns while I had my laptop on the side on my desk and dropping in comments. That was a great thread.

Also the cafe that Michael H insisted we leave and go to a bar. That was a classic.

madawaskan said...


Terrence Howard followed my husband around for three days to study for a part in a movie....

How do you like them apples?

Unfortunately for you my husband says they spent a lot of the time talking about how he wanted to get his wife back-



Yours they go-


Trooper York said...

Reader, I am always ready to play. What's up with that. You are the one that's too touchy. Come on jump back in the pool baby.

Michael_H said...

Trooper said: Also the cafe that Michael H insisted we leave and go to a bar. That was a classic.

Thanks Trooper! That on was great fun.

I (immodestly) like the one where I turned a spat between Ann and Victoria into a play-by-play of a baseball game.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

I am ready to get this party started fellow republicans and lovers of the Bush Doctrine.

I am in a great mood.

The Boxsox won which is great. I got my hog sucked with is expected. The rare clumbers are happy and snoring currently and life is good.

My favorite things about the Althouse blog are:

Althouse, of course
Trooper York, natch
Interesting commentators
Beautiful photography
The ability to speak your mind and not be censored
Not being predictable which is very important
The variety of the postings
The links to cool videos.
The vlogs where we can appreciate the beauty and intelligence of Althouse-want to go on a date?

And lastly the appreciation of Althouse for a mulple of differing opinions.

Finally, a venue for a faggot from Waunakee, Wisconsin, who moved to NYC, and has made a decent life for himself, to spew his garbage.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

I just received a call from my mom.

They are at the Baraboo Art Fair. My mom loves Art Fairs. They had a sandwich from some sandwich shoppe at the Baraboo Square.

Baraboo is a cool city in Wisconsin. My mom and dad had one of their first dates at a movie theater in Baraboo in the early 1950's. And they are still together attending an art fair in Baraboo today. How cool is that.

Mad props to Mom and Dad today. God Bless them. 55 years married and still healthy, happy (for the most part) and going strong. They make me proud.

And they love the successful faggot they have spawned. Thanks parents.

reader_iam said...

Please don't ask what I was doing that caused me to accidentally stumble across the following poem, but it instantly made me think of Titus and so I came back here just to share My Phallic Lover. Horrendous, but hilarious. You'll see what I mean if follow the link (no funky pictures or anything; it's a "poetry" site, not a porn site).

reader_iam said...

Hey, Althouse, by the way: do I get a prize or something for partially inspiring Titus' return? Not everyone's gonna thank me for that, you know. Surely I deserve some sort of compensation, therefore.

; )

Lawgiver said...


I don't remember exactly why Sippican left, I think he just got fed up with ignorance and bigotry on both sides.

He is extremely intelligent and is a gifted writer to boot. He brought a lot of thought provoking commentary to Althouse and is sorely missed.

Lawgiver said...

I don't particularly care for most of Titus' comments but if he can derail the Michael hate train I would gladly donate $50 to the charity of Titus' choice.

reader_iam said...

IIRC, he didn't want his boys to someday Google his name and have it come up in connection with certain types of material and language, or something like that. I believe that's why he didn't just leave, but also did all the deleting. Agree with it or not, it's a legitimate concern and I'm sure he did what he thought best in terms of that which he holds most dear.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

Reader i am unable to give you compensation but am willing to give you special hugs and kisses for my return. Personally, I believe hugs and kisses are better than money.

Does that help?

My hugs and kisses are filled with love, happiness and appreciation. What more can you ask for? Yes, compensation is great but sincerity is better.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, reader. For a prize, you can have a carrot.

reader_iam said...

Marvelous! I just happen to have some out in preparation for my son's lunch, so I'll guiltlessly take the best for myself.


reader_iam said...

Why, thank you Titus, but do me a favor: before you kiss me, please gargle with a good antiseptic mouthwash--no offense, but Lord only knows where your mouth may have been, and, well, gee, I'm a mother after all. Can't be too careful.

reader_iam said...

For a prize, you can have a carrot.

Jeez, Althouse. Please tell me you're not one of those houses who give out freakin' healthy snacks on Halloween. That could change my whole opinion of you.

jules said...

welcome back titus. check out this supper club.

TitusIsBackInTown said...

Completely understand your wishes reader.

Which is why I always carry listerine in my prada handbag.

blake said...


I think Althouse offered you a carrot because she didn't think you were into onion rings.

Ann Althouse said...

"Jeez, Althouse. Please tell me you're not one of those houses who give out freakin' healthy snacks on Halloween. That could change my whole opinion of you."

"I think Althouse offered you a carrot because she didn't think you were into onion rings."

And because I read that freakin' poem.

MadisonMan said...

I still love the Let's take a closer look at those breasts. And the thread when althouse was cleaning out her basement prior to moving. That was a cool clock.

One more think Baraboo is famous for: First place that my son used the toilet to poop. You wanted to know that.

Trooper York said...

Of course Althouse would have much nicer threads if she did all her shopping at Lee Lee's Valise.

Trooper York said...

Plus I think it pretty cool that Madison Man knows who Demezla is.

Finn Kristiansen said...

I forgot the topic after reading the comments.

blake said...

Ah, but Troop: Does Lee Lee's carry clothes in Althouse's size?

reader_iam said...

I meant to post earlier (but was too busy being quite deliberately obtuse) that my personal favorite stretches from that poem were ...

The lead that fills my pencil
I'm your gate and you're my boom

AND (sorry, UWS [and by the way, why is it, exactly, that HALF OF YOUR ON-LINE HANDLE IS IN ALL CAPS, BY THE WAY, ANYHOO?], for the, um, yelling) ....

You're the eel that swims my waterhole
The utensil in my drawers

There's just no accounting for personal tastes, dontcha know. And don't I know it.

reader_iam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reader_iam said...

This strikes me as a not-so-bad capper, in context,for this thread.

(Confession: I went looking for a YouTube video of a live performance of the song which came to mind, and I found such, but then found myself more beguiled by the linked tribute.

Heh. LOL.

[Sorry, again, UWS guy, for, um, yelling.])

reader_iam said...

Oh, well--what can I say?--I can't NOT link this as well, and only partly because Ginny Simms comes strikingly close to how I mind-pictured "Maxine" in her earliest days here.