September 17, 2008

A Motion W update.

2 years ago we talked about the Motion W dispute. Washburn was horning in on Wisconsin's distinctively motion-oriented "W." I thought you'd like to know that Wisconsin prevailed and Washburn will be finding a different "W." We don't claim to own a whole letter, just a distinctively motion-oriented one.


Pogo said...

Democracy is saved.

One hopes that soon all typography can live without fear of crass imitation.

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, watch those italics. They look motion-oriented. We might own italics.

Maguro said...

I always wondered how the University of Georgia and the Green Bay Packers could share the same helmet logo. I wonder if there is some kind of agreement?

Pogo said...

"Hey, watch those italics."

Point taken. I will not long from now be forced to communicate via Wing dings.

In sharp contrast, in my proud state, we merely have to defend a badly-done capital M that seems to be upside down, and a dopey-looking gopher with overlarge teeth.

The pretenders to that crown are strangely few.

George said...

W's precursor is an ancient Semitic letter 'vav,' from which we get also get U and V and, oddly, F. Its original crutch shape is believed to have resembled an oar and represents the 'channeling of divine energy' or the union of the "transcendence of humans and the immanence of God."

Wow! No wonder so many people think Pres. Bush is arrogant.

In terms of Presidential iconography, McCain's "M" would represent movement (as in a water current) or immersion or progress towards a higher consciousness. O relates to the eye or a source of water; "appearance is only part of the whole."

(Incidentally, the 'G' of George derives from the shape of a bow and arrow, thus explaining my Palin name of 'Stinger Assassin.'

The capital 'A' is the upside down head of an ox, and if youR first and last names begin with A's, you have mucho primal energy and probably like to butt heads with people.)


goesh said...

Hmmm, it being Constitution Day, one would hope for at least a blurb on and about said Constitution. The Chief Justice of the KY Supreme Court, the Hon. John D. Minton, is coming to speak to the citizens of my community tonight. Nyah! Nyah! If he doesn't mention the recent ruling on gun ownership from that D.C. case, I want to ask him if he concurs with the majority decision on said ruling, assuming there will be a question and answer period after his address.

Gretchen said...

Washburn just needs to stick with their Ichabod logo, anyway. Much cooler than the Motion-W.

Though my high school gasp! shared the Ichabod, in juvenile form; the school was founded at the university, and we were known as the Junior Ichabods, later the Jr.Blues.

Can you tell I grew up in Topeka?

Triangle Man said...

Ask someone from Miami why the University of Miami football helmets feature a stylized "U" sometime? The most common reaction I had was some form of "duh, it's stands for University of course. I assume this is true, but can't decide of it was genius or moronic.

Pogo said...

The "N" on Nebraska's helmet stands for knowledge.

Seven Machos said...

A glorious victory. Your school has gained so much. I wonder what the costs in time and fees were?

blake said...

Jeez, Seven, it's not always about the money.

There is the principle to consider.