September 25, 2008

"I thought the 'vomit' tag was a joke, but you actually have dozens of posts tagged 'vomit." Was 'bodily fluids' too generic?"

Asked Michiel, in the comments to this post. And indeed, the answer is yes. There's a limit to how many posts Blogger will show on the front page when you click a tag, so I've been working on subdividing some of the bigger tags, and "bodily fluids" was one of the oversized categories. The first subcategory I broke out was vomit, because I knew there was some good stuff in there, including the time when I went out of my way to vomit-blog.

And actually, there are too many in the "vomit" category now, so one of the best ones wasn't appearing: the vomit miracle. I need to subdivide "vomit"! That's disturbing.

Now, with Michiel's prodding I did 3 more subcategories.

1. Saliva... because I got my original mainstream-media recognition when I debate-blogged back in 2004 and noticed a little something.

2. Blood... because blood is the greatest bodily fluid. It's #1. I mean, if you were on "Family Feud" and the question was "Name a bodily fluid," you'd say "blood." Blood has murder, menstruation, art, rage, law ... everything. Go ahead, click.

3. Urine... because ... well, I knew it would amuse Trooper York. (And that's another thing about tags. I'm gradually making tags for my favorite commenters.)

In case you'd like to see a 60-second clip titled "Vomit Tag!", here's a comedy video me and my friends made. It's the outdoor fun time activity that's taking America by storm.

I'm afraid to look! You look.

AND: Please, don't be making video clips for urine tag and sending them to me.


chickenlittle said...

Does anyone but Michiel care about this?

dr kill said...

I don't pretend to speak for Trooper York, but I think he would appreciate calling that 'urine' tag 'piss' instead.

And the sub-tag should read Giants, as in World Champion Giants.

chuck b. said...

"(And that's another thing about tags. I'm gradually making tags for my favorite commenters.)"

I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Some of the commenters are tremendously entertaining by virtue of being highly objectionable and odious. You might not like them, but maybe you will decide they merit a tag for other reasons. Or, maybe you like them. I imagine there are limits.

Anyhow, tagging your commenters is a good way to secure, even deepen, their interest. Some are vain, and the idea of getting tagged may prove highly motivational.

Bissage said...

THIS sounds like a job for . . .
Nonsense Rhyme Cheerleader Man!!!
(a copyrighted feature of this broadcast):

Liquor, sticker, kick-ass centrifuge,
Dinner plate, seal your fate, pitcher full of spooge.

Gooooooooooooo TEAM!

Bissage said...




No “L.”

Not “splooge.”




Bissage said...

Results 1 - 10 of about 288,000 for spooge. (0.15 seconds)

Results 1 - 10 of about 187,000 for splooge. (0.31 seconds)


Ann Althouse said...

Chuck, it's based on front-pagging commenters. I'm trying to give tags to the main people I've front-paged, and front-paging is the main way I take note of my favorite comments.

Literary allusion: "Spooool!"

cardeblu said...

"I need to subdivide "vomit"! That's disturbing."

Here ya' go:
- regurgitation
- emesis
- projectile
- dry heaves
- bilious

Ann Althouse said...

"Splooge" seems to echo "splash" and "splatter" and "splurge" and therefore seems to convey better attitude. But what do I know?

Ann Althouse said...

Thinking of the relevant posts, I think I'd divide "vomit" into:

1. Althouse is nauseated

2. Vomit in pop culture

3. Other vomit

Henry said...

4. Political vomit

Lem said...

As a newby, I find your David Forster Wallace tag my favorite.

Bissage said...

Literary allusion: "Spooool!"

Wait . . . wait . . . I think I can remember where that comes from . . . Oh, crap! . . . it’s on the tip of my tongue . . .

With relish.


(Happy smile.)

Concerned Citizen said...

A fitting topic for today.

More financial emesis would benefit the body politic instead of the government's anti-nausea medicine.

Later rather than sooner we will get the ipecac.

Ruth Anne Adams said...


Is that the Althouse equivalent of a reach-around?

Cedarford said...

Is blood the "greatest volume of fluid" , or is it lymph fluid in the body.

Ann Althouse said...
"Splooge" seems to echo "splash" and "splatter" and "splurge" and therefore seems to convey better attitude. But what do I know?

"Geyser" and "Roman candle" also convey critical meaning in a way splooge and spooge lack.

The "pornification" of mainstream language and culture is perhaps inevitable, given the power of a 9 billion industry and it's spread into vernacular and culture from a variety of media, including Internet. Plus it's spread by "edgey, or "edgey pretenders" in popular R-rated or below shows, comedians, snickering junior highschoolers, etc.

It does alter behavior. No woman these days under 60 is going to say to assembled coworkers she "had the most wonderful facial done to her" the other day, without initial clarification, or post-clarification of her remarks.

Concerned Citizen said...

While we're on this topic, sometimes it's truly beyond belief how depraved the US has become.

Consider this clip of Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon on Ellen criticizing Sarah Palin to the audience's whoops of glee.

Go to her wiki page. Scroll down to the section titled "Other." You can click on the links and see that those really are real newspaper stories wiki refers to. If those quotes were fiction, one would think wiki would have taken down the material.

That such a disturbed individual, who may not even be a US citizen, gets national airtime to talk politics is....

Of course, Degenes wanted her on the show to say exactly what she said; had the host wanted to inquire about her many personal problems, the interview never would have happened.

Kirk Parker said...

I have no idea where I fit in the pecking order of commenters, but if it's not already taken I'd like to lay claim to the "lameness" tag. :-)

Jon Swift said...

I don't know how you do it, Ms. Althouse. I can barely find the time to blog but you are apparently able to teach law classes, take photographs on long walks, watch reality TV shows, write numerous witty blog posts, and on top of all that subdivide your posts into relevant categories. Just selecting which of your posts out of all the many qualified posts deserve to go under the tag "vomit" alone must have taken hours of your valuable time.

MadisonMan said...

The Vomit Tag video was just what you'd expect.

Best line: When did you have corn?

Ron said...


Is that the Althouse equivalent of a reach-around?

No, Ruth Anne, it's the Althouse equivalent of speed dating...but maybe with a reach-around!

Someday "reach-around" will be shorthand for "Congress drops $700 billion on bankers."

Makes you wonder if grade school vampires play blood tag doesn't it?

Ron said...

I would like a custom "bespoke by Ron" tag for ultimate blog snob appeal.

Trooper York said...

I just want to say that Trooper York and vomit go together like ham and eggs. Like Salt and Pepper. Like Sacco and Vanzetti. and wonderful.

Trooper York said...

Plus it serves the added purpose of letting people avoid my comments which I am sure many will thank you.

Concerned Citizen said...

Martha Stewart's daughter has a satellite radio show, and she uses it discuss fluids people didn't know existed or never talk about.

Of Sarah Palin, she says the Alaska governor wants to “kill everything but the 3-month-old fetus.”

krylovite said...

Hey Trooper,
Joe Torre's done it again! It must make you happy....

Trooper York said...

I like Joe, he's a good man but his time with the Yankees is over. The real key to the Dodgers is Manny Rameriez. Now I know he is a knucklehead but he is a knucklehead who really produces in the clutch. The exact oppisite of A-rod. What makes me feel good is that Manny said he wants to sign with the Yankees just to torture the Red Sox as did Boggs and Clemins. You ever notice how Red Sox guys hate them when they leave and you never see a Yankee guy do that.

Just goes to show you, Boston sucks.

Trooper York said...

Hey krylovite, love the new photo. But the cootch shot you used to have is still my favorite.

krylovite said...

You ever notice how Red Sox guys hate them when they leave and you never see a Yankee guy do that.

Dave Winfield.

Chip Ahoy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trooper York said...

But Dave Winfield didn't sign with our hated rival just to stick it to us like the Red Sox guys do to get back at them. You have a better case with Reggie who signed with the Angels and came back and hit a big home run which led to the famous Steinbrenner Sucks chant. There is a long tradition of Red Sox guys coming to New York: Clemins, Boggs, Damon, Luis Tiant the list goes on. But you never see a true Yankee go to the Sox. When they offered Bernie Williams the moon and the stars a few years ago he came back to the Yankees for less money.

You just have to face it, Boston sucks.

If you don't believe me, just ask Manny Rameriez.

Concerned Citizen said...

You got a nose for the vibe, Professor.

Here is the NYT re: the new sitcom "Worst Week"...

The humor in “Worst Week” is rooted in a ceaseless and escalating cascade of embarrassing mishaps that pile upon its Seth Rogen-ish hero, Sam (Kyle Bornheimer), when he and his girlfriend try to tell her disapproving parents that she is pregnant. It would be churlish to reveal Sam’s ordeals in detail, but nudity, vomit and urine flow freely.

And the NYT also reports that "American Psycho" is being made into a Broadway musical.

krylovite said...

But you never see a Yankee go to the Sox.

David Cone.

There is a long tradition of Red Sox guys coming to New York: Clemins....

Clemens came from the Blue Jays not the Red Sox.

Damn Trooper, you oughta hang out with me if you wanna learn something about baseball. :o)

Trooper York said...

Count de Monet: My Lord, you look just like the piss-boy!
King Louis XVI: And you look like a bucket of shit!
(History of the World Part 1, 1981)

Trooper York said...

You got me on David Cone. But he was not real effective as I recall. But that's one for you.

Clemins had a chance to resign with Boston and choose the Yankees every time.

This is a history of a lot of Red Sox players having a lot of aminosity towards them that is usually not the case with the Yankees.

But you right about Cone. He's really a Met you know and they are all worthless sacks of shit.

Trooper York said...

Of course the Yankees do have better drugs.

Trooper York said...

Maitre d': Good evening sir and how are we today?
Mr. Creosote: Better.
Maitre d': Better?
Mr. Creosote: Better get a bucket. I'm gonna throw up.
(Monty Python and the Meaning of Life, 1983)

XWL said...

Speaking of Vomit . . .

I got an email from a political website,

(I dare you to come up with a worse name for a political website)

Of course, I read it as

Turns out there really is a, and it looks pretty interesting (it's the internet home of R.S. Connett)

Votimus, not so much.

exhelodrvr1 said...


"Pearl necklace" falls into that same category as "facial."

exhelodrvr1 said...

"I just want to say that Trooper York and vomit go together like ham and eggs."

Or like spam and spam?

Kirk Parker said...

Jon Swift,

"I don't know how you do it, Ms. Althouse. I can barely find the time to ... "

Her kids are grown.

Bissage said...

Unquestionably, the funniest vomit scene ever in the history of the world, bar none.