September 8, 2008

Hey, what happened to Andrew?

This is his only post today.... some view from a window... and the view is completely obstructed by a tangle of vines and some poisonously purple flowers.

Has he hit the 5th stage?

Previously, the last we'd heard of him was this deluded "Your move, McCain" item, pointing to a NYT piece about Sarah Palin and her baby, as if the piece was fatal, but it was the innocuous thing we talked about here.

C'mon, Andrew. Snap out of it. It's only politics.


EnigmatiCore said...

Loser Obama Flack Blogs For Loser Obama Magazine?

chickelit said...

It's a 12 hour flight to Anchorage. No in-flight blogging. He should be landing soon.

chuck b. said...

That's a morning glory. As in, "What's your story?".

Terribly weedy in sub-tropical climates, but happily not poisonous.

Tho' the seeds do contain trace amounts of a hallucinogen.

chuck b. said...

And why are referring to him by his first name? Do we know him?

Meade said...

He's tripping alright. Those Morning Glories are highly psychoactive.

Unknown said...

chickenlittle said...
It's a 12 hour flight to Anchorage. No in-flight blogging. He should be landing soon.

I have never heard of gay Eskimos.

chuck b. said...

Not highly psychoactive.

The best version of that song, here:

Meade said...

"I have never heard of gay Eskimos."

You've never heard of snow blowers?

LouisAntoine said...

Man, the Palin pick has turned the faintly amusing conservative blues of the spring into hideous overconfident glibness in every corner of the wingnutosphere. I'm reminded of the "Bush got a huge mandate" crowing of 2004. But see, here's my problem: Republicans are really good at the partisan battles, but they absolutely suck at governance. Republicans don't believe in government so it's no wonder they don't govern well. In addition to their activism in favor of huge corporations and putting money in their own pockets. So I personally can't comprehend why anyone earning under $200,000 would ever vote for a Republican.

Keep up the glib, crowing, mocking attitude. Believe it or not, most people will actually be looking at issues this november, and thus far, can anyone break down what the Republican platform has offered in terms of solutions for the various challenges the country is facing? I think they should change "Drill Here!" into "Keep Digging!" cause that's what it looks like to me.

Stupe said...

Camille Paglia:

"We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling... That was the best political speech I have ever seen delivered by an American woman politician. Palin is as tough as nails."
-- Camille Paglia on Palin's speech in Dayton

(And this was before Palin's explosive Convention speech, Lord only knows what Paglia has to say about that !)

Unknown said...

Perhaps's invasion of Sullivan's privacy by revealing his other online identity --RAWMUSSLGLUTES---complete with a link to a photo of Sullivan's naked buttocks--caused Andrew to retreat from blogging to ponder the damage he was causing by reporting unfounded rumors and bizarre requests for access to obstetric records concerning Sarah Palin and her family.........
sensational rumor reporting hurts when the target is YOU.

Geoffrey Britain said...

"C'mon, Andrew. Snap out of it. It's only politics."

Sullivan's continued and increasing rantings, long after his extreme bias had become obvious, are a pretty good indicator that the man has lost it.

The clinically insane rarely have the ability to 'snap out of it'.

Peter Hoh said...

Martha, thank you for not linking.

vbspurs said...

This is his only post today.... some view from a window... and the view is completely obstructed by a tangle of vines and some poisonously purple flowers.

Good God. Cre-eeps-v-ille.

Has he hit the 5th stage?

Acceptance requires a fair measure of grace and humility.

Call me obtuse, but I don't see Andrew Sullivan laying down his garden shears any time soon about Palin.

Rather, I think he's like a junkie coming down from a two-week bender. It was awesome whilst it lasted, in that near-destructive, look-at-the-face of God, drip-drip blood mingling with heroin kind of way. But today, Sullivan woke up in a world of pain.

Time to call Javier, his really cute pusher.


Richard Gabbert said...

I'd like to think Andrew's absence can be explained by the two-page letter I emailed The Atlantic on Sunday explaining why I would not be renewing my subscription, a subscription I've had for at least 15 of the past 20 years.

Richard Gabbert said...

But that's probably about as self-delusional as the milder of Andrew's critiques of Palin over the past nine days.

Ken Pidcock said...

Yes, very psychoactive. Very toxic, but very psychoactive.

Speaking of toxic, and I mean really toxic, let me reflect on the effect of that NYT article among folks who don't read the Times.

(And here I feel the spirit of Lindsey Graham prepared to rip me a new one.)

Let's say your neighbor has a son with five kids. Let's say your neighbor's son has a really good job, and his wife stays at home with the kids.

The oldest is off to war, the next oldest is pregnant, and the youngest, an infant, is Down's.

Let's say your neighbor tells you that her son has a shot at a big promotion.

Whaddya think?

I know. You think it's entirely his decision and nobody has any goddamned right to question his judgment.

Good for you.

sg said...

I wouldn't be surprised if got fired; this is the sort of thing one sees in situations like this.

Considering his one-week, 24/7 jihad against Gov. Palin, with his mendacious and misogynistic innuendo-filled blog postings, how could a serious, prestigious publication (founded in 1857), tolerate his soiling of their brand?

Plus, I'm sure his colleagues (the other "Voices") were probably embarrassed by his venomous rantings.

Just speculating...

vbspurs said...

I wouldn't be surprised if got fired; this is the sort of thing one sees in situations like this.

Another one bites the dust, after Olbermann and Matthews were slapped down?

That would be too interesting.

KCFleming said...

"Hey, what happened to Andrew?"

Check the hood of Sarah Palin's truck. Probably already been field-dressed too.

Maxine Weiss said...

"She guns down wolves from the air"

Don't fault enterprise.

Richard Gabbert said...

I think I found him. In the comments section on a Washington Post blog:


• Could the Palin Phenomenon be a symptom of a seismic power grab that is transforming our government?

• Is the Palin selection part of a larger plan to seize control of the Executive Branch and make it beholden to another set of decision-makers -- unelected, entrenched, and in charge of the forces of power and control?

• Could the federal takeover of more than half of the mortgage market via the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout signal a turn toward autocratic control of the economy by hard-right conservatives who comprise the corporate/military/security complex -- what Eisenhower in his farewell address called the "military-industrial complex"?

• Could this seizure of economic control further the interests of those who are using government policy as "social engineering" to neutralize political opposition and transform society to suit their far-right ideology?

• Could this plan dovetail with reports from a Dutch newspaper this past week that the U.S. is planning to strike Iran's nuclear facilities?

• Could the fruition of the "Help America Vote Act," which led to the widespread use of electronic voting machines, the vast majority of which leave no voter-verified paper trail, also be part of this mosaic?

• Could John McCain's vacillations on the vice president issue and his eventual acquiescence to those who recommended Palin be part of a skillful campaign to influence and oversee his decision-making?

• Are we in the midst of a silent coup that is resulting in the loss of personal freedom via the extra-legal targeting of American citizens in an unconstitutional bypass of the judicial system, a denial of due process under the law?

• And is this power grab resulting in the emasculation of both Congress and the Judiciary, rendering those institutions little more than symbolic of power, when in fact power has been quietly usurped by unelected officials of entrenched institutions of power and control?

• Is anyone -- in the media, in Congress, in think tanks, in academia -- pondering these questions?

• If not, can we afford not to be asking these questions? - "Gov't Agencies Support Domestic Terrorism"

Posted by: Thomas Paine | September 8, 2008 11:53 PM

Maxine Weiss said...

"By choosing Palin, McCain and the GOP have elbowed the Democrats off the dance floor. In a bizarre turnaround, the uptight Republicans are suddenly the party of sex, women, fun. They're all about spontaneity, bucking convention, letting their freak flags fly. If it feels good, do it! Let Mr. Dignified, Obama, drone on about the economy or the resurgence of the Taliban or whatever boring downer of a subject he wants to lecture us on. Let that long-winded Joe Biden carry us back to that Poli Sci 201 class we fell asleep in. Hey, did you check out Palin's rack? It's party time in America!"

(Then why did he pick Biden in the first place? Cause Oprah tol' him to! )

Meade said...

Don't ask; don't care.

Maxine Weiss said...

"For the die-hard Republicans who lusted over Palin at the convention, her whip-wielding persona was a turn-on. You could practically feel the crowd getting a collective woody as Palin bent Obama and the Democrats over, shoved a leather gag in their mouths and flogged them as un-American wimps, appeasers and losers. "Drill, baby, drill!" the chant ecstatically repeated by the GOP faithful during Rudy Giuliani's speech, acquired a distinctly Freudian subtext after Palin spoke. The more Palin drilled the Democrats, the more hotly the base yearned to drill her. (We will leave it to shrinks to determine whether the GOP hardcore has the hots for Palin because she's reaming the Democrats, or because authority-worshippers tend to have secret fantasies of being reamed themselves.) "


If we're talking much more symbolic does it get for slave-boy Obama to kiss up to the older 'Whitey' sharecropper Biden ?

It works both ways. If Palin's a dominatrix, then Biden must be a plantation owner !

chickelit said...

Richard: Here’s the soundtrack to play along with that WaPo blog letter.

Sin Killer said...

I wonder how many people sent letters to the Atlantic about Sullivan's going over the edge. I wrote one as well. Mudslinging has its place in American politics; I just didn't think the Atlantic was that place.

Zachary Sire said...

Maxine schools us on Freudian figures...just what I need before going to bed.

On a serious note, there is definitely something going on with Andrew and his blog. Normally he has his assistant, Patrick (my former classmate at UCI), fill in for him with posting. That Andrew hasn't updated, and that Patrick hasn't updated, tells me that something big has gone down (and not just Andrew's throat).

This is exciting!

Unknown said...

Maybe he's taken a vow of cruel neutrality. Like Ann did for an hour or two pre-Palin.

vbspurs said...

This is exciting!

I don't wish anything bad to happen to the man, so let's hope he gets a grip, and returns to being a half-way decent blogger, and very decent writer.


chickelit said...

Maxine said:
Then why did he pick Biden in the first place? Cause Oprah tol' him to!

According to a Spengler essay, Robert Novak said it was Michelle who nixed Hillary as VP.

Palladian said...

"...let's hope he gets a grip, and returns to being a half-way decent blogger, and very decent writer."

Don't wait up for that return trip, because it's a very, very long one.

Maxine Weiss said...

Well, they're using Caroline Kennedy as the fall guy.

Biden has the 'Oprah' seal of approval written all over him.

Oprah has long kissed-up to Whitey. She uses white trainers, and white men gave her the first job she ever had.

Interesting tactic to use Caroline Kennedy as a shield.

They can just blame the whole thing on the impervious and teflon Caroline Kennedy.

Zachary Sire said...

I don't think anything bad has happened to Andrew personally, I think there is something going on with the blog, his job, etc.

This post, towards the end of last night, seems cryptically defensive:

"In thinking about this astonishing week, and what's to come, I want to go on record again as saying that the decision to bring up a child with Down Syndrome is one of the most noble, beautiful and admirable decisions any person can make. That Sarah Palin is doing that says a huge amount in favor of her. The love obviously being shown toward tiny Trig is also about as profound an advertisement for genuine, pro-life Christianity as you can have. It means that, in this respect, Palin has walked the walk of the pro-life movement - in ways that many others have not. In my view, and I mean this as passionately as I mean my criticisms of her public record, this really is God's work."

Palladian said...

Maybe Andrew is going to be Olbermann's replacement on MSNBC.

Zachary Sire said...

Maxine, your racist sludge (which is plastered all over your blog) really is tiring. Can't you find a new way to be offensive?

Unknown said...

That Salon article is the most sexist article ever.

Zachary Sire said...

LOL Palladian.

Maybe Andrew is the birth mother of Trig Palin and he can't take keeping the secret anymore?

Chip Ahoy said...

What Maxine, no makeup recommendations? Nothing at all about designer gowns, shoes, or scents? You're slipping.

Maxine Weiss said...

What's changed this time around?

There were no blogs during Bush/Kerry 2004.

You didn't have thousands of anonymous chattering classes spreading gossip and innuendo.

QUESTION: Would Kerry have lost if there'd been a Huffington Post in 2004 ?

We'll see just how influential Arianna and her vile propaganda are, this time around.

Come November, both Arianna and Oprah may be out of a job, if it turns out that they weren't, even with all their power, able to put their Guy into Office !

Kensington said...

chuck be said...

"And why are referring to him by his first name? Do we know him?"

Well, we've certainly got his number.

vbspurs said...

I remember starting my blog in January 2005, when a friend of mine teased me:

"Oh come on. Blogs are so 2004"

Political blogs are crucial to countering MSM, but honestly, the majority of Americans haven't a clue about them STILL.

vbspurs said...

Sy, when I read this:

McCain's Palin Pinup Ploy was a masterstroke -- no pun intended. But in the end, I suspect most Americans will be driven by their pocketbooks, not their pocket rockets. That is, unless the voters of this great nation turn out to be a herd of masochistic moose, yearning to be field-dressed.

I know in my bones McCain/Palin will win in November.

If only to refine the moose porn stories in future. I can't wait for the upcoming Jackie Collins novella:


Palladian said...

I had a "blog" (of sorts), off and on, from 2001-2005. So there.

vbspurs said...

Livejournal? I had one of those too. Well, in the sense that I signed up one fair day in 2003 and never logged on again.

Zachary Sire said...

As Titus would say, "I have a hog, and I've been using it everyday since 1989."

Maxine Weiss said...

Don't fret. There'll be plenty of grist after November, to conquer the lull and post-election doldrums.

---That's when Althouse plans to trot out Titus again, right where he's needed. She'll bring him back once all this election chaos is over.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be surprise if Andrew got reprimanded or axed. His posts have very unprofessional to say the least.

vbspurs said...


I have this day bought the Sarah Palin biography by Kaylene Johnson. Beldar reviewed the book here.

But since he's rarely around, I can and will reference it whenever possible in my Sarah Palin replies, as soon as I have finished reading it (I bought it at 10 PM, started reading it at Starbucks and being only 145 pp long, I should be done by 3 AM tonight).

Tidbits I can share already:

- She wears glasses because she was a voracious reader of newspapers and books from a very very early age. She gobbled up newspapers, reading them cover-to-cover. She prefers non-fiction, but is very widely read.

- She was fouled with a few seconds to go at the State Championship Basketball game, whilst nursing a severely sprained ankle. She downed both freethrows, in effect, winning the game for Wasilla Warriors.

- She went to 4 not 5 or 6 Universities, as I have read.

(Can't rumour-mongers get SOMETHING right about her? Jeez)

University of Hawaii at Hilo, which she and 3 other friends from her school enrolled in. They had 3 straight weeks of rain, and became so depressed they all transferred out.

Hawaii Pacific University in Oahu. Two of the girls transferred yet again, leaving Sarah and her friend Tilly sharing a flat. They missed dorm life, despite hanging around the set of Magnun PI (HEHE). They missed winter. They were outties.

North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene. Tilly and Sarah had the dorm experience, where Palin amusingly set of the fire alarm. She faced the Dean for that stunt. But they were not challenged academically (Sarah was a straight A-student). So, finally...

Unversity of Idaho, where she graduated from.

- When she married Todd, they were salmon fishing on his boat. Another boat grazed up against them, crushing her fingers. Todd deposited her on the mainland, she got stitched up, but she was back at the gruelling work in a few hours.

I can't wait to finish this book.


Palladian said...

LiveJournal?! No, it was something I designed and built, code-wise, which used Blogger, then BloggerPro, then MoveableType for content management. You can still see it on if you search for my website.

vbspurs said...

Hey, Livejournal was the MySpace of its day! Err, that's probably why you didn't start there, Palladian.

Now, I'm off to finish that book about the Divine Sarah. I know that was Sarah Bernhardt's nickname back in the day, but I'm reviving it for Palin.

Not as good as Caribou Barbie, I grant you.


Pringle said...

After reading this blog over the past year I kind of miss Titus. He seemed somewhat fun.

Where did he go? Did he die in some orgy?

Pringle said...

Also, I think about the rare dogs every now and then when I see some mutt walking by.

Were the rare clumbers for real? I doubt it?

Peter Hoh said...

Well, if the Salon article is sexist, that just proves that Obama approved it.


There's still time for a couple surprises before votes are cast. Maybe Oprah will replace Biden on the ticket.

Revenant said...

I wouldn't be surprised if got fired; this is the sort of thing one sees in situations like this.

Sullivan is one of those types who, sooner or later, alienates everyone he works for. Try finding a New Republic staffer, present or former, with something nice to say about him.

Thomas said...

Barack Obama is a vastly intelligent man but just a man nonetheless. He is not perfect. He is not "The One." He will get a lot of good things done when (not if) he is elected president. But he will also disappoint us all as president. But that is okay because all presidents face questions that have no answers or, at the very best, very bad answers. My concerns are not with Barack Obama. I am actually looking forward to seeing him in action. What concerns me is how some of his supporters seem so willingly to cut off any discussion of Obama that they do not like. If a job ever demanded us to question the person holding that job, it is the presidency of the United States. The long years of the George W. Bush presidency are a boffo example of a president not being challenged enough.

Andrew Sullivan is a prominent political commentator from over at "The Atlantic." He is also someone who thinks Barack Obama walks on water. To him, Obama is "The One." Sullivan had a certain reaction to Sarah Palin's speech that bothered me. You can disagree with Sarah Palin or agree with her. (I see good things and bad things about her.) One thing about her that I like is that she is so proud to show her family off. If I had kids, I would be talking about them all the time. I would be pulling pictures out of my wallet to show people that I meet. I would have their pictures on my desk and on the wall behind my desk. People would probably get sick of me talking about my kids doing this or my kids doing that. Oh yes, I would be that guy.

Sullivan thought that Palin's youngest son Trig was being used as a campaign prop because he was in the audience with the rest of his family, listening to their mom's speech. How dare Sarah Palin "parade her baby" for sympathy! Trig has Down Syndrome. And, oh look, Cindy McCain wants us to like her more too. She held the baby too! Maybe Andrew Sullivan does not know this but Cindy McCain used to teach children with Down Syndrome at a school in a poor neighborhood in Phoenix. Her master's degree is in special education. But anyone running against Obama must be bad, I guess. I wonder where Andrew Sullivan's criticism was when we saw Barack and Michelle Obama's two adorable daughters at the Democratic National Convention. Non-existent.

Today's lesson to be learned from Andrew Sullivan - developmentally disabled children should never be seen. Because the humanizing effect that will accrue to Obama's opponents might hurt Obama. Would it be too much to "hope" that today's lesson instead could be, "All the people running for president and vice-president are good people, the person I am voting for would do the job just a little bit better"?

That would be "change" I could believe in.

Mark D. said...

Dr. Sullivan wasn't on the Chris Matthews show this weekend, either. Strange. He's usually a regular...

Unknown said...


Its called accepting the VP nomination at a convention. Yes, families of the nominee do attend such events. Yes, at the end, they do go on stage. Its like that for every candidate for both parties for the longest time.

For you to make such petty statements against Palin just because it is beyond partisan. I suppose you didn't see Obama's family on stage too?

Some people just can't help make an arse of themselves.

Zachary Sire said...

Some people just can't help make an arse of themselves.

Uh...I think you need to re-read Thomas' comment. Who is making an ass of himself?

Anonymous said...

he sure is tripping. i cant believe him.

Cyber Monday

Eli Blake said...

Candidates' kids have always been part of the show. And I actually agree that they shouldn't be targetted by the news media, at least when they are underage.

There is such a thing as overplay on the part of the candidate though. I think it hurt Jimmy Carter a lot in his last debate when he said he had talked to Amy (then in junior high school) about some major world problem and gotten advice from her. Remember that the knock on Reagan that Carter had been trying to play up was the whole matter of experience and whether he was up to the job. After Carter said what he did in the debate I think a lot of people figured that if Amy Carter was making decisions that affected the future of the world then certainly there was nothing to lose in giving Reagan a shot.

Alex said...

Victoria - not sure I share your faith that McCain/Palin will win. The MSM will do their darndest to get Obama into the white house at any cost.

TDP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TDP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TDP said...

Mystery solved:

Matthews, Olbermann and Sullivan have taken some time to prepare for what will be the starring roles in Oliver Stone's next film, "The Three Left Stooges: Tingles, O-Hole, and Glutes".

(Crap, three times it took me to lose the typos... 3 times. Goodnight.)

j said...

Fired? No. Suspended? Maybe. Why is the photo captioned Los Angeles?

sg said...

Setting aside the nastiness of Sullivan's comments, another thing bothers me: it doesn't seem like he's on board with this whole democratic election thing.

Sullivan has come to the conclusion that Palin is terribly unqualified to be VP. Since McCain picked such an unqualified VP, he is unqualified to be president.

Fine. I am sure there are many people who would agree with him on that.

But why doesn't he trust the electoral process, and let the American people be the final arbiter of whether Palin is qualified or not?

Sullivan's attempt to rally the media so as to "eagleton" Palin (thereby short-circuiting the electoral process), by publishing innuedo, thinly sourced material, and hyperbolic invective, strikes me as, well,...undemocratic. Not to mention ugly.

Anonymous said...

Maxine Weiss said...Well, they're using Caroline Kennedy as the fall guy.

Biden has the 'Oprah' seal of approval written all over him.

Oprah has long kissed-up to Whitey. She uses white trainers, and white men gave her the first job she ever had.

Michelle Obama said no way to Hillary on the ticket and Oprah wont let Sarah Palin on her TV show.

There seems to be an OJ jury/Waiting to Exhale black female rage about the White women again.

Maybe the White female voters should start getting angry about this.

Are White women ever allowed to get angry at black women or is that a one way street?

AllenS said...

Maybe he went from HIV positive to full blown AIDS with sores on his face.

Fen said...

Montagne Mointaigne: So I personally can't comprehend why anyone earning under $200,000 would ever vote for a Republican.

Really? You can't comprehend? You even gave yourselft a hint:

Believe it or not, most people will actually be looking at issues this november

Since you've been looking at "issues", perhaps you can explain Obama's long range plan to marginalize radical Islam? Does he even have a plan?

"Drill Here!" into "Keep Digging!" cause that's what it looks like to me.

Like Obama, you lie and misrepresent. "Drill Here" is about expaninding our own oil energy resources and ALSO making smart use of alternate sources like solar and wind and nuclear, while we research new energy.

Peter Hoh said...

J @4:27, the photos in "the view from your window" series have nothing to do with Andrew's location.

Still nothing from him yet today.

Very strange.

Even if he had flown to Alaska, I'd expect him to have put something up by now.

chickelit said...

@Peter: Perhaps he ate some yellow snow.

Or, he's found a soulmate in Leon Wieseltier at the New Republic and he's negotiating a new paycheck.

Peter Hoh said...

Over on Kos, the rumor is that Sullivan has been fired/is about to be fired/might be fired.

So you know it's true. Just like all the other Kos rumors.

campy said...

it's true. Just like all the other Kos rumors.

Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while.

Kensington said...

It looks to me as though Andrew's post about the "softer side of a f*cking redneck" is gone from the blog.


XWL said...

Thank you for your many emails of concern. For the record, I'm absolutely fine, nothing has changed with this blog, no one is pressuring me to write or not write anything, and I spent part of the day yesterday with my husband soaking up the last moments of summer together.

From Sullivan just moments ago . . .

What he wanted to add, but decided against.

'I expect next summer we will be dodging the hunting teams of Palin's exterminating crews, so I thought I should have one perfect memory of joy and happiness before the unthinkable happens and McCain-Palin ruin this wonderful country, my adopted homeland, unleashing their right-wing torture and death squads . . .'

vbspurs said...

Are White women ever allowed to get angry at black women or is that a one way street?

The ironic part is that I've met so many black women who, without me so much as opening my mouth, have bored into me with eyes of absolute hatred. It's so discomfitting standing for an archetype.

...especially when the last thing I have tooling around in my mind are preconceived ideas about black women.

A lot of white women do not like Michelle Obama for this reason. So I guess it's a vote against Obama is a little silent payback. This is wrong.

EnigmatiCore said...

Via Ace,

""Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen" - Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Seems to me (and to Ace) that Andrew was told ixnay on the asshateray.