August 21, 2008

When Varla Jean helped Joe get from Elvis to Ann-Margret.

Didn't you love Project Runway last night?

Unlike Project Rungay, Television Without Pity did not think Joe should have — spoiler alert — won.


TitusHereComesBrenda said...

I did love it last night.

I was in Ptown a couple of weeks ago and saw Varla Jean and Hedda Lettuce.

Miss Understood and Sharon Needles were not there.

Why wasn't the Lady Bunny on the show?

Rupaul was looking a little harsh.

Ann Althouse said...

I didn't understand how they had Chris at the beginning of the show and then, suddenly, at judge time, it's RuPaul. What happened to Chris? And then the applause for RuPaul was so faint that I thought something had gone wrong re Chris.

Ann Althouse said...

RuPaul just looked way too thin.

I used to like RuPaul's old TV show.

chuck b. said...

Argh! I haven't watched it yet.

You deserve to be flaming for this, Althouse. I mean flamed.

I was very afraid when they showed the preview for this episode last week. For me, this season's been kind of...blah. Drag queens? Really? Have we run(wayed) out of ideas?

That said, now that the pussy's out of the pants I wish PG had more pictures of the other garments.

TitusHereComesBrenda said...

Rupauls face looked a little weird.

I love Varla Jean's personae. Just a sweet southern girl.

It was interesting seeing the drags out of drag.

Sweetie is so divine.

Chris is absolutely great.

The one designer did a good job of hiding Varla Jean's package.

TitusHereComesBrenda said...

I loved Suede and Hedda Lettuce's little tif.

Ann Althouse said...

Chuck, I have a spoiler alert. I didn't give anything away otherwise.

reader_iam said...

Hmmm. Trooper goes to Vegas and is offline, and it's THEN you decide to go with a reality show/culture post?

Fishy, Althouse. Very fishy.

reader_iam said...

Personally, I didn't so much see the show (the part I watched anyway) as my husband's face as he watched. True, I set it up, but it still was very entertaining.

I suspect I'll be forced to watch some sci-fi thingy tonight.

chuck b. said...

Saying who won isn't a serious spoiler (unless it's a shock). I overreacted. But, seriously, you think putting "spoiler alert" next to the spoil is a valid alert? (I thought you were being funny.)

I should have averted my eyes as soon as I read the words project runway.

Chet said...

What's going on with The Christopher, these days?

The Christopher always makes for legitimate material. Readers are always charmed and delighted to hear about his stirring adventures.

Joan said...

Loved the show last night.

Now I remember why I quit reading TWoP -- ugh. Terry's outfit was incomprehensible. All you could see was Acid Betty's painted chest, and then a bunch of random stuff. The best parts of the outfit were Betty's accessories (there is no way those boots came off the Bluefly wall.)

Ralph said...

Project Rungay, with scissors.
So that's what made RuPaul into the woman he is today.

David Dust said...

Great episode last night!

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


Beth said...

My friends got married over summer break in one's state of Massachusetts -- a Boston girl, whose whole family turned up for the P-Town wedding.

Varla Jean was in the wedding party, and this was one of the biggest thrills for them. I love Varla Jean.

Ann Althouse said...

"But, seriously, you think putting "spoiler alert" next to the spoil is a valid alert."

What? Suddenly, "spoiler alert" is not an adequate spoiler alert?

"I should have averted my eyes as soon as I read the words project runway."

Exactly. And I gave you a whole line of lead time.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, David. Love the details. Bananas Foster ... I know what you mean.

Trooper York said...

Hey thanks for the shout out reader. In between the pool and spa treatments I will be putting my two cents in. A lot of these fashion guys are scheduled to be at Magic the main trade show at the Las Vegas Convention center that starts on Monday.

Have to run. Dinner resevatins at Il Mulino at Ceasers. Good stuff.

Chip Ahoy said...

I have an attention disorder regarding Project Runway. Whenever Tim Gunn comes on I repeat exactly what he says the way he says it exactly. And by exact I mean with customary 12% exaggeration for comedic effect. I have a rolling good time. It would annoy anybody present. To hone my mad imitative skillz I searched Tim Gunn on YouTube and found the Tim Gunn dictionary. Hilarious, those incredibly dense designers designers, de-SIGN-errrrs, don't know what perfectly ordinary words mean.

chuck b. said...

"What? Suddenly, "spoiler alert" is not an adequate spoiler alert?"

No! It certainly is not, and it's not sudden. Reputable spoiler porviders take pains to conceal the spoilage by using invisible text or putting it "after the jump", etc. That's the minimum standard for being taken seriously, I think. Anything less is comical. What you did is comical. And it prays on the innocent who haven't finished a coffee before clicking on the Althouse blog.

Still, I try to hold myself to a higher standard of mental alertness, and I failed. I am bad. I am supine. I yield prostrate obeissance, as well I might. And I'm happy to do it.