August 2, 2008

Views from the Santa Monica pier.

On the beach, a statement about the war:

Santa Monica pier

Take a step back:

Santa Monica pier

I told you Obama is everywhere.
And, hey, he really is the biggest celebrity in the world. He's literally overshadowing Paris Hilton, and I don't even see Britney Spears.

ADDED: Enlarge that celebriphoto. I think that's Britney in the back next to Johnny. Depp. (Not McCain!)

MORE: Here's a description of the memorial, which is called Arlington West and is put up by Veterans for Peace. I see that the crosses represent the deaths in Iraq, with red crosses signifying 10 deaths (so that the monument, which appears on Sundays, does not get larger over time, just more red). I couldn't find a discussion of why the Veterans for Peace thinks crosses are appropriate for all of the dead, since not all were Christians.


Windbag said...

He's even taller than the buildings in the background. Spongebob looks cooler in his shorts, though.

Revenant said...

It would be kind of funny to sue the city for allowing such flagrant Christian symbolism on public land. :)

Ann Althouse said...

I know. And why portray all the war dead as Christians?

blake said...

Nothing like inconveniencing a few thousand people daily by taking up prime beach space with a political statement (on public property).

Zachary Paul Sire said...

This post fails to state where the "celebrity" photos are in relation to the mock graveyard.

Whatever, like it matters.

It saddens me to see Ann furthering her support of the illegal and unprovoked and disastrous Iraq war, via the pseudo graves of murdered American soldiers.

Was it worth it? Are you safer?

Come know better.

blake said...

ZPS, your assertions are as tiresome as thousands of fake gravestones, but at least a lot less inconveniencing.

Also, "Come on" is not an argument.

Zachary Paul Sire said...

Whatever it takes to justify it. There's no "argument" left. Just sadness and regret. I make no assertions...only observations.

Revenant said...

the illegal [...] Iraq war

Funny how things can be illegal without actually breaking any laws. :)

knox said...

There's no "argument" left.

Sounds just like the popular "the debate is over" technique used to shut down Global Warming dissenters.

There are plenty of reasons to be against the war... why use all those inappropriate adjectives? You could rightfully call it "foolish" or "reckless" --I wouldn't agree, but those are legitimate viewpoints. But "illegal" and "unprovoked" -- 17 UN resolutions disagree with you.

PatCA said...

There are several cross protest installations up and down the coast--it's become pretty standard protest material, like giant puppets.

Eric Muller said...

Santa Monica Pier, as seen by Christine Lavin

The Drill SGT said...

and if you go to the bluff above Ohama beach, you would be told that the death toll on D-day was higer than the whole Iraq war.

did I say that casualties last month were 4, the lowest since the war began?

Ann Althouse said...

I think it's clear where the celebriphotos are. The title of the post says I'm on the pier. So I'm looking at the beach from the pier. I say, "Take a step back," so we're still on the pier. And look closely. You can even see the crosses in the background. What more do you need?

Ann Althouse said...

Here, enlarge photo #1. You can see the pier in the lower left corner.

Enlarge photo #2. It's very easy to see the crosses on the beach.

bearbee said...

re: crosses, red symbolizing blood?

Then why not all red?

Or would that moderate the effect?

Trooper York said...

I personally prefer chocolate crosses. That's the best part of the Easter basket. That and the big solid chocolate bunny.

blake said...

ZPS's sadness and regret--his sheer depth of feeling--tell us all we need to know.

If only we had listened.

I am sort of curious as to what, exactly, he's "observed" but I wouldn't want to cheapen the moment.

Palladian said...

"Whatever it takes to justify it. There's no "argument" left. Just sadness and regret."

Jesus, grab your lace kerchief, Mary. Do you need a cushion to faint upon?

Somehow I think that "Just sadness and regret." is a better explanation for your love life than the Iraq War.

But of course, we all "know better". We should be ashamed. Sorry, Mom.