August 16, 2008

Summer's coming to an end.

Venice Beach

Hit the beach.


Ron said...

It's the Tanned Knight! You can tell by the purple cape...and on the towel, Maggie Gylenthal!

Peter V. Bella said...

A beautiful, buxom Southern Belle was sitting on the wrap around porch of her home on a hot, humid August Mississippi Saturday afternoon. Around her, sipping iced tea and fanning themselves were some of her girlfriends. The Belle was regaling them with stories of her summer sojourn to New York City.

They were all twittering and giggling at the Belles stories of those Northerners; fanning themselves to supposedly keep cool. One of the ladies asked her if it was true what they said about the North; all the sin and sex.

The Belle responded:

“Well, ya know, that up North, they have men who kiss the genitals of other men.”

All the girls blushed and were a twitter, the fans flapping furiously. One of them said “and tell us, what do they call them?”

The Belle responded. “They call them ho mo sex uals”

“Tells us more”, they all said.

“Well, you know, up North, they have women who kiss the genitals of other women.”

This really set the gals a blushing and a giggling and set off another round of furious fanning. Another asked “ and pray tell, what do they call them womens?”

The Belle responded patiently, “well, they call them les bians.”

“Tell us more” they all said.

Now she brought them in closer and whispered. “Do you know that up North they have men who kiss the genitals of women?”

This sent all of the gals into a fit of blushing, furious fanning, and giggling. One, barely able to contain her breath asked, “pray tell and what do they call them/”

The Belle just smiled coyly. “Welllll, I just called him precious.”

Richard Fagin said...

Summer ends here in November, if we're lucky. UGH! They told me I'd get acclimated after a few months. That was in 1978. I'm still waiting.

bearbee said...

PLEEEESE we're only half way through summer

On Jan 1 if you write the ending of winter, I won't make a peep.

Trooper York said...

Hey I am going to Vegas for two weeks and for the first week we are at the Mandalay Bay where they have a sand beach at the pool and a wave machine so it's just like the ocean. Only without the undertow, sharks, or the medical waste washing onshore. Sweet.

Trooper York said...

Fair warning though, I bought a Speedo.

Unknown said...

No. There's still another 4 months of summer left.

Beth said...

We have another 6 weeks of summer - and that reminds me:

Victoria, are you in the projected path of Fay? While I'm glad it's east of me, I'm hoping for the outside path, up over southern Cuba and right back into the Atlantic.

blake said...

Summer? We've got about six weeks left of "fire" before we head into "earthquake", and then mudslide a few months later.