August 16, 2008

Have some coffee.

Java Detour

Here we are at Java Detour in West Hollywood, where the design is evocative of the Macbook, fittingly enough.

And don't get confused. I'm not in L.A. I'm just getting together the last of my L.A. pics.


Windbag said...

Additional tag needed: man in shorts in background

Host with the Most said...

The Java Detour in Bakersfield (California St at the Highway 99 exit) has probably the best coffee in central California. It's about 70 yards from an always busy (and very large) Barnes and Noble - who knew Bakersfieldians liked to read so much? Buck Owens Crystal Palace is a couple of blocks away - now there's some interesting culture!

What is intriguing is where Java Detour has their coffee shops:

West Hollywood
10 in Northern Cal
3 in Nevada
2 in Minnesota, and
3 in Wisconsin, including MADISON (Ann?)

What is the demographic they're going after?

reader_iam said...

I'm just getting together the last of my L.A. pics.

Say it ain't so! Because I've been enjoying them.

Host with the Most said...

BTW, the last time I was in the Java Detour in Bakersfield the 2 young ladies behind the counter were blond, blue-eyed and could have easily earned, as Jeff Foxworthy says, "a scholarship to Hooters". It didn't seem to hurt the store's business in the least.

Ann Althouse said...

Oh, there's a Java Detour in Madison?

It's way out here.

I just looked at the street view. I recognized that place. I'm surprised it's the same company. I would never have connected them. It's a drive-thru on a busy highway, aimed at motorists, not hipsters and computer nerds. Doesn't seem at all like the West Hollywood place.

If you come to Madison and are looking for a cool café to hang around in, you do not want to go there.

In L.A., the West Hollywood Java Detour is great. You can get drinks there too, so it's like Barriques in Madison.

Palladian said...

♥ Chris

Palladian said...
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Palladian said...

Hmm, that's supposed to be a heart in my last comment, but Firefox displays it as a "pipe": |. Oh well, still apropos I suppose.

Ann Althouse said...

I'm seeing a heart.

And thanks.

A heart in Safari anyway. In Firefox: |

Host with the Most said...

I saw a heart in Firefox

Ruth Anne Adams said...