August 9, 2008

The L.A. Mannequin Photographs.


L.A. Mannequin

Men with heads... women without heads:

L.A. Mannequin

Mannequin caught in 60s a-go-go revelry:

L.A. Mannequin

Your lonely photographer:

L.A. Mannequin


Meade said...



I think you might be masculinizing my browser.

john said...

Re "Your lonely photographer": Sometimes when you gotta go, you just gotta go. Empty storefront, or wherever.

Palladian said...

Female mannequins always look like trannies to me.

Trooper York said...

What is really funny about mannequins is finding the right size ones and the effect it has on people. In Lee Lee's valise all of our manneguins are a size 12 or better. Now every other mannequin on Court St is a size 6 or smaller. So a woman will come in and be drawn in by the clothes which are really stylish and cool. But she knows somethings different and she can't figure it out. Eventually she really looks at the mannequin's and realizes, it's only larger sizes. Then she either runs out of the store screaming afraid to catch something or demands that we order her size. Either way it's pretty amusing.

Trooper York said...

We had a cross trainer come in yesterday but the store was full of people and he was a little ashamed and sort of sidled out of the store.

sonicfrog said...
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sonicfrog said...

Is the mannequin in the last pic taking a wiz????

vbspurs said...

Hey, speaking of mannequins, remember this movie? Still can't believe that was Kim Catrall.

Palladian said...

"Still can't believe that was Kim Catrall."

I don't think Kim Catrall can believe it either.

Stupe said...

These photos continue to trickle out little by little.

I take it this is the new way of trip-blogging, retroactively, whereby you hold back all the best, for later ?

Or, did you love LA so much, you made a swift, return visit?

Miss Tawdra Schiff said...

Anonymous said...

Trooper York said: "We had a cross trainer come in yesterday but the store was full of people and he was a little ashamed and sort of sidled out of the store."

Me: Was that "cross trainer" or "cross dresser"???

Trooper York said...

That's our code word dude.

In other words it wasn't the guy with the Nike's.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

blake said...

Wait, doesn't everybody have Mannequin on DVD and/or Blu-Ray?

Victoria's post reminded me of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode "City Limits". Crow T. Robot (voiced by Trace Beaulieu) falls in love with her and composes a little ditty.

Which, when I went to link it, turned up what? Guess! Go on! You'll never guess in a zillion years!

That's right. It turned up a link to famed Althouse commenter Steve Simels waxing on the new "Sex and the City" move.

I know!! Small Internet!!

According to legend, after Trace moved out to Hollywood, he and girlfriend Julie Walker crashed on Kim Cattrall's house before settling down.

Meade said...

Blake, that was funny.

Ann Althouse said...

Stupe, it has to do with the simplicity of producing the post. Some things jump to the front of the line. I have other things where I took 20 pictures and have to edit down to 4 to do a post. More post-production work.

blake said...

I loved MST3K.

Most of the cast and crew have reassembled as Cinematic Titanic. I'm preparing now to watch their latest, the Roger Corman classic "The Wasp Woman".

Palladian said...

"Kim's having my fantasy about her!"