August 9, 2008

"Am waiting for Mickey Kaus's first appearance after this..."

Says Ben (the Tiger) in the comments to the second Edwards post from last night. And, yeah, I'm thinking, the only thing interesting to me about the story at this point is how Mickey Kaus will act when he gets back on Bloggingheads.

Here he is on the subject last Decemberbefore the primaries started, when Kaus was signaling to Democrats that there was a time bomb under one of their potential candidates.


Meade said...

"When you set out to destroy someone's good name, are you responsible to the other people who happen to have that name?"

Andrew Young? Not that one. The other one.

Cedarford said...

Eventually Mickey Kaus or some other commentor that focuses on overall media impact will have to write on what impact the MSM and other rivals with holding the Edwards bombshell had on the race dynamics.

Perhaps without Edwards a different "3rd option" like Biden might have been in the thick of things between Obama and Hillary.

While thank god the Dem primaries didn't have "winner take all" in a major state or two that could later be blamed for throwing the election due to the MSM conspiracy to suppress info, Edwards was taking poor working class white votes, and trial lawyer money. He had little to no black support, suggesting that an Edwards scandal voters were allowed to see would have tipped the majority of his votes to Hillary and given her a few primaries she narrowly lost to Obama.
I guess we will also learn from Hillary insiders if the Edwards biz was well known to them - and if so if they also wanted it covered up for "poor Elizabeth's sake" or that they tried to get the MSM to confirm or deny the story - & alert voters.

And perhaps Kaus will opine on why the MSM has to explain why their pat explaination for airing other sex scandals - Foley, Craig, Haggart, Kobe, A-Rod, Newt, McCain's false adultery claim - "We Couldn't Bear the Hypocrisy!!" - obviously made without a shred of consideration of the "hurt wife" - was dispensed with with Edwards massive lies and hypocrisy.

somefeller said...

Well, if history is any guide, Kaus will act like an ass. But in this case, he got it right.

I really have nothing but contempt for John Edwards at this point. Not only because he publicly humiliated his wife and family, but because that humiliation would probably have never occurred but for his selfish and reckless decision to run for President, knowing full well that this issue was lurking in the background. And as far as the politics go, Josh Marshall summed up my views at his blog, Talking Points Memo: But this decision on his part involved several overlapping betrayals. And the one that is very much a public matter is his betrayal of his supporters and, really, all Democrats nationwide -- one that continued at least until he dropped out in the spring. Edwards made a strong run for the presidency knowing full well that he was carrying on an affair, at least in the early stages of the campaign, which could come to light in the midst of the general election and fatally damage all Democrats' hopes for regaining the presidency. Just think how fun this weekend would be if John Edwards had won the nomination. Indeed, it seems clear that the aftermath of the affair was such that the chances of its coming to light were substantial. It's a level of recklessness and selfishness that I probably shouldn't but still do find shocking.

Piss off, John.