July 12, 2008

Water mysteries.

Unseen water

These are pictures of water that looked quite disgusting in reality and like nothing at all in the unmanipulated photograph.


So this is just an exercise in finding things with the computer.


vbspurs said...

I'm watching "Crab Season" on the Discovery Channel, and these photos somehow seem fitting right now.

Ann Althouse said...

There's a big spider in the second picture. Spiders ≈ crabs.

George said...

The function of all life is survival.

The seed is planted.

vbspurs said...

Spiders ≈ crabs.

Yes, they're both part of the arachnid class.

I don't know why I dislike the former, but eat the latter with relish.

Bissage said...

Fantastic photos! I’ll even hazard to say they’re my favorites, so far!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

but eat the latter with relish.

Funny. I eat the latter with drawn butter.

Ron said...

Funny. I eat the latter with drawn butter.

Firstly, I certainly don't like latter with butter, period! and salt!

But I prefer rotoscoped to drawn butter, although I hear that CGI butter is pretty good...

MadisonMan said...

Nothing like a big cold glass of water on a hot summer day.

vbspurs said...

Funny. I eat the latter with drawn butter.

Hey! You're Official Punster at the Ambiblog. Cheater.

Wide Boy Agamemnon said...

Crabs are crustaceans, not arachnids.
Just sayin'.

nansealinks said...

Wow, ann, this is quite amusing after me mentioning the university pool yesterday. I went swimming with my waterproof musical player device that took me two birrthdays and two mother's days to accumulate. My kids are great on building up suspense, as my grandkid says, "SLooooowly". Dosn't matter, it was heaven in waiting. Anyway yesterday, I put some instrumental music on, somekind of nature mix and swam my little heart amout.

At the same time I was thinking of the student and Robert Shakespeare from the Fine Art depart, (your beat, right?) created Light Totem that lit up the campus here for the 25 year anniversary of some im pei architecture.


I'm then thinking they should do that kind of thinking underwater while i am swimming to this music. I thought i was close to water utopia with sound but what if they added light desgn and it would be like swimming around with electric eels. Your photo reminds me of that.

BTW, iTunes U has a free download on h2O. When I am not trippin out, I'm learning stuff like that underwater. Never a dull moment in my sweaty exercise schedule.