July 12, 2008

Graffiti Bridge.

Graffiti Bridge



OldGrouchy said...
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OldGrouchy said...

Great scene and pic, as usual.

However, you're actually about 300-miles, or so, from the real Graffiti Bridge if it's still there.

It used to be about 1 1/2 miles from what had been the Eden Prairie Golf Course; a small old fashioned concrete culvert, dangerous as heck for cars that served out of line as that road bent in a curve.

Actually, yours is much better looking.

John Althouse Cohen said...

I want to find it!

OldGrouchy said...

In Eden Prairie, MN, at Eden Prairie Road and Valley View Road, go west about 1,300 meters to the railroad BRIDGE going over Valley View.

I should get up there Sunday for family business and will try to check it out; pic if we get there!
BTW: Prince really doesn't live under the bridge!

vbspurs said...

You know, I hate grafitti, with a passion, as they say.

But that is one massively freaky beautiful photo.

It's even got a...oh what is it? A Janis Joplin, Beatlesque quality to it.


lurker2209 said...

Awesome picture. Makes you actually sort of like graffiti. I always liked graffiti on train cars. Elsewhere it might be an eyesore, but to see all the various tags blending into one another on an old freight car was kind of cool. Plus, the train was always moving, so you didn't have to see the same spray painted letters over and over and get annoyed by them. There's something profound there about the combination of the violation in creating the art and the transience of the media, but I don't think I can articulate it properly.

ricpic said...

Green and glassy the river slides
Beneath the old wrought iron bridge:

This is the dream which fear elides,
Smoothing away thought's furrowed ridge.

OldGrouchy said...

OOPS, 35-year old memories got a few things wrong! The golf course near where Graffiti Bridge used to be is at 14490 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie, MN. Use Goggle Map, or Yahoo map, or Goggle Earth to locate it. I took a photo of the replacement pedestrian bridge going over Valley View Road; the old railroad tracks have been taken out and replaced by a walking trail!

I seem to recall that the old concrete culvert had claimed several lives due to its narrow passageway and the slight bend in the road at that juncture! Plus, perhaps graffiti became an eyesore for the fast growing town of Eden Prairie.

This represents just another example of how the deep dark recesses of ancient memories can be misleading; hush, be nice now.