June 7, 2008

What year was it?

My history blogging continues. Before clicking, see if you know the year.

"Boston Corset Maker Says Women Have Grown Stouter" — and the the 21-inch waist is a thing of the past.

The Chief Justice spoke of Lincoln's "Christ-like character," but the President said Lincoln was a "natural human being with the frailties mixed with the virtues of humanity" — as the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated today.

Mrs. A.N. George of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage is offended by the reference to "the tactics of the pole-cat when badly frightened" that appeared in a resolution by the New England Woman Suffrage Association.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyles visits New York and opines on Coney Island, suffragists, plumage laws, and skyscrapers.

Why hasn't the Women's Party put up a female candidate for President?

"Every man turned into a devil. We ran fighting and clawing and scratching and swearing for the ladder leading up to the deck. We found the hatches battened down. Great God, how the men did curse!" A terrible ship fire.

The NYT tries to explain the physics of "Young Professor Heisenberg," and Lady Grace Drummond-Hay talks to General Hermann Wilhelm Goering.

Tom Wolfe "suggested that intellectuals are attracted to socialism because it seems in 'good taste"" and it has the '''secret promise' ... that intellectuals will wind up with power."

The NYT wonders why it is that the 12 greatest women alive in the United States today are all childless.


Kirby Olson said...

Oh, THAT Tom Wolfe. It's amazing how long that writers have had to warn against the blandishments of Marxism.

bearbee said...

1851. Wasn't Scarlett and her maid pulling and yanking to achieve 19 inches?

bearbee said...

Ooops. I didn't go further than the first article.

J. Cricket said...

Now that the deathwatch is over for Hillary, let's start one for this "history blogging"!

UWS guy said...

If readers post comments, would ann prefer we post in the past or in the present? Or rather...we post presently while in the past or presently in the future?

Ann Althouse said...

In the book, Scarlett was trying for 16 inches.

Ann Althouse said...

uws guy: You can do either.

Ralph L said...

I remember it as 17" (I was off a year on the Lincoln Memorial too). Anyway, it was the smallest in three counties. How she knew that was not explained.
I thought these were all from the same year, at first.