June 30, 2008

"Just when you thought there was nobody in the world crazier than yourself..."

"... along come people who believe that we all subconsciously say what we really mean in reverse, through the unconscious but deliberate choosing of careful words which, if played backwards, say what we actually mean."


Chip Ahoy said...

.it fo drow a eveileb t'nod I !klat yzarc s'taht

reader_iam said...

Um, my posting of a particular video on another thread notwithstanding, it's not that complicated. Nor is it that clear.

But, you know, whatever.

In any case: Turn me on, dead man.

George said...

Does anyone remember that Las Vegas novelty act, Professor Backwards?

His schtick was speaking in reverse.

Poor man drowned.

No one understood his cries of "Pleh! Pleh!"

bearbee said...

All politicians should be played backwards.

I would interesting to hear Bush, Obama, Clinton backwards.

Also newscasters, used car salesmen, lawyers and contractors giving estimates.