June 30, 2008

Early summer evening, Madison, Wisconsin.





Verso said...

Wow. Awesome photographs. You're getting really good at this photography thing. (Not that you haven't been great for a long time, but you're getting even better.)

Great eye.

Verso said...

I find it even more impressive that you take these with a simple CyberShot camera. So many would-be artists compensate for lack of talent and/or artistic vision by focusing on the equipment. But a great artist doesn't need fancy or expensive tools and materials. A great artist can't help make art with whatever tools are at his (or her) disposal.

Most people would walk right by all three of those scenes without ever seeing in them the potential for great photographs.

Ann Althouse said...

I'd prefer to use my big camera, but I don't always have it with me. I love to experiment with the lenses, but it's too much to carry around all the time. With the CyberShot, you concentrate on framing and then, in the computer, tweaking.

ricpic said...

Let's get drunk
And climb the walls
Then go home and sleep it off
In your cool dark bedroom
With the sun all hot and sweaty outside --
Though it do make pretty shadows.

veni vidi vici said...

That top photo is really cool; where is that? Why are the windows purple?

150 vodkas? Let me recommend something:

Effen "Black Cherry Vanilla", mixed as follows:

1/3 Effen BCV vodka +
2/3 Coca-Cola

over ice. unbelievable. summer's here!

Ann Althouse said...

I made the windows purple. I just move the sliders around until I'm happy.