May 8, 2008

Things draftsmen think that aren't true but make cool drawings.

Let me recommend 2 exhibits at The Drawing Center in SoHo.

First, there are these Frederick Kiesler drawings, exhibited on this curvy glass table that fits well with Kiesler's concept of the "Endless House."


At the first link, you can find the place to click to hear Kiesler describe his Endless House, which supposedly inspired a lot of modern architects, but really seems horribly misguided in so many ways. It actually doesn't hurt us that rooms have flat floors that are floors and then straight walls that are walls and flat ceilings that are ceilings. We really like that. Right angles are perfectly fine too. But it's touching to hear Kiesler explain that this is not so.

Then there are these very cool YĆ¼ksel Arslan drawings, which seem intended to denounce capitalism, but that probably cost a lot of money and, in fact, would make fabulous decor for a young and hip rich man's office suite. You need to go see these drawings in person, because there is a lot of tiny detail and script. (Hope you read French!) For example, there are a lot of businessmen with heads made of quarters or dimes and they are shaking hands, engaging in transactions — ooh, the perfidy!


Chip Ahoy said...

Hey, I found Waldo!

downtownlad said...

Ann - I guess you never got the message from your right-wing friends. The Drawing Center is "vile".

Why are you visiting this anti-American institution? Are you a terrorist or something?