May 8, 2008

"Lots of Things Like This."

You've got only 2 more days to see "Lots of Things Like This," an exhibition of artworks that satisfy 3 criteria devised by David Eggers:
1. An image
2. Some words (usually referring to the image)
3. A sense of humor
If you don't like anything pretentious, this is the show for you. Check out some of the drawings and little paintings — reproduced in this PDF. Eggers says he just wanted "to put an enjoyable exhibit together, to cover the walls with strange and funny things." Or skip the show, get out a pencil and paper and draw your own image with some words and make it strange and funny. Eggers wrote a little brochure to go with the show, which you can read at the link. It contains many pointedly undeep thoughts like:
Why is it that so many of these artists aren’t so great at spelling? And why is it that when they screw up one of their words, instead of starting over, they just cross the word out and write it again? Many people would choose to start over.
Or maybe you think this is pretentious. Stealth pretentious.


vbspurs said...

My Kid Could Paint That

Simon said...

Doesn't a LOLcat satisfy those criteria? "I can haz an image wiv funny wordz?"

Geoffrey Firmin said...

Saw this yesterday, Ann, based on your blogging about it. Really enjoyed it, so thank you for pointing it out.