May 4, 2008

"It's the fact that he grew up in Hawaii, and I think he can make change."

The view from Guam.


Maguro said...

It has to be a little disturbing to the Obama campaign that he only won Guam by 7 votes with his home-field advantage. If this caucus had been held in January he would have taken 70%.

john said...

Clean, articulate, and can make change.

That's way better than virtually anyone I deal with on the retail side of my life. Hmm, that's got my son beat too. Tender $2.01 for a $1.86 item stumps 'em every time, even if the machine does the subtracting.

rhhardin said...

Tender $2.01 for a $1.86 item stumps 'em every time

4 pennies, ``$1.90''
1 dime, ``$2.00''
1 penny, ``$2.01''

Nobody teaches this anymore.

john said...

Yea, except I don't want to get 5 pennies back, I want a nickel.

Sloanasaurus said...

Obama wants to change back to the neo-fascist failed policies from the 1960s and 1970s. That is change we can't afford.

Skyler said...

rhhardin, did you really mean that, or were you being facetious?

AJ Lynch said...

Why is this even news and why are we reading it?

Ah well I guess it gives John a chance to make a good joke.

john said...

Thanks AJ! And you are reading it, so why ask why?

Spread Eagle ® said...

Why do Obama supporters remind me of the OJ jury?

Michael said...

To all the Obama supporters, I can make change, too. Just hand me your wallet, and I'll show you.

I'll change your $20 bills into $5 bills. It's for the children! What, don't you like children? What kind of hater are you?

Vote for me! I'll give you change!

Chip Ahoy said...

aj, we're reading it because the brilliance that is the Democratic party *genuflects* *bows* *salaams backward out of the room* has caused Guam to become the possible deciding factor in who becomes the party's nomination. Personally, I'm holding out for the opinions of the inhabitants of Wake Island. It's the belief of all who have been following this for so long *feels a giggling fit coming on* that one of them stands a chance at POS. They haven't noticed, because they haven't yet finished up the study of their own navels, McCain is the most attractive Democrat generally.

MadisonMan said...

How nice that you're all smarter than the average retail clerk. That's something to be proud of.

I would think it's more disturbing to be the Clinton campaign and not win despite all the anti-Obama news stories. Had this been a Clinton victory, I think it would have resonated more in the press. As it is, it's not even front page news.

MadisonMan said...

By the way, for all you predicting Republican wins in November, did you see what happened in Louisiana yesterday in the special election for Congress? The one where the Republican National Committee tried to tie the Democratic Candidate to Obama?

vbspurs said...

So those of us born on an island should have a natural symphathy for a fellow islander? Weak.

This is touching though.

"Presidential caucuses on Guam usually pass without much notice from the candidates. This time, Obama and Clinton made their case for the territory's four regular delegates with local advertising and long-distance interviews.

Lines formed early at some caucus sites."

It's significant because though Guam is tiny, the two candidates are fighting for EVERY vote, for the tiniest sliver of a victory. I rather like a good fight, don't you?

So long as it's not my side promising to lift the Medicaid spending cap.

Whenever I think of the big government flavour of the Bush Administration, which I hate, I only remember how it is when you let the real Big Government party in power.


UWS guy said...

What's with multiple people using the "F" word this morning in the comments? Calling Obama a fascist is like calling someone who eats their own boogers a cannibal.

vbspurs said...

Why do Obama supporters remind me of the OJ jury?

LOL!! That is pure genius, Spreadeagle. If we were allowed .sigs, I'd credit you with the line.

Fen said...

Why can't we do real sigs, Ann?

And why are you withholding strikeout tags? Tryant!

...spell-check would also be nice.


Why do Obama supporters remind me of the OJ jury? - Spread Eagle, 5-4-08

Kirby Olson said...

When is the last time anybody has thought of Guam? Will we ever actually think of it ever again?

Not that I ever think of Indiana or West Virginia.

I think it's wonderful that Guam got its day.

al said...

spell-check would also be nice.

Just use Firefox...

OldGrouchy said...

Lenin changed Russia, Adolph changed Germany, Nappie Bony changed France, Benito changed Italy! What's so darned good about change when it destroys the underlying base? They all also had a flair with words too!

FDR's New Deal came darned close to changing the USA even more than it did and the changes he did cause weren't that good!

Trooper York said...

As long as he doesn't make in his pants.

Actually that might be McCains problem.

Trooper York said...
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vbspurs said...

Just use Firefox...

Oh yes? Thanks. That's interesting. I have used FF for over a year now, and never used that function.

(a few seconds later)

Well, I checked all the menus. Where is it? Is it an add-on, Al?

Ahem, I consider myself a decent to good speller, but sometimes I look at a post of mine and see a very obvious spelling mistake. I just want to die.


lurker2209 said...

Victoria--I use firefox too, but it's the google toolbar that has the spellchecker option. Since firefox automatically downloads with the google toolbar, I suppose people assume it's a firefox option. Right click somewhere in the empty space next to firefox's file, edit, etc buttons to enable the google toolbar. If you don't see that option when you right click, you'll have to download it.

Weird observation: the google toolbar identifies 'google' as a misspelled word.

Steven said...

Um, no, Firefox has a spell-checker built in without any Google Toolbar installed.

On Windows:

Tool menu -> Options -> Advanced icon -> General tab -> Browsing subsection, check the box next to "Check my spelling as I type".

On Mac:

Firefox menu -> Preferences -> Advanced icon -> General tab -> Browsing subsection, check the box next to "Check my spelling as I type".

George said...

I love the coming of age story Sen. Obama tells about the time he was in the refrigerated meat locker of a Hawaiian delicatessen watching a buddy tourniquet his arm and shoot heroin.

Can't wait to see that scene in the biopic.

OldGrouchy said...

George, was that bit about the meat locker in the authorized bio. or where? Oh, well, it's just a sound bite anyway played endlessly and who pays attention to them?

Ps: The Google toolbar for IE also has a spell checker and it works. Neat, eh!

Iapetus said...

Because they are so far from the US mainland, the people of Guam are out of sight and therefore out of mind. Like rural Pennsylvanians, they are "bitter" and resentful of always being overlooked. Realistically, because the demographics of the Democratic party are so thoroughly dominated by urban, "blue-state" areas on the mainland, Guam is unlikely to get any better treatment from Obama than they've gotten from others in the past. Even the ever-loyal Democratic state of Hawaii knows better than to count on small favors from Washington. Now that their time in the campaign sun is over and their usefulness to the candidates is complete, the people of Guam can resume their role as America's lonely outpost in the Pacific.

Kirby Olson said...

"Lenin changed Russia, Adolph changed Germany, Nappie Bony changed France, Benito changed Italy!"

Obama changed Guam?

vbspurs said...

Thanks for the spell-check info, guys! Turns out, I dislike check-as-you-type programmes, but I'm sure it's very efficacious for some. :)

Obama changed Guam?



OldGrouchy said...

Guam is now a dictatorship? Do Fidel and Hugo know?

former law student said...

Hillary was touting her subway token clerk prowess back in January: "For 35 years I have made change."

Obama wants to change back to the neo-fascist failed policies from the 1960s and 1970s.

Obama wants to mire us in an unwinnable war? Run a massive deficit? Have OPEC send the price of oil sky-high? Let the dollar go into free-fall against European currencies?

Dude, we've been living the worst of the 60s and 70s over the past eight years. The only blows we haven't felt is Ford's hyperinflation and Carter's extortionate interest rates.

Theo Boehm said...

Victoria:  You can also use the ScribeFire add-on for Firefox.  It's far from perfect, but it's fairly handy for quick blog posts and comments.  It has an editor that generates the kind of limited HTML text that's perfect for Blogger comments, for example.  It will generate hot links for the page you're visiting, or any other page for that matter, and easily inserts the usual toggles for italics, bold face, etc.

If you're writing comments, you compose in an editor pop-up window while viewing a page, switch to HTML view, and copy and paste into the comments window.  If you're posting to your own blog, it will handle that with even less fuss.

You can save your posts/comments for quick retrieval, and it has the usual built-in spell-checker.  All this does not stop me, however, from making embarrassing typos, which proves that where there's a will, there's a way.