May 4, 2008

"I think that it's possible... having the spotlight was something attractive to him."

Barack Obama delicately but humorously slams Jeremiah Wright on "Meet the Press."


Daryl said...

Sen. Obama has to be very careful.

He has to continue to distance himself from Rev. Wright.

But at the same time, if he gets too vicious, Wright just might break his silence.

vbspurs said...

First words, I mean THE VERY FIRST words out of Senator Obama's mouth were:

"SEN. OBAMA: Well, obviously it's distracted us."

Distracted is his "lock box".

I wonder if SNL will have the cuillons to parody him about it.


franglosaxon said...

When will John McCain distance himself from G. Gordon Liddy, who held fundraisers for McCain in his home and once called for federal agents to be shot in the genitals?

McCain is clearly unamerican and hates the American people.,0,6238795.column

PatCA said...

I thought the same thing...and getting to know his advisers and their views is not a distraction!

Now I'll go cling to my gun, if you don't mind, I'm feeling bitter.

EnigmatiCore said...

It might be refreshing to have a Presidential family with a little bit of psychodrama going on. It was interesting during the Clinton years. The Bushes have been boring.

But I am not sure I am ready for the Obamas. Quite frankly, I think their dramas might be a tad too dramatic.

rhhardin said...

Wright is a better speaker than Obama.

George said...

To give some idea how uselessly comical Newsweek has become, consider the story that Oprah planted in its new issue.

Basically, two of her "friends" (one is "close," the other "longtime") tell Newsweek why she left Wright's church---she knew back in the 1990s that Wright was no good.


The real story is....

Fearing her closeness to Wright would damage her image, Winfrey used the increasingly irrelevant Newsweek to mislead the public into thinking she parted ways with her raving paranoid lunatic minister 15 years ago. Newsweek got the story on the condition that it only identify her PR flacks as "friends." The resulting gag-reflex inducing article describes the glutton as "spiritually minded" and reveals that, like her skeletal marionette and "friend" Sen. Obama, she too was "never comfortable" there (never!) and has now established her own religion— "the Church of Oprah."

JohnAnnArbor said...

"I think that it's possible... having the spotlight was something attractive to him."

Ya think, Sen. Obvious?

Roger J. said...

Obama delivers hiself of a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).