April 28, 2008

"When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web."

Well, at least I know that's not about me. Because I'm not young.


Bob said...

Ah, the TILF. The favorite fantasy of many a young man.


tee bee said...

If, by young, you mean mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence, then I agree.

P. Rich said...

Used to be one found such useful information (and pithy ratings) scribed into the walls of bathroom stalls and telephone booths. Now it's available in full color video and called "social networking". Gosh, isn't science wonderful?

George said...

Every parents can tell you stories about teachers who curse, teachers who put photos of their same-sex lovers on their desks, long-time teacher/coaches revealed to be pederasts, teachers afraid to maintain discipline, principals who let school district lawyers set policy about how balls should be thrown, teachers who don't respond to emails, principals who let children walk around school all day long wearing duct-tape over their mouths, teachers who feel the need to share their political views, which are always about global warming, and English teachers who can't hardly write no good English.

Undoubtedly, teachers could go on about parents who are obsessed with their children and won't leave the classroom or interfere with kids on playgrounds, parents who insist their children don duct-tape gags, parents who want all other parents to pitch in to buy teachers extravagant end-of-year gifts, parents who insist that global warming be taught, parents who threaten lawsuits about ball throwing, parents who expect classes to stop so flowers can be delivered to a child on her birthday, and on and on ad infinitum ad eternitatis.

Schools are not for sissies, anti-bullying programs to the contrary.

rhhardin said...

invokes a slang term for oral sex.

Probably blow job, but you never know. It might be the other sex.

Newspapers are so coy.

And how is it invoked?

It might just have been used, not invoked at all.

It's a thing you cannot say, is the claim, and so, the logic is, it is a scandal. See, we are not saying it, merely alluding and using tweezers with blindfolds on it, to prove its scandalousness.

TROBlog said...

"You're only as young as the women you feel." ~ about the only funny line in Leatherheads which I suffered through this weekend. "Men" works just as well I suppose.

blake said...

And Groucho said it first. Or was it Fields?

It's an old line, anyway.

This is kind of interesting because teachers are claiming some sort of moral high ground.