April 28, 2008

How to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds.

How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds

Perfect! Don't try to learn it from watching the video. It's methodically explained here, and after one watch, you too will fold t-shirts amazingly. But be careful. You can become absorbed for hours poking into how-to videos once you go to that link.


rhhardin said...

Useful time-saver over a lifetime : putting on a tee shirt that's inside-out, out of the laundry basket (who folds stuff? another time waster).

Hold it with label side down as if to put it on. Turn inside out, and without looking (that's the time saver) just put it on. The label winds up in the back, owing to mathematics alone.

Dan said...

Hang on Ann. Just the other day you were saying how you hate how-to reality TV. But now you say you can be absorbed for hours watching how-to videos on the web?


Ann Althouse said...

Good catch, Dan, but those videos aren't reality TV shows. They are very straightforward demonstrations of useful things, not elongated attempts at entertainment, with hosts that are supposed to be funny or clever and makeover targets we're expected to bond with. All the dross is gone.

Methadras said...

Yeah, but it takes more than 2 seconds to set up the shirt that gets folded in 2 seconds.

Will said...

You end up with weird asymmetrical creases if you fold it that way. I gave up and went back to the old folding-board method. It's quick and neat.