April 21, 2008

"What looks like an eight-year-old issues a profanity-laced detailed threat to assassinate President Bush."

Ed Morrissey says:
It’s more than a little disturbing, not so much because it amounts to a real threat, but because it shows just how poisonous Bush-hatred has become.
I think it's disturbing because is it is plain evidence that a child has been abused.


AllenS said...

He's probably just repeating words that he has heard at the kitchen table.

rhhardin said...

Imus has a few stories of his son Wyatt dropping the F-bomb on preschool interviewers.

It doesn't seem to indicate abuse.

This is probably one (real audio), from my vast decade-long Imus audio archive of odd moments.

He's not picking up hate, however; the profanity is thus a red herring in a story of lefty rage.

AllenS said...

Another possibility would be words that he heard in church.

Donna B. said...

Wow. I could hardly believe what I was hearing? The child needs help. His tone and phrasing was so similar to the way out-of-control kids talk to their parents on "Nanny" episodes.

So very, very sad.

JohnAnnArbor said...

I'll bet the same people who think this is cute would call the police if they heard that their neighbor took an eight-year-old on a hunting trip.

Pogo said...

Perhaps the child is clinging to guns or religion as a way to explain his frustrations.

But what do you expect from someone raised in the US of KKKA?
Yes! The chickens. Will come. Home. to Roost.

P. Rich said...

...evidence that a child has been abused.

Might we begin with the public school system, which has been spiraling downward and left for going on five decades? That's time for three generations to have been indoctrinated into a narcissistic, permissive, "progressive" worldview - all in an environment from which civility, discipline, and any sense of personal responsibility have fled. And here is the product of such forward thinking.

Chip Ahoy said...

A child bent out of shape over the price of gas, enough to want to kill the president? That doesn't happen naturally. His parent, I'll assume there's only one, has a real intergenerational chip on their shoulder. Behold; a dropout in the making.

That entire site is ignorant as hell. One video marked "Child handcuffed in class. -- Dramatized." Comments to the kill Bush video unreadable.

No, swearing itself doesn't indicate abuse but a screed on assassinating a sitting president does. YouTube is full of children swearing. Some of it is adorable, as when a child discovers certain language is considered bad and is quickly corrected. Others, not so much.

Middle Class Guy said...

"I think it's disturbing because is it is plain evidence that a child has been abused."

After viewing the video twice, it is apparent that the child is reading off a script. That is abuse. Of course if one accused the adults of abuse one would have a fight on their hands. BTDT.

Dennis said...

The thing that really sticks out for me is the cynical, hostile, mirthless laugh.

Who or what teaches a child to laugh like that? It's beyond creepy.

Hoosier Daddy said...

I wouldn't worry much. Obama's ascension, er election will undoubtably cure this child of BDS.

Roger J. said...

Certainly is a charming little tyke--I would love to see a picture of the parents. This reminds me of the little kids I see at protests (largely in the Puget sound area) all dressed up and carrying their "no blood for oil" signs and the like.

rcocean said...

Perfect example of why "Hot air" shouldn't have hired Captain Ed.

Ed: "kid uses profanity tut tut insn't it terrible, tut tut, Bush hatred, tut tut"

Just your typical "Captain Ed" post i.e. obvious & boring

MadisonMan said...

For some reason, I'm reminded of the Abortion Art Lady. Now this kid is "famous" too.

vbspurs said...

The President who gave American kids No Child Left Behind and allowed a climate of free-for-all housing (where many people who couldn't dream of owning a house, became home owners...) is a target of assassination.

But the President who instituted Three Strikes, and Workfare is seen as a lost kinsman.

Like everyone else above, I think he's just repeating what he's heard at home.

I know I did, at that age.


Freeman Hunt said...

What was that? The "Please Put Me in Foster Care" video?

Richard Dolan said...

"I think it's disturbing because is it is plain evidence that a child has been abused."

OK. So what do you propose be done about it? Whatever the solution, it is likely to apply to many more kids than just this one.

brownstein1990 said...

"I think it's disturbing because is it is plain evidence that a child has been abused."

That's absolutely ridiculous.

This child is nothing more than that, with horrible parents that have, more than likely, failed in their attempts at raising a respectable human being.

So far anyways. I see no hope.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was all scripted and read off by, said parents.