April 16, 2008

Too Many Cooks Spoil the...

"American Idol."


titusisback and leaving soon said...

I am back, where is my parade fellow republicans?

I went to HR Block in Waunakee because I had to complete an amendment to my taxes and the lady that did my taxes weighed approximately 400 pounds and had a beard and mustache that was gray and black.

Her office was filled with Godiva chocolate, Girl Scout cookies and a huge cross. When staff members left her office she would say, "may god bless you".

I went out to dindin at Johnny Delmonicos all alone. I felt bad though because all the fabulous Madison people who thought they were fabulous say me enter and realized they weren't nearly as fabulous as me. Then I went to Woofs, a new gay bar, and hooked up with three 22 year old UW senior girls and hung out with them for the night. I went to some party afterwards with my fellow UW seniors. I was having fun until one of the UW girls wanted to do me-then it wasn't so fun.

I did a really hot guy on Monday night that I met at Club 5-which is one of the sketchiest gay bars I have ever been to.

We went to eat at Perkins after hours-talk about dregs of society.

Where is my special fabulous blog posting for my trip back to Mad City?

I am ready for my closeup.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

I also didn't come home twice while I was home and felt bad.

I had to call my mom at like 5 in the morning and tell her I wasn't coming home.

It was weird.

She was like did you meet someone? You can tell me. I was like no.

I also went to my nieces school and had (gulp) lunch there and went to recess with 150 5 year olds.

I also went to Chula Vista in the Dells and went on all the water park rides.

I did one of the lifeguards in the bathroom. It was kind of weird though because I felt guilty when I returned to the table and looked at my parents-but I got over it.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

I stayed at the Inn on the Park. $99.00 for a room-how cute-I love little cities that think they are fabulous and only charged $99.00 for a room.

I also worked out every night at The Princeton Club-that place is huge and is open 24 hours. The clientele was nasty though.

Ann Althouse said...

I like Johnny Delmonico's. I always get the steak au poivre. It's nice to get the side of mashed potatoes too.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

Lastly, I was reading back on some of your postings regarding Madison being the smartest city...interesting.

While back in Wisconsin I was reading Mens Health and Madison is rated #1 in the country for dental health/teeth.

So Madison can add their teeth to list of wonderful things about the city.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

Johnny D's was actually fabulous.

Next time I am in town hopefully you will be around and we can have dindin there.

Also, there are some fun bars right in that area.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

I had the Trio of Filet Mignon. With a side Twice Baked Potato. It really was fabulous.

I also went to The Ocean Grill. I had been there before with my mother when it was something else which I liked too.

I also went to the Continental because I always go there when I go home. I am afraid now to get on the scale after all the food.

It was a little weird though, they serve a salad or soup with your meal and the "sides" which cost extra are "suitable for sharing".

What if you are not sharing?

Normally you go somewhere and get a side inculded with your meat and the salad costs extra.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

Lastly these restaurants are only opened until 9 or 10.

What's up with that?

That is usually the time to go out to dindin.

Ann Althouse said...

Good point.

Some people must like that family style thing of a bowl of veggies in the middle of the table.

Could do that with a salad though. I remember when people used to have big wooden bowls to make salad in. Or do people still do that?

I've never been to Ocean Grill. Fish. What's the point?

You should go to Harvest and L'Etoile. And Fresco.

titusisback and leaving soon said...

Lastly I went to Fork and Spoon on East Wilson and it was absolutely amazing.

Weird hours though.

Amazing homemade pasta.

If you haven't been there go.

There hours are like 12-3 M-F and 5-9 W-Saturday or Sunday

Ann Althouse said...

Fork and Spoon! I've never heard of anyone going to Fork and Spoon. Driven past it a thousand times. I don't believe it's "amazing." People would occasionally refer to it if it was amazing.

MadisonMan said...

Our own hostess participating in a thread hijack!

I've never heard of the Fork and Spoon. And I agree that having fish in WI is ridiculous. The only place to have fish is right next to the ocean -- like Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett RI.

bill said...

And I agree that having fish in WI is ridiculous. The only place to have fish is right next to the ocean -- like Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett RI.

Except I've never heard of Atlantic raised walleye.

MadisonMan said...

My mother -- Milwaukee (actually WFB) born -- loves Walleye. Everytime she comes out here she has to have walleye pike.

Back to AI: I think the next person to go is probably one of the girls. Who will suck worst with Andrew Lloyd Webber?

I think David Cook will sing King Herod's song. That could be good.

al said...

I think Brooke (who should have gone home last night) is next to go. She seems to be losing it. OTOH I think Kristy was starting to get it. Didn't like her performances at all in the beginning but lately was pretty impressive.

I'd like to see one of the guys try "Close Every Door" from Joseph. David Cook is (probably) the only one capable but it would be interesting to see Jason Castro give it a shot and really show off his voice.

titusinatizzy said...

Well my sister who has a friend who is a chef at a restaurant in Madison said that Fork and Spoon is excellent.

It is cheap homemade pasta and in my humble opinion it was amazing.

What about the HR Block woman who did my taxes and had a gray beard and weighed 400 pounds. That's sad. Her office smelled like Mcdonalds french fries.

MadisonMan said...

What about the HR Block woman who did my taxes and had a gray beard and weighed 400 pounds.

I don't think she'd vote for Brooke White.

Nihimon said...

I agree with al, David Cook doing "Close Every Door" would be a treat. I expect to hear "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Syesha for some reason.

I would love to hear it, but I don't expect to hear anything from Phantom.