April 25, 2008

In the garden.




Meade said...

Nicely presented. Which witchalder?

Bissage said...

(1) Please imagine my misery. It’s twilight and I get done cutting the grass and I’m sneezing like a banshee. You know . . . hurricane blasts . . . drenching, runny snot . . . blood.

(2) It gets dark outside so I decide to come indoors . . . after ceremoniously peeing all over the sacred Arrowood Viburnum -- don’t ask.

(3) In the family room, it turns out Mrs. Bissage is watching baseball. (Gotta love Mrs. Bissage!)

(4) I go upstairs and decide to check out Althouse, before going back downstairs, despite the profusion of snot draining past my upper lip -- don’t ask.

(5) I see photos at Althouse styled “In the garden.”

(6) I smile a big, broad dopey grin and decide to do some typing on the internet.

P.S. Somewhere between (4) and (5) Mrs. Bissage won tonight’s contest when she yelled up the stairs, “RANDY!” That was the name of Ralph’s kid brother in “A Christmas Story.” Ha!

P.P.S. Gotta love Jean Shepherd!

ricpic said...

A marriage shoots earth to heaven;
Drunk with fecundity the merger is made:
A thousand powder puff balls scent the eddying air
To the attendance of ten thousand agitated bees
In a recurring ritual of forever surprise.

rhhardin said...

Lots of Jean Shepherd at Flick Lives, new shows put up Tuesday and Sunday (and old ones drop off).

Mass Backwards and More Shep links.

Meade said...

One of your top ten, ricpic.

Bissage, heroic. But, man, watch those toothed leaves!

Bissage said...

(1) [R]hhardin, thanks for the link.

(2) LOL, Meade. And that’s good advice. Henceforth I shall endeavor to maintain a safe distance between Captain Windsock and all manner of dentatum.

Hey, wait a minute, Buster! Get your mind out of the gutter! That wasn’t dirty! This is Captain Windsock, right here. (Fourth photo down.)


Meade said...

$37.50, Biss, a bargain at any price: "...arrive completely assembled and ready to hang. Pole not included."

Now, you said not to ask, so I won't. But the use of manwater as a horticultural tonic/fertilizer (especially for fruit trees and native Viburnums) is a long and honored tradition. Right up there with the dirt from mole mounds used as a premium soil amendment. But you knew that.

Hoping the snot... is not... still a lot. And that your little patch of zone 6b heaven stays frost-free right up until November.