April 22, 2008




rhhardin said...

Trout Lily having sex yesterday.

MadisonMan said...

Those went in the window box on Monroe St. so early this year I thought they'd perish in the cold, but apparently not.

ricpic said...

Beautiful purple irised, white petaled daisy,
So elegant, so regal;
A combination bold and crazy
As our fierce black eyed bald eagle.

Ann Althouse said...

This picture was taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, inside a greenhouse.

tituswantsababy said...

What a pretty face.

TMink said...

For me, the tricky part of flower photos is the background and such. I really like the way you included the partial other flower and the nice, out of focus background. I learned that the Japanese call this bokeh, a nice term if not up to their onomatopoedic standards.


MadisonMan said...

Really? The same flowers are in the window box at Spirals on Monroe St. Or maybe they had yellow petals, come to think of it.

Ann Althouse said...

These are African daisies.

I have no idea if gardeners plant them in Madison.

Trooper York said...

Please don't eat the daisy's even if they are in a pushcart in Madison. Thank you.

MadisonMan said...

You can buy African Daisy seeds at Seed Savers.


Those are the yellow petals. I was thinking your photo looks like Sky and Ice.

rhhardin said...

Speaking of bouquets, guess what day it is, I was surprised to find out at Kroger just now.

That's right, administrative assistants' day!


It's not stereotyping to say that administrative assistants love flowers!

They're like bank branch vice presidents.

Meade said...

Pictographic hort "*." humor:

and sweet.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Osteospermum (African daisy). It seems to be from the 'Symphony' series, but we only grow Orange and Lemon and Melon from that series, so I'm not certain.

There are lots of Osteo series out there, and they're an excellent flower in cooler weather. Once hi-lo average temperatures get above 70F the flowers are much smaller, and above about 75 they quit blooming altogether.

Osteos will take about 25F, though the flowers will get singed at that temperature. If you have a lingering autumn, as in coastal areas they're a wonderful fall plant.

Generally they should be grown in containers, combos, and hanging baskets ... rather than in the ground.

Sarah said...

absolutely beautiful