April 22, 2008

"11 Ways the Internet Can Kill You."

Blogging's the least of it.


Brent said...


I didn't know even two-thirds of that stuff.

john said...

Well, as a potential 12th way, there's your "I'm gonna punch you in the face at the next meetup". A little closer to home.

rhhardin said...

That's not even counting humiliation.

Jennifer said...

The Internet doesn't kill people. Apparently, horny wackjobs using the Internet kill people.

Melinda said...

"I am Hezbollah and I am going to kill you and all of your family — promise you."

So that's what, the new "What are you, some kind of lesbian?"

vbspurs said...

Another potential 12th is "having to deal with trolls".

I swear, that took years off of Michelle Malkin.

However, trolls are better than Facebook rejects...apparently. Hint: Limit Profile.


reader_iam said...

Someone cut his own head off with a chainsaw!?!


blake said...

One does have to admire the seriousness with which the self-beheader took his task.

Self-beheader? Auto-decapitator?