March 24, 2008

This would be an interesting theory...

... but since you called it a "theorem," I can't trust your judgment.


rhhardin said...

You also can't trust hendiadys

I don't think that anyone really expects Clinton to wait her turn through a two term presidency and try and make another run at it when she's sixty-eight.

``try and make.''

George M. Spencer said...

Of the remaining 8 primaries, Clinton is expected to win Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia—all could be blow-outs.

North Carolina, Indiana, and Puerto Rico are close.

(The NC race will be nasty mean ugly, and unaffiliated voters there are allowed to crossover vote. See comments by KC Johnson, the Duke Lax commentator.

Oregon, Montana--I dunno.

Say she wins 5 of the above. She gets big mo going to the convention. Postulate more scandals for the unvetted Obama. Superdelegates swayed. She wins. Either way, bitter Dem. rifts will give McCain the edge.

Zeb Quinn said...

Postulate more scandals for the unvetted Obama.

I don't know about "scandals" per se, but I agree with the unvetted part. My theorem is that she's not giving up because of the distinct possibility that, for any of a number of reasons, the relatively unknown and untested Obama will be unable to finish the race. The presidential campaign landscape is littered with the carcasses of putative frontrunners whose candidacies went off the rails, the causation of which can come out of nowhere in an instant.

Unknown said...

Theorem sounds much more highbrow than theory. Theory is just too middlebrow. And, naturally, opinion is just plain lowbrow.

Elliott A said...

Basically, the race is over, and Hillary is done, for good.

Walter said...

I wonder if the use of the word Theorem is a hidden digg.

In Mathematics, a Theorem is a result that follows deductive logic (if the premises are true and the operations correct, then the result must be true). In science, a theory is something that we emprirically believe to be true (theories can not be proven true, only false, but you build evidance that the theory should be a true model).

The label Theorem is used only for the most important results, there are several other terms for items of lesser importance (i.e proposition, lemma, corollary, claim).

Therefore the blogger may be saying that it it not "just a theory", but that it is a proven fact.

Roger Sweeny said...

This idea isn't mine but I don't remember where I read it.

Once upon a time, a wizard was condemned to death by the king. But the wizard offered the king a deal. He would teach the king's horse to sing in the next year, if the king let him live. The king agreed, firmly warning the wizard that if he failed, his life was over. The wizard's friend was beside himself with worry, "You can't teach a horse to sing. Why are you doing this?"

"Much can happen in a year," the wizard replied, "The king could die, I could die, his horse could die--or maybe it will learn how to sing."

Much can happen between now and the convention.