March 24, 2008

"Do they teach that facial expression in divinity school??"

What's the message on these mugs?


MadisonMan said...

Bad link

Ann Althouse said...


rhhardin said...

If you need to talk, we are always here for you.


Middle Class Guy said...

Catholic Priest: It's days like this I wish I went to law school.

Medodist: It is days like this I wish I joined Hair Club For Men.

former law student said...

I don't think those are clerical expressions; the second guy looks like the plastic surgeon in Dark Passage.

john said...


"Alter boys? Yes, we could always use more alter boys. Try on this cassock."
"Sacramental wine? Yes, it does taste a little funny. Try another sip."

Chip Ahoy said...

"Do they teach that facial expression in divinity school??"

Why, yes, they do.

Divinity School syllabus:

Historical Books
Prophetical Books
Poetical Books
Bible as Literature
Evangelical Theological Prolegomena
Authority of Scripture
Orthodox doctrine of Trinity
Meaning of Divine Attributes
Doctrine of Creation and Providence
Divine Omniscience
Divine Omnipresence
Divine Immutability
Providence and Evil
Evil and Sin
Doctrine of Immaculate Conception
Making faces