February 5, 2008

"For Republicans, there's only one candidate of hope: Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Says Rich Lowry.


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Trooper York said...

Thanks for the cheesey quaver, you cheeky monkey.

Trooper York said...

Now don't be mean to losergrrl. She sounds like a fun girl. She might let you chuck your muck on her chapel hatpegs.

Jane said...

What part of fuck off do you not understand, 'Cyrus?'

I may be the antidote to the cloying Victoria, but there is no antidote to the poisonous Gollum here.

One must simply avoid all contact with the slime you see oozing from him

Anonymous said...


There's no problem whatsoever with my understanding. Are you really so stupid as to believe that I care what someone who refers to herself as "loser" writes?

Jane said...

Gollum, You obviously care enough about my opinion to respond, but only to try to make me hate you the more.

You don't value the good opinion of other people. You cultivate the hatred for sick and twisted reasons.

You are quite mentally ill, and don't need to spend time on the internet when you should be in hospital for your condition.

Anonymous said...

dear loser,

You are wrong again, and in this case, consistency is not a good thing. My responses indicate no regard for your "opinion," but rather for your education.

On the other hand, your hatred of me indicates that you care deeply about me. It's very touching, and although I appreciate the fact that you are thinking about me, I can't return your feelings. I don't hate you, loser; I pity you.

Now, on to your education. To begin with, your claim that you "have a British accent" is fairly ignorant. "Britain" includes England, Scotland, Wales, and depending on context, Northern Ireland. As anyone who claims familiarity with "Britain" would know, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents are quite distinct. In my experience, I've never heard anyone with any of these accents describe them as "British." To do so would be as foolish as a New Englander with a distinctive regional accent describing his accent as "American." In other words, if you had an English accent, you should (and would) describe your accent as English. To describe your accent as British would, for lack of a better term, make you a loser.

Second, I value the good opinion of good people, not just any "other people." For example, the opinion of Pogo, who has stalked me on various other blogs, and who has no significant understanding of logic, science or history holds no value for me. Your "good opinion" holds no value for me either since you've given me no reason to respect you.

Finally, if you intend to (mal)practice psychiatry on the internet, be sure to present your credentials first. Also, since Professor Althouse has in the past expressed displeasure at the kind of exchanges we are having now, you ought to find a new venue for sharing your diagnoses with the world. Perhaps you should return to scrawling them on the toilet stall walls.

Feel free to email any further "thoughts" to me rather than continuing to abuse Professor Althouse's blog.

Trooper York said...

You guys should date.

Jane said...

Well, I have finally made out that you, 'Cyrus,' are, in fact, the inimitable Amanda Marcotte. I knew no man would continue as you had done once I told him to fuck off.

As for my accent, it comes from Yorkshire, tempered by twelve years in London. But of course you wouldn't know a Yorkshire accent from a pudding.

For the sake of explaining myself to Americans, I say 'British.' Most Americans find the subject of regional accents extremely boring. New Englanders are the most understanding, but, like most Americans, they want to tell you about their notions, and never listen to a thing you have to say.

A bit like yourself

If you were in fact as sophisticated as you pretend, you would know that many British people (yes, British, but not from Scotland) have developed a chameleon-like defence when it comes to language, and those who want a happy life adapt quickly to new locations or social situations. This is especially true of people who live in London and like to regard themselves as clever, classless and free, fucking peasants as they may remain in fact.

A bit like youself.

That's unfair to fucking peasants, though. You're something different: a true American Idiot.

As I say, fuck off.

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