February 5, 2008

"Hence we shave our beards that we may seem purified by innocence and humility..."

"... and that we may be like the angels who remain always in the bloom of youth." The history of shaving and religion.


rhhardin said...

A ratty stubble serves as a face mask, for bicycle commuters, when it gets below about 20F. Shaving is determined by the temperature predictions for the week ahead.

ricpic said...

Carefree gentiles go clean shaven,
And worship youth all day;
Woeful bearded Jews are maven,
For death will come, come what may.

George M. Spencer said...


Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. A yellow dressinggown, ungirdled, was sustained gently behind him by the mild morning air. He held the bowl aloft and intoned:

––Introibo ad altare Dei.

paul a'barge said...

But, this is all about men shaving. What about women shaving, including you know, all the parts?

Maxine Weiss said...

Son is, evidently, practicing for Martyrdom.

Mom tries to deal with the situation through subtle messages. Unfortunately, Mom is a bit late, and should have dealt with this matter before it got out of hand.

The Continental/Terrorist look is not what's in fashion these days, but neither are controlling Mothers who wait till the very last minute to go into high gear.


Trooper York said...

The practice of shaving or cleaning the genitals of the religious first began as did most of our recorded history in Mesopotamia. The Fertile Crescent was indeed a hot, fetid, swamp like area that led to disease and suffering in the extreme hot and humid climate. So to ensure the health and vigor of the priest hood, the pubic hair was plucked one by one from the groin of the initiates to the cult of Baal. This exposure of the scrotum for religious purposes led to the cult of the Baal sack, which lasted for many centuries and endures to this day on the West Side of Manhattan.
(Clean Lips to Speak to the Lord, The History of Shaving the Religious by Titus Cleansac)

Chip Ahoy said...

Don't cut the forelocks, do cut off the tips off penises, no matter how you rationalize it, there's something wrong on the surface with this cult.

I always thought the Christian practice of shaving a tonsure was the idea of some brownnoser trying to make his boss with male-pattern baldness look good.

Good luck on the inculcating-your-values-on-next-generation thing. They're already experimenting with shaving face hair patterns that compliment their tats.

Sheriff Cobb said...
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Trooper York said...

The cult of Isis in Egypt was primarily focused on women, as they were the priestess and initiates into the cult. All of their body hair was plucked out and they wore ceremonial wigs during certain rights which include certain Sapphic practices only currently found in the pages of certain men’s magazines and a few bars in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. The symbol of the cat was revered in this religion as it was the symbolic representation of the female genitalia. Thus the cat was sacred in ancient Egypt and was part of the art and architecture of one of the oldest societies to found in recorded human history. This practice continues to this day in the practice of Hello Kitty, which consist of stickers and drawings to be found on the personal possessions of practitioners of these Sapphic rites. It is how they self identify and how initiates can find each other in a discreet manner. It’s sort of like the secret handshake.
(Clean Lips to Speak to the Lord, The History of Shaving the Religious by Titus Cleansac)

rhhardin said...

You gotta shave your kitty
Make it look pretty

It's a blues song somewhere in the vast collections of Blind Pig Feets audio clips here

rhhardin said...

shave your kitty this one

Trooper York said...

The monks of the middle ages were famous for shaving their heads into a tonsure, In the Roman Catholic Church this resulted in shaving the top of the head while leaving some fringe on the outside to form a “crown.” This policy lapsed in the modern era until it was revived by Madonna Louise Ciccone in 1978. As most of her act was a perversion of Roman Catholic rites, she shaved her pubes in the form of a tonsure, living a ring that highlighted her vagina. This fashion spread among the avant garde community and became part of the urban street culture. In the 70’ s or 80’s when a woman had such a pubic hair doo, she was called a “Tonsure thing” and would definitely put out. No problem.
(Clean Lips to Speak to the Lord, The History of Shaving the Religious by Titus Clean)