November 9, 2007

"We would be in the coffee shop afterward talking and talking and talking until we ran out of things to say ... and Jerry would say, 'That's enough.'"

Jerry Seinfeld's unused, alternate ending for the "Seinfeld" series.

We talked about doing a final scene for the DVD where we come out of jail and go to the coffee shop -- Michael Richards [Kramer] had come out all tattooed and become a rough rider; Julia Louis-Dreyfus [Elaine] was a lesbian; I had a sex change ... and Jerry was exactly the way he was. And he would say, "Boy, that was rough."


Trooper York said...
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tc said...

Annie, my pretty lass,
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tc said...Annie,You can remove my posts all you want (see below). But it wont help, for you are only fighting/hurting yourself. Believe me, for I know...I have been "dead" and I carry that "death" with me always. Wise up beautiful, eh ?Philosophically, Ann, as I see it, there are 4 ingredients to life and they fluctuate back and forth over time ( just as my father, a lawyer and a police lieutenant in NYPD intelligence [a US Marine who landed -first wave- with the 2nd Division at Iwo Jima in WW II, was shot to hell but went back with the first wave on Tarawa] told me, all of life is a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to another. And it is my belief that we are swinging away from feminism today):
1) survival
2) contentment/comparison
3) motion/change/'eternal' present
4) polygamy
Furthermore, we have gone too far towards the feminist direction and correction is in order. With this in mind, I post the below...which, in time, will destroy the thought behind feminism, homosexuality, lesbianism...:
tc said...And, with some help..., I will use the "gender card" (11-9-07) to destroy not only Hillary, but feminism as well. See below
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a) Maxine Weiss said... (I like your playlist, Maxine. And I hope to be singing in my church choir (tenor/ baritone) for midnight mass on Christmas Eve.
b) Ann Althouse said... Oh good lord.
c) Trooper York said... When Federico Fellini was directing... in the bizarre world of freaks and demons ( to my dear NYC tax attorney in NYC (a gayboy ? who know), you really should re-assess your "freaks and demons" for you may be missing the ones who work with you...or the fellow you see in the mirror every morning -for such a status can come about without one being aware of it).
d) tc said... Oh yes, dear Ann, I am a Roman Catholic and I go to mass every Sunday/Saturday night. But I was also trained by the Jesuits, the Jews, U.S. Intelligence agencies... And I revere all of the above
You, Ann and your fellow feminists are going down, all the way down. Tom

Pastafarian said...

Man. They really are out there aren't they? Holy smoke.

EnigmatiCore said...

Why do I have "Psycho Killer" and "They're Coming To Take Me Away" alternating on my mental jukebox?

Ralph said...

I tried watching Seinfeld several times and didn't find it funny at all. The laugh track was annoying, and Jerry's voice, particularly at the end, was grating. I'm told I had to understand the characters to get it, but they were so unappealing it wasn't worth the effort. Am I a minority of one?

Gahrie said...


I "got it". I just didn't think it was all that funny.

rcocean said...

The fault dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but within ourselves.

dick said...

It's funny but at the time the show was first on I had a contract with a group of people from out of town. They went out of their way to make sure they never missed Seinfeld every week and they would put off going out to dinner until the show was over. I thought I would watch it to see what intrigued them so much. I fell asleep half way through. I thought it was the most boring drivel ever. The only think I found more boring was some of the Woody Allen movies.

Rick Lee said...

Ralph... were you in the original Seinfeld focus group? What you said is exactly what the focus group said when they originally tested the show. And it turned out to be the most successful situation comedy of all time. I loved it through and through. They proved that characters don't have to be lovable to be funny. The motto of the show was "No learning, no hugging". Even that cracks me up. BTW... it's not a laugh track, it's a studio audience. No show is good for everybody. There have been plenty of popular shows that I didn't "get"... like Three's Company, for instance.

Rick Lee said...

BTW... I really didn't care for that final show.

Tim said...

Some are the masters of their domain, and others, not so much.

And some, obviously, never even try.

Ralph said...

it's not a laugh track, it's a studio audience
of trained seals.

rcocean said...

Even the most popular show draws only a 20 rating. Which means 80 percent don't watch it. Popular shows I didn't get:

-Home Improvement
=Married with Children
-Family Guy
-The Nanny
-Barney Miller

Ann Althouse said...

"Jerry? Joe Davola. (spits three times) Got a hair on my tongue. Can't get it off. You know how much I hate that? Of course you do. You put it there. I know what you said about me Seinfeld. I know you bad mouthed me to the execs at NBC... put the kibosh on my deal. Now I'm gonna put the kibosh on you. You know I've kiboshed before. And I will...kibosh again."