November 9, 2007

"American Immunity Idol."

Hee hee hee. Did you watch the new episode of "Survivor"? Brilliant. Talk about it in the comments.


Ann Althouse said...

How incredibly stupid it was not to take down James when they had the chance! Why was Todd so pleased with what happened?

Was it just that he saw JR as a similar kind of player and he felt jealous of him? Or did he think that James will favor him somewhere down the line? But James doesn't care about Todd.

I like Todd more than most people do, but his idea of himself that he's smart... he's just not that smart. Still I like him better than the players that seem to just coast and not plan. Or are they thinking and just not talking?

But I do like Courtney. It was sweet that they had a challenge that was perfectly suited to her. And I like the way she gives good interview. And it's amusing to check out how skinny she is, isn't it?

Anonymous said...
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Godot said...

Ann -- it's a shame you don't have your own domain and tools that could ban the IP addresses of creepy trolls like "tc".

Ann Althouse said...

Glen, yeah, but I'm not reorganizing and switching. Blogger will offer the tool soon enough. It's a hassle. I could turn on moderation and just block tc, whom I've told can post if he'll just stop the repetition and keep it short.

Tom Kelly said...

James is one lucky guy. Hopefully he will wise up and play those Idols every time he doesn't win immunity from now on.

I thought the producers were just playing with us when they aired Todd changing from James to JR. Not voting James off was probably a million dollar mistake.

James is in a position to win this on sheer strength and he will remain strong by continuing to eat most of the food no matter what others think.

Christy said...

I've wanted Courtney gone for a long time, but confess to being charmed by her immunity win this week.

I agree it was stupid not to take James out this time. With only 5 tribal councils remaining, he only has to win three immunity challenges to guarantee himself the final three. And he will do it unless the producers almost completely avoid physical challenges. Do you figure he has agreed to take Todd with him to the final three? My love for James has waned with him not even talking to Todd about the idols.

One of the appeals of Survivor and AI is seeing just how thoroughly we can fool ourselves. J.R. was just clueless. The most amazing part was that he had no one, no one, who shared secrets with him. Is there anyone else who didn't know James has the two hidden immunity idols?

michaele said...

I wonder if James will be tapped for any sort of modelling career when his stint in this Survivor is all wrapped up. He truly has a classically beautiful physique and doing the shaved head thing would disguise his hint of early balding.

Tom Kelly said...

I'm not sure my wife will continue to watch if James is voted off.