October 16, 2007

That bottle.


At a restaurant we love in Nolita.


KLDAVIS said...

When I was in NYC last, we were playing the neighborhood name game. Our favorite creation: SOBroSO

(South Of Broadway Straitening Out)


Trooper York said...

Sorry the best name is once again in Brooklyn: BoCoCa
Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens.

KLDAVIS said...
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KLDAVIS said...

To paraphrase Adam Sandler,

I disagree, it's a very good name, but i think Donkey Kong is the best name ever.

In any case, I wasn't talking about extant neighborhood names, but those created to mock the proliferation of the insanity.


Trooper York said...

Of course there is the street nickname for the area around Shea Stadium. "From under."

Maxine Weiss said...

QUESTION: Would you rather be pushed or pulled ?

I suppose we could all use a good push now and then.

A push assumes you were already going in that same direction anyway.

A pull---that's completely different. Pulling someone in an entirely new direction that was never intended.....

There's an art form to being pushy.

Clearly, not everyone has it mastered.


Trooper York said...

Long Dong Silver: Pull this Maxine.
(Tyler Perry's Reflections on My Grandfathers House 2005)

Maxine Weiss said...

Years ago, when I was a senior in high school. There was a Japanese family living next door.

The Japanese father kicked his son, a senior in high school, out of the house.

The son's crime? The son had pierced his ear. Apparently, that's a big sin for Japanese families.

We took him in. My mother was uneasy about the whole thing because she agreed, what was the point of having a pierced ear....if it's gonna cause such problems and get the son kicked out from his father's home ??

It seems like a minor thing. Just remove the earring, and you can live in your father's home. What's the big deal? It's just an earring.

I can't imagine destroying their whole life, begin kicked out on the street, because he insists on keeping a pierced ear....against his Father's wishes.

But as I've stated repeatedly, sons can't be controlled.

Not even the Japanese ones!

Love, Maxine

Trooper York said...

Batman: Oh, Catwoman, Catwoman, will you never learn?
(Batman TV show 1966)

Kirby Olson said...

There are exactly 88 tiles depicted.

Is this a subliminal reference to the fracas at Duke?

Are you trying to find a way to get back to that?

Have you read any of the troika of books that have come out? Want to?

It seems you are trying to say something on that topic, but why be so subtle? Out with it!

Trooper York said...

I guess everybody's told you
About my strange disease
Mass appeal will mould you
Anaesthetise your dreams
Mirrors are all broken now
Cause you can't face yourself
Fossils of a nations consciousness
As the brain dead reimburse themselves

I don't want to be left out
Spread the sickness all around
I don't want to climb within
Wallow in myself

Everyone wants to feel wanted
Fear the frozen lake
I feel lonely on the streets at night
Cause I love loneliness embrace
Farmyards frozen yesterday
The fox drowned in the new age
But as I kissed the eye of the storm tonight
Spit on the road with all my rage

I don't want to be left out
Spread the sickness all around
I don't want to climb within
Wallow in myself
(Bluebottle Kiss)

rhhardin said...

The Bottle

I met a man perched on a bottle
With a woman deep inside;
Rising slowly up towards him
Floating on the tears he cried

Said he, ``It's only tears can save her.
Tears of sorrow : tears of pain.
I'm going to have to feel a lot
Until I have her back again.''

All sniffling and snuffling
He said ``It almost makes me laugh;
To think that if you weep enough
A man can find his better half.''

- Michael Leunig, Gyan & Leunig : _Billy the Rabbit_

Galvanized said...

Ooooh, sleek!