October 16, 2007

I'm waiting.


(Photo by John... at a restaurant with an unacceptable tomato.)

ADDED: This is an iPhone photo.


George Grady said...

Speaking of waiting, Ann, you had mentioned that you would write something about Medellin v. Texas after you'd thought about it a bit more. I'm quite interested in your take on it, if you have time sometime.

Matt Brown said...

...for Godot?

Ann Althouse said...

George: I was just thinking about that yesterday. I've thought a lot about it and have some things I want to write, but I want to read some more before I do it. But thanks for pushing me. I haven't forgotten.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, maybe I'm meditating on the difficulties of the enforcement of treaties, executive power, and federalism, as I await the tomato I won't eat but will photograph.

Richard Dolan said...

Beautifully composed photo. He brought a strong painterly sense in framing it that way.

ricpic said...

Vermeer lives!

rhhardin said...

The flower looks young.

Trooper York said...

That's not nice rhhardin.

Trooper York said...

That's not nice Maxine.

Michael The Magnificent said...

The composition may be nice, but the light is unflatteringly harsh.

Trooper York said...

Maxine, don’t you have to get ready for Halloween. Polish your broomstick. Moisturize your wart. Get the flying monkey’s uniforms dry-cleaned. Come on girl, you have a lot of work in front of you. Focus.

Trooper York said...

(Catwoman has Robin trapped]
Robin: Catwoman, you are not a nice person!
(Batman TV Show 1966)

Trooper York said...

(Batman has been lured into a trap by Catwoman]
Batman: Four against one...
Robin: Four against two Batman!
Batman: Robin!
Robin: I couldn't resist. You were taken in by her, but I'm too young for that sort of thing
(Batman TV show 1966)

Trooper York said...

Robin: Holy Zodiac Batman! I think the Catwoman has bats in her Belfry!
(Batman TV show 1966)

Palladian said...

Maxine is a man!

Trooper York said...

Batman: Yes but he's really a woman trapped in the body of a man.
Robin: Holy J.Edgar Hoover, Batman.
(Batman TV show 1966)

rhhardin said...

A couple of horse pictures, taken two days apart, here and here, that strike me as similar tone to this ; maybe it's the soft focus.

Or maybe that one of the two white horses was shot by a hunter later, so that it was one horse where there had been two thereafter when I rode by each day, that fall, as the lady tending her corral told me one day.

Which may bring out that a photo of two horses anticipates one horse, in general.

Trooper York said...

Robin: Holy Cheshire Cat Batman! The Catwoman is petering out.
Batman: Yes hopefully she will fade from view.
(Batman TV show 1966)

Unknown said...

I love your son's portrait, however, the resized version you are using in your sidebar is jagged at the edges and could be improved upon.

I've re-resized from the full-sized original. Feel free to download this and use it instead.

Better quality portrait

Ann Althouse said...

Clue to Maxine: Neither of my sons resides in New York.

Moose said...

God, I hope whoever served you that tomato wasn't wearing shorts...

rhhardin said...

Oh! Mary hits one from the three-point line!

Unknown said...

Some of you people are awful.

It happens that some people like eating out. I'm one of them. I'd rather eat out any day of the week.

LutherM said...

I Am Waiting

I am waiting for my case to come up
and I am waiting
for a rebirth of wonder
and I am waiting
for someone to really discover America
and wail
and I am waiting
for the discovery
of a new symbolic western frontier
and I am waiting
for the American Eagle
to really spread its wings
and straighten up and fly right
and I am waiting
for the Age of Anxiety
to drop dead
and I am waiting
for the war to be fought
which will make the world safe
for anarchy
and I am waiting
for the final withering away
of all governments
and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the Second Coming
and I am waiting
for a religious revival
to sweep through the state of Arizona
and I am waiting
for the Grapes of Wrath to be stored
and I am waiting
for them to prove
that God is really American
and I am waiting
to see God on television
piped’ onto church altars
if only they can find
the right channel
to tune in on
and I am waiting
for the Last Supper to be served again
with a strange new appetizer
and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for my number to be called
and I am waiting
for the Salvation Army to take over
and I am waiting
for the meek to be blessed
and inherit the earth
without taxes and I am waiting
for forests and animals
to reclaim the earth as theirs
and I am waiting
for a way to be devised
to destroy all nationalisms
without killing anybody
and I am waiting
for linnets and planets to fall like rain
and I am waiting for lovers and weepers
to lie down together again
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the Great Divide to ‘be crossed
and I am anxiously waiting
for the secret of eternal life to be discovered
by an obscure general practitioner
and I am waiting
for the storms of life
to be over
and I am waiting
to set sail for happiness
and I am waiting
for a reconstructed Mayflower
to reach America
with its picture story and tv rights
sold in advance to the natives
and I am waiting
for the lost music to sound again
in the Lost Continent
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting for the day
that maketh all things clear
and I am awaiting retribution
for what America did
to Tom Sawyer
and I am waiting
for the American Boy
to take off Beauty’s clothes
and get on top of her
and I am waiting
for Alice in Wonderland
to retransmit to me
her total dream of innocence
and I am waiting
for Childe Roland to come
to the final darkest tower
and I am waiting
for Aphrodite
to grow live arms
at a final disarmament conference
in a new rebirth of wonder

I am waiting
to get some intimations
of immortality
by recollecting my early childhood
and I am waiting
for the green mornings to come again
youth’s dumb green fields come back again
and I am waiting
for some strains of unpremeditated art
to shake my typewriter
and I am waiting to write
the great indelible poem
and I am waiting
for the last long careless rapture
and I am perpetually waiting
for the fleeing lovers on the Grecian Urn
to catch each other up at last
and embrace
and I am waiting
perpetually and forever
a renaissance of wonder

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

ricpic said...

That Ferlinghetti! What a perverse and loveable fuck he was.

blake said...

You know, you'd have to go to a much worse looking restaurant in L.A. to get a tomato like that.

blake said...

I can cook a little
but it's not a lot to shout about
It's kind of mean cuisine
So I eat out

Yeah, they know me at the Greek
the chicken, the Italian,
and the Indian, too
They all say,
"Here comes that sad American man!
What're we gonna do?"

--Loudon Wainwright III, "I Eat Out"

PeterP said...

Someone is spotted leaving a London restaurant with Salman Rushdie. She is blonde, has a certain look etc., etc.

Moonlighting as European literary foodie critic are we?

Gedaliya said...

That Ferlinghetti! What a perverse and loveable fuck he was.

He is, not was.

ricpic said...

His literary moment has been over for such a long long time that to me he's a was. But you're right, he's still breathing.

Galvanized said...

I think she must have experienced the tomato, too. LOL

Galvanized said...

And it's the perfect profile pic. :) The composition is cool.

Anonymous said...


You're going to wait forever as things are...or at least until were all dead in the next few years because of typical female (lack of) intelligence and (absence of) foresight.
How much longer will it take before women wise up and turn on feminism, rending and destroying it ?


former law student said...

How much longer will it take before women wise up and turn on feminism, rending and destroying it ?
Indeed. When will women see serving me and bearing my children as their highest goal, once more?

Patriarchy now, patriarchy tomorrow, patriarchy forever!!!

blogging cockroach said...

instead of waiting in that ter borsch painting for bad food
would you have gotten up and left
if i came out and did a gigue on your tablecloth...

p.s.--i also do a mean tarantella

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something about that photograph. It is beautiful. You guys always giving Althouse shit - knock it off.

Or else? I'll tell you what or else.

Imagine kung-fu up your ass, bitch. Nucleo style.

reader_iam said...

Which is why I always tell Mothers...be normal. Be regular. Conform. When your child enters the dating world, he (or she) will have an easier time matching the picture you've presented.

The precise way in which I am a failure, as a mother. Still, he's a great kid. I can only hope it'll shake out close to right, in terms of his definitions, in the end. If not, it's me, not he.

reader_iam said...

Add "though I have always tried as hard as I can" after "[t]he precise way in which I am a failure, as a mother." (Because it's true.)

blogging cockroach said...

of course it's beautiful...
why do you think i compared it to a painting
by one of my favorite 17th century flemish masters.
i'm just wondering what her reaction would be
if she saw me do a 17th century dance
across her table.

Trooper York said...

It's a shame you didn't invite Johnny Nucleo for breakfast. You would probably have sausages instead of tomatoes. Because you know Johnny loves the sausage.

Anonymous said...

Jack Twist: I wish I could quit you.

(Brokeback Mountain 2005)

reader_iam said...

Song link.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're waiting, you poor dear Ann,

Waiting for a real man to fertilize your mind as well as your body. But women -as in lesbians- wont cut in -even in the lesbian mecca of NYC, Park Slope,Brooklyn-
where you live now. Belly 'n thigh kissing aint no good.


jewsyonkersislam # 428 Ann Althouse: Closet lesbian ? Poor thing... and its all the fault of feminist nonsense.

Below is a series of postings by me on Ann's blog. Anybody who doesn't know Ann should check her blog. She is a Profesor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School and is living in Brooklen Heights ( the lesbian mecca of NYC ) as she tries to write a book. It is my contention that she has fallen in love with me ( see my "rigorous" analysis of such... the proof lies mainly in her words to and about me). In additition to her words, there are comments by some of her readers about what I have written and done that are instructive and enlightening.
However, I am here replying to the comments of James.
He awards me points for my jyi # 427, but asks something to the effect that my life must be "miserable" if all I can do is post things that I know will be removed as soon as Ann sees them. So let me enlighten him a bit as I ask him what more he wants me to do.
For I have been permanantly and totally disabled frtom 13 years old when I was hit by a car, fractured my neck, lay in a coma for 40 days and awoke to find I was completely paralysed... For I have seen the face of "God" and lived (indeed, that "face of ' God ' " is with me always ). In addition, I managed to become a lawyer, I practiced law for nearly 20 years in the (south) Bronx and Westchester Counties... as a general practitioner with a concentration in Family and Criminal defense work, I am a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, I
have traveled the world -the Far East ( I spent a lot of time in China, Japan, Korea, the Phillipines...), the Mid East, Europe, South America ( Chile, Peru,
Bolivia...), North America... been to the Tropics and the Arctic... and, if you'd read my blog ( jewsyonkersislamiii-tc.blogspot.com ), you'd see what else I'm doing now.
As far as Ann, herself, she was a law clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Leonard B. Sand, probably around the time when Judge Sand was playing bully in Yonkers, forcing his social engineering ideas on Yonkers in the desegration suit. ( See jewsyonkersislam-legal/actions.blogspot.com )

1) Postings by me (tc) on :
Althouse "The divine Ms. Althouse." � Terry Teachout " "Formidable law blogger Ann Althouse." � Slate "
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
a) Back in New York, back in the work week

tc (me) said... Hey Ann, What work do you do -other than ruining the whole
world ? See below. Tom ( and I posted jyi # 426; for the rest,see my blog: jewsyonkersislamiii-tc.blogspot.com )
jewsyonkersislam # 426 " The Problem With No Name" by Betty Frieden:

b) ( see below, for just as always before, my postings are removed shortly after I post them - but not before a few comments were made - including from the blogger herself, Prof. Ann Althouse from the Univ. of Wisconsin Law School who has inexplicably (femininely) fallen in love with me:)

tc said... (as noted above) This post has been removed by a blog administrator
( Ann Althouse herself, see below) 5:20 PM

Ann Althouse said...
What a dilemma! I have a policy of deleting everything tc writes, but that question: "What work do you do -other than ruining the whole world ?"

I'm trying to write a book, and I have writer's block, but that ... I want to write a book with that as a title!

( tc says... " What did I tell you...all women are crazy (cyclical). All you have to do is attack them often enough and they wind up loving you ". ) 5:37 PM

rhhardin said... What work do you do -other than ruining the whole world
I was always partial to ``Somebody Stole My Underwear,'' the cry of little brothers. 6:01 PM

Trooper York said... I would buy the tome: "The Girth in the Balance", Diet Tips from Albert Gore Jr. 6:11 PM

Ron said...
Whenever the Flying CooCoo Birds attack that should be our coded catchphrase: "sigh...oh Ann. You're ruining the whole world."
6:31 PM

c ) tc said... ( in a further posting relevant to the above)

To Ann - and any others who may read this before Ann removes it,

I posted my jewsyonkersislam # 426 ( " The Problem With No Name" by Betty Frieden:Women, etc.) and Ann has fallen in love with me (see below) and I dont think I've ever seen her. Of course, I'm on TV a couple of times a month before the Westchester County Board of Legislators and the Yonkers City Council so maybe she has seen me... And maybe that is why she has moved from Wisconsin to New York ?


Ann. You're ruining the whole world." 6:31 PM

Ralph said...
tc, don't feel like you have to empty your mind at us. Keep a little for yourself.
Most people like a conversation, not a monologue.
9:00 PM
Meade said...
..... Who else but God gave man Love that can spark mere dust to life! Poetry, uniting All-One! All brave! All life! Who else but God! "Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One! Einstein, 1939, after Nazis & Commies united, proposed spacebombs that destroy all, unless we finally teach the Moral ABC's the real Rabbi Hillel taught Jesus to unite all in All-One-God-Faith. As teach astronomers Abraham - Israel - Moses - Buddha - Hillel - Jesus - Spinoza - Paine - Sagan & Mohammed, inspired every 76 years, 6000 years by the Messenger of God's Law, the sign of the Messiah, Halley's Comet: "WE'RE ALL ONE OR NONE!" "THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD!" "TEACH LOVE THY ENEMY!" "LISTEN CHILDREN ETERNAL FATHER ETERNALLY ONE!" Israel-Moses-Buddha-Jesus-Mohammed: ONE! ALL ONE! 9:55 PM

2) Posting on/at:
Althouse"The divine Ms. Althouse." Wednesday, October 24, 2007
For the Common Good.

a) tc said... Ah Ann, Lets see how long this piece of work survives (jyi #427). According to your last posting about me (see your own posting), I can see that you've fallen in love with me ( dont deny it, for no woman would believe it ).
As to the Clintons, I find it hard not to like Bill. But Hillary -as President- I detest. Tom
jewsyonkersislam # 427 silly, selfish and childish women; West. B.O.L,10-22-07, Hezi Arris Radio Show on WVOX FM,New Rochelle,etc.
(see jewsyonkersislamiii-tc.blogspot.com for the rest )

b) The above noted (#427) was posted and Ann removed it. So I posted it again and some comments about it follow:

James said...
Points to tc, .....
Something tells me this guy is probably supporting a republican candidate other than Wacko Ron ( if he means me [tc], I back no one but myself ) . Man, do you really have such a miserable life that you have to go around posting your bullshit on blogs, knowing it will be deleted immediately upon the administrator's return ( to tell you the truth, James, if you'd read my blog [jewsyonkersislamiii-tc.blogspot.com], you'd realize that everything I do has a purpose; and I do a lot, including reading, writing, singing, writing poetry, public speaking/singing, acting...) ?
I think I have the flu. I bet you it's the fault of those gay-loving feminists, eh tc ( I think its the other way around: women like gays because gays can talk to them like a woman does while still seeing the male point of view because they are confused by feminism -fucked up, down..., using the back door rather than the front, as they should ) ? 7:12 PM

As noted, I posted my # 427 once again and Ann removed it within 1/2 hour. But it is very funny. It is as James (above) opined, "Man, do you really have such a miserable life that you have to go around posting your bullshit on blogs, knowing it will be deleted immediately upon the administrator's return".
For my stuff IS "deleted immediately upon the administrator's ( Ann Althouse) return". But my purposes are so far beyond what James could conceive that... Besides, Ann Althouse has fallen in love with me...and that is worth the aggravation.

c) tc said...Ann, tsk, tsk, For your own good, you might as well admit that you love me. This is the third (fourth ?) time I'm posting my jyi # 427...and, very shortly, I'm sure, you will be removing it. You see, I've gotten under your skin and you cant get me out of your head. Tom